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My phone is a stressful af place.

Not to sound a little hypocritical since my smart phone is integral to everything I do, but I really, really miss “dumb phones”.

You know, innocent little phones just made for making calls and texts – not all the crazy data stalking and social media sucks it all is now. Also, the T-Mobile Sidekick will alwaysssss be the best phone of all time & that’s the tea

A n y w a y s

This may sound crazy but everytime I held my phone, it basically was the opposite of sparking joy. Soooooo much negative energy and it was starting to control me.

WELL- unfortunately for my phone, I’m a CHALLENGER & refuse to be controlled so it was time to make the phone my bitch lol

I have always been a little envious of Erik’s phone. As busy he is & his smart phone is as integral to what he does as mine is… his phone is extremely streamlined.

He does two things that make a major difference. Now, I only do one of them but I’ll share both here.

the one I don’t do (post for another day on what I do instead now) is that he has all of his apps in one single folder on a different screen. Basically, his home screen is empty and the folder is a slide away. When he needs to use an app, he just searches it and types it in. Whatever apps he notices he doesn’t use, he deletes.

I do something totally different (& working on a post now!!!) but basically I have very specialized folders… story for another day though. A lot of my apps have “jobs” so I have them organized as so.

SO- let’s get into the lifechanging tip, shall we?!

okay so, Erik deletes every single one of his text messages after he responds.

I’ve been with him for quite a while now and he has done this ever since the beginning. I remember thinking “wow I wish I could do that” until a few weeks ago, I was like “wait, there’s no reason I can’t??”

So in my messages folder I went and got to deleting.

This is where it gets wild, but it took me over an hour. That’s how many text messages I had. And it’s not because omg I’m so popular {quite the opposite really – I’m a big homebody & extreme introvert}. Instead, it was just basically every single text I have ever sent or that has been sent to me between 2015 – now. I can’t tell you how many numbers I had that I didn’t even save! If I didn’t care enough to save the number, then why should I hold on to that & let it clutter my inbox?! #bye

what my text inbox looks like

I’ll be honest, it was hard – especially seeing some old text messages that I completely forgot about & wasn’t ready to see. By the time everything was gone, I felt a wave of relief as if a HUGE boulder was off my shoulders.

My phone felt immediately less daunting & it was comforting to know that my messages were all taken care of & wrapped with a bow.

Now, as messages come in, I keep them open until the conversation is over & then they delete. Now, there are no unanswered texts in my inbox.

There are only 2 texts I keep: Erik’s & myself. I text myself photos, notes, & thoughts all the time – especially when I’m between devices/computers, etc. & with Erik, we are in CONSTANT contact, there’s really no “end” to our conversation. Also, on a personal note, I did delete Erik’s at first because I wanted a blank inbox and as soon as I did, I felt an immense wave of sadness. My inbox felt lonelier without him and felt as if I was pressing “delete” on him & our past texting convos. I also like being able to refer to our conversations since he is also constantly sending me links and photos. Erik also keeps mine for the same exact reason.

These days, we are so connected. A little too connected if you ask me. I hate how much access everyone has to everyone at any given moment. It’s also extremely overwhelming to me, especially as an introvert, if I’m texting someone and they are DMing me a the same time {not to mention DMs are my absolute least favourite way to contact someone}. So many things fall through the cracks & again, I’m a control freak so this just drives me insane. It’s another reason why I don’t hold DM conversations with my really close friends – my rule of thumb is if we have each other’s number: always text, never dm. I never, ever want DMs to be the sole way I communicate. I am VERY strict & adamant about this. Erik & I do DM but it’s always just sending memes and no typing lol the real convos go down in my texts. #sorryzuck

Give it a go!! Wipe out your inbox and keep only current convos in there. As they wrap up, delete them out. I promise it works!

It’s also very mentally freeing. It helps let go of the past & physically cut cords to anyone you are no longer in contact with. Even conversations from years ago, I think it stays in your mind subconsciously. I felt a sense of clarity after quite literally deleting every conversation. Again, energy can only be transferred, it cannot be created or destroyed so be very conscious on anything that might be an energy block – even if it’s not something tangible… in fact, those can be the biggest energy thieves of them all!

Protect your energy at all costs!!

Any phone organization tips? I’ll share how I have all my apps soon 🙂

If you need some more digital organization inspo, check out my _digital organization board!


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  1. 2.6.20
    SundayDahlias said:

    I actually do this too! I hate how cluttered my phone looks with all those old chats!

  2. 2.6.20
    Gitana said:

    That’s funny. I used to do the one folder on the other screen thing (I ended up just deleting a ton of apps instead and doing the “function” organization folders instead).

    I also have always deleted my texts when a conversation is over and no longer serving me. It feels like I’m cleaning my house!
    Can you believe that people actually see my text inbox with no texts in it and I actually get JUDGED FOR IT?!
    They’re like “How can you just delete those texts??” and I’m like “Because I don’t need them.” and they’re like “What if you need to look back on them and read them?” and my answer? “Then I have too much time on my hands.” lolll.
    I’m not going to lay in bed and reread a text conversation. Never have. Never will.

    If I need a photo or a screen shot from a convo (pre-delete) because someone shared something useful to me, I screen shot it and delete. It actually makes me feel really good and, since you mentioned energy transfer, it allows me to devote my attention and energy to the current conversations I’m having and focus on making them meaningful and in the moment. If I had 128428345235 text conversations — when I read that you had convos from 2015 I almost had a heart attack — I would feel overwhelmed any time I went to text someone for SURE. I’m happy you found something that helps you streamline the function of your phone! I think so many people could benefit from actually taking a step back and LOOKING at their phone activity.

    xx Gitana