The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

This weekend, I came to a realization that it’s time for me to let go of a lot.

I have noticed over the past few weeks that coming home to my apartment was a source of stress.

To be honest, I felt it for a while now in all 3 apartments I lived in here in California but found it both easy to ignore and find things to blame: whether it was my job at the time, or apprehension of the uncertainty of my future, especially in the online space.

It may sound silly, but those two excuses sure can find an answer to almost every question and I’m sure any blogger can relate.

I am also not the cleanest person around. It’s just how I am – but I also think the aforementioned stress I feel would keep me from really keeping things tidy. I’d clean, sure, but I never felt better from doing so.

On top of that, I have a housecleaner that comes every other week to keep things in order {i need her, money SO BEYOND WELL SPENT, it’s a non-negotiable}. I have noticed that after she leaves, though it’s cleaner, I still don’t feel better.

This weekend, I finally had an epiphany….

…which is ironic because it’s something Erik has been telling me for almost five years now.

But I had an epiphany that my apartment – and office since I work from home – is a source of stress because there is so much nonsense in here I am holding onto. I’ve always found a place for things {or worse, an excuse} but it’s all completely unnecessary. It’s not that I was messy that was causing me stress, it’s that there’s too much energy with everything I have & it can only be transferred. I strongly believe that.

I came home to tell Erik my realization & he was like ….’yeah i know, this is what I’ve been saying for years’. I really should start listening to him more lol.

I started a preliminary cleanse and just threw things away in my line of sight. If I picked something up and it didn’t make me feel just 100% rad, I got rid of it. Interestingly enough, I found I threw away 99% of it all.

Anything from Dallas, I want out. Absolutely no exceptions.

Anything from my past, I want out. I want where I live & work to energize the present.

Anything that’s a duplicate of anything {it’s amazing how many of these I had, esp from traveling and forgetting things}, I want out.

I do a lot of things in my life by the fuck yes or no method. If the answer to anything, ANYTHING, isn’t a fuck yes, then it’s a no. Maybe always = no in my book. Life’s too short, you know?

So I applied that thinking in my preliminary cleanse yesterday & Saturday night. My place isn’t where I want it yet, but it does feel a bit more clear than it ever has.

Yesterday as I was going over to Erik’s, I ran into my good friend & neighbor, Corrin. As usu when we talk, we go on and on and on and she’s one of my favourite people in the world. I told her about everything & my new plan for my apartment and basically saying I’m only keeping things that make me feel good & finally letting go of everything else. Immediately, she told me I have to read the Marie Kondo book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” & gave me hers to borrow.

I’ve always known the concept of it, and would loosely apply it but never really made true process. I went over to Erik’s, book in hand {thx so much Corrin! love you}, & two-ish maybe three glasses of red wine later, read my merry way through, and it very much opened my eyes. I also know I’m like five years too late on this train lol

To be honest, when I first heard about this book & method years ago, I thought it was overrated. Do I really need to be told how to clean? Actually, I probably do but that’s beyond the point… This book is so much more than that. There were points in this book that I REALLY needed to hear. It struck home to me {& a lot of people who read the book! It’s a best seller!}, made me realize exactly what I was doing & why it just needed to go.  It made me realize exactly why I always felt stressed. Again, reading this book though is like listening to Erik – it’s legit all things he has been telling me for years.

I fully understand how important it is to cleanse my space. It goes further from “being clean”, but it affects your personal life, your professional life, & everything in between. There have been feelings / stresors I’ve been struggling with which I strongly believe it’s because of everything I’m physically holding on to {especially in such a small space – again, energy can only be transferred, remember}.

SO- starting today, I am tidying the fuck out of my apartment / office!

One thing I should also mention is before I got everything started this weekend, I got a smudge stick & cleared the air. I thought it was important to do to cleanse the energy and mark this new start. It was my first time to do it, & I 100% feel the difference already. I have the same stick that I plan on using throughout the process.

If you have any tips, please please please let me know!! I already got SO many incredible tips & support this morning today from instastories – all from people who have said this method has changed their life so please please please keep them coming!!! I’ll also do a whole rundown of everything I learned, my personal take of it, and photos of the finished project. I feel like it’s a mix of getting rid of clutter & feng shui. It’s only been 36 hours but I already feel better so I can’t wait to get the whole thing done. I actually feel revitalized.

Also, if you have any reccs on shelters or places to donate in SF, let me know. I’ll do some research on the subject.

Okay g2g throw things away & tidy up! See you soon xo


PS – if you want to get the book, on Amazon Prime it’s FREE SAME DAY SHIPPING if you want to do this with me! Only like 9 bucks too. Buy it HERE!

PPS – don’t forget to enter my giveaway for FREE CBD for you and your BFF here! x


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  • more than ever, this Texan is so thankful to call California home 💘 #slssf
My heart goes out to all those affected by the fires. I’ve been trying to find ways to help from SF & here’s what I could find. Anything else, please let me know:
⚜️ donations for hygiene kits for firefighters via @simplythebasics
⚜️ @rocketdogrescue is accepting respirator masks & looking for foster families
⚜️ @reedandgreenough in the Marina is donating 15% of sales tomm 11/17 from 4-7 to the Red Cross
⚜️ @hitopssf in the castro is donating all sales tomorrow 11/17 to benefit victims of Camp Fire
⚜️ #MaskOakland is giving n95 masks to the homeless and need volunteers to help distribute
⚜️ @overheardmarinasf is posting what local bars are giving  back and they have a link to donate in their bio
⚜️ @kellymoorepaint is giving away masks while supplies last
⚜️ @sf_octavia in pac heights is donating $1 per cover to California Community Foundation
⚜️ @wckitchen is accepting donations to feed first responders and evacuees
⚜️ @halohalocollective is hosting a clothing drive in SOMA on Sunday from 12-3 to help fire victims - contact @msnerriss for more info
⚜️ text CAWILDFIRES to 90999 to make a $10 donation to the @americanredcross
⚜️ @sanfranciscospca is accepting donations for emergency shelter and vet care & trying to help owners find their pets
⚜️ @livermorevalleywinecountry is donating 10% of all proceeds this weekend to benefit fire victims
⚜️ @watchmesip started a donation page to raise funds for victims
⚜️ @sierranevada has a camp fire relief fund and donating clothing to those who need
⚜️ @airbnb is helping displaced residents and relief workers find a place to stay for free
⚜️ @sudwerkbrew is hosting an event tomorrow at Davis Senior Center to help all affected. Entry = a gift card of any amount to a store that sells groceries, housewares, or clothing {like target, cvs, safeway, etc}
⚜️ 100% of funds donated to @northvalleycf will go directly to victims
.... any others, please share 🙏🏻 stay safe y’all x
{ 📸: @lilywolfephotography ✨ one of my favs from our shoot last month }

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Here’s why: For November, they are celebrating Japan and it’s so dope. The drink menu is styled like a manga comic, & they have some of the coolest sakes I’ve ever had. Even though I’m just drinking wine here {@royaltokaji the oddity dry furmint if we’re being a specific, #hipster I know - dope winelist, you will love, get something craycray}, but after this glass I had this one sake that blew me away... you might have seen it in my stories: basically “rosé sake” and it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever drank... and I’ve drank lots of things in this life of mine lol 😇
Anyways, it was called AMABUKI GIN NO KIRENAI JUNMAI • @amabukishuzo_official. In the glass, it was PINK, and tasted slightly sweet & fruity. It got its colour from using ancient black rice. If you see this, you have to get it and shoot me a DM while you’re at it so I can have some sake fomo 😅🍶✨
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  • so many decades in one Instagram lol 📟 ps if you go to Austin, you HAVE to shop at @prototypevintage - easily one of the best vintage shops I’ve ever been to & where this FAB dress straight outta the 90s is from. Kinda half clueless half gossip girl, right? ⚜️ #slsatx #90sstyle #retrovintage #thedriskill #austintexas
  • just a Texas girl in a Texas world 🐎 #slsatx #thedriskill
  • got the goods 💰 also this Texan kinda confused why kolaches aren’t a thing in California? The sausage + cheese + jalapeño ones are my favvvv 👅✨ #slsatx #czechstop #kolaches
  • when roadtripping from DTX to ATX, loading up on kolaches at the Czech Stop is a must! If you know, you know 🛣⛽️✨ #slsdtx #slsatx #czechstop

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