essellesse talks Make Beauty || lifestyle blogger Shannon Silver's honest review on Make Beauty!

One thing I love about Instagram is discovering new brands. It’s actually quite neat really, because you can not only find a brand but get an idea of their vibe instantly.

That’s precisely how I found Make Beauty.

In fact, I was scrolling and saw the most gorgeous ORANGE lipstick colour so I tapped the brand tagged & it was love at first sight. { ps the shade was their matte lipstick in Tangerine }

When Labor Day rolled around, I took advantage of the sale and bought their Celeste e Verde palette.

MAKE BEAUTY CELESTE E VERDE PALETTE || lifestyle blogger Shannon Silver's honest review on Make Beauty!
{ MAKE BEAUTY Celeste e Verde Palette }

It was my first go with Make Beauty so I figured it was the best way to try everything: Celeste e Verde came with 4 eyeshadows & 4 lipsticks. & to hook, line, & sinker me? It was designed by Maryam Nassir Zadeh with the 70’s, 80s, & 90s in mind. SOLD.

& so glad I did. It’s a staple in my makeup routine & I’ve just fallen head over heels in love with this brand.

I mentioned in this post that I’m ona “buy less, buy better” mentality & that absolutely includes my cosmetics.

In fact, I joked… but was actually serious… that I much more prefer Whole Foods these days over Sephora for makeup.

That said, you can’t find Make at Whole Foods but you CAN at J. Crew, Anthropologie, & Selfridges. Also, if you are in San Francisco {you can also buy online}, Azalea in Hayes sells it, as well as Lisa Says Gah!. Here is a list of retailers. All of my links go straight to the MAKE page to save you from searching!

lifestyle blogger Shannon Silver wear's Make Beauty Matte lipstick in Tangerine!
{ MAKE BEAUTY Matte Lipstick in TANGERINE }

Basically, Make Beauty is a luxury brand of natural, clean, cruelty free makeup. Everything is paraben free & nothing is tested on animals.

On top of that, 10% of sales are donated to the We See Beauty Foundation. Basically, not only are their products good for you but your purchase does good, as well

In my palette, I am truly a fan of all the shades. My two ultimate favourites are Celeste {the baby blue eyeshadow} & Tulipa {legit THE MOST PERFECT shade of pink there ever was}. I love wearing them together too. In fact, in this post, I’m wearing Tulipa.

shannon silver, lifestyle blogger of essellesse, wears Make Beauty Matte lipstick in TULIPA from the Celeste e Verde Palette
{ wearing Make Beauty matte lipstick in Tulipa }

I use their I also love it because it’s legit a 2 minute makeup look. I sweep on the eyeshadow in one sweep {I use their #6 brush AND LOVE IT} & put on the lipstick. I don’t have a makeup brush so I use my finger lol but that’s no surprise, remember?

One thing I really appreciate about MAKE Beauty is that it’s about enhancing your natural beauty. The shades are very flattering and enhances rather than hides.

Make Beauty also has some very innovative products that I haven’t seen on the market including their Dew Pots, Universal Stick, Face Gloss, & Matte/Dewy Custom Finish Effects.

shannon silver, lifestyle blogger of essellesse, wears Make Beauty Matte lipstick in CORAL from the Celeste e Verde Palette
{ Make Beauty matte lipstick in Coral }

Here are some things on my Make Beauty wishlist:

Universal Stick: this stick basically transforms on your skin to a natural “just pinched” blush for your cheeks & lips.

Sculpting Lash & Brow Gel: I’m WAY into clear or sheer brow gels vs the highly pigmented ones these days. This is supposed to be one of the best ones on the market & I’ve been looking for a clear mascara for that “wet” look. I’d wear it in conjuction with this to really sculpt things

Dew Pot: Their highlighter that brings a naturally dewy finish. It’s also full of antioxidants and vitamins so it’s one of those makeup with benefits that I just LOVE. Not to mention, it’s a multitasker.

Face Gloss {with glitter!}: This is another unique product I am SO into. Basically, it’s a gloss for your face. I love the idea of this on eyes or instead of a highlighter. I’m eyeing the one with glitter for a nostalgic 90s/y2k vibe.

Matte Finish Eyeshadow in Kyoto Pink: This is such a pretty cherry blossom pink that I think would be so pretty with blue eyes to brighten things up. I am loving pastel shades lately.

Soft Focus Foundation: after I run out of my current foundation {Lawless, which I am enjoying!}, I am going to give this a try next. I love that it’s light diffusing {great for selfies lol} & the ingredients are top notch.

shannon silver, lifestyle blogger of essellesse, wears Make Beauty Matte lipstick in Fire from the Celeste e Verde Palette
{ Make Beauty matte lipstick in Fire }

This is a brand to have on your radar FOR SURE. If you’re a fan of Glossier, then you will just LOVE Make Beauty. It’s one I look forward to adding to my collection as I go.

The palette I have is sadly sold out, but the shades are: Celeste, Palermo, Earth, & Brick for eyeshadows and Tulipa, Coral, Fire, & Tangerine for lipticks {I’m pictured in all of the lipsticks on this post}

Have you tried this brand yet? Let me know any products I must try. Any other similar, natural brands you’re loving too? Do tell!

xo Shannon

essellesse talks Make Beauty || lifestyle blogger Shannon Silver's honest review on Make Beauty!

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