maca hemp schisandra latte

yo dawg i heard you like superfoods

Here at essellesse, we love our superfoods!!

One of my absolute fav ways to get it is via COFFEE! I like to take advantage of the bitterness of the coffee & get weird with things.

It’s super easy to brew any elixir – just make sure the heat won’t destroy them. So the case with maca. I talk a bit more about maca here but it’s one of my fav feel good foods. It’s a great source of energy and great for the libido! Speaking of libido, I decided to get a little sexy with the milk and mix it with a little schisandra berries. More on schisandra berries & the taste here!

This is a trick I used to do all the time with the coffee maker at the office I used to work at. We had some fancy, shmancy espresso machine with a milk frother, so I’d always make adaptogen or elixir frothed milk.

Here, I blended some milk with schisandra berry & cinnamon & it was SO GOOD. This coffee packs a punch!

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maca hemp schisandra latte

  • Author: Shannon Silver Schuchard


  • coffee grounds
  • maca
  • hemp milk {i like vanilla!}
  • schisandra berry powder
  • cinnamon


  1. Make coffee as usual, but add 1 heaping tablespoon of maca to your coffee grounds.
  2. Froth your hemp milk! in a container mix , take a milk frother & whirr until nice and frothy.
  3. To assemble: pour coffee, add milk to liking & sprinkle with cinnamon. Zing!
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