Can you guys believe Thanksgiving is in ONE week?! Crazy, right.

I’ve posted a fun cocktail, two rad sides so now… we get into the main event. THE TURKEY

…or steak?

Basically, Erik & I have a Thanksgiving tradition we started in 2013. I had just moved & was a little lost lamb in San Francisco. He was one of the only people I {hardly lol} knew in this city so he very kindly took me out for Thanksgiving at a local steakhouse. There, we had plenty of scotch & steak but with all the Thanksgiving sides.

Ever since then, it’s become our Thanksgiving go to plan & mini tradition. We do love cooking but the way we see it, we cook SO MUCH during the week, that we actually like to go out for the holidays, especially since it’s just the two of us.

As I was creating the main course for this year’s Thanksgiving for 2 {which btw, I’ll keep the recipes coming year after year}, I wanted to do an option for both Turkey & Steak to keep to tradition. With all the photos, I’ll show both with turkey & steak

When it comes to Turkey for two, your best bet is choosing which route do you want to go: dark or white. I’m all about white meat & a turkey breast is AWESOME for two. It will be the perfect amount with some leftovers. A small turkey can be up to ten pounds, which can be overwhelming for two people… not to mention a whole lotta work.

This turkey is seriously SO EASY, with lots of hands off work.

Basically, you let it marinate, & then you roast it in the oven. During that time, you can easily make the potatoes, have a cocktail or two, & set the table.

{ turkey }

{ steak }

As far as the steak, you marinate it like the turkey, but instead of roasting it, I used my grill pan which took no more than 10 minutes to make.

You can also grill it on an actual grill too or even a George Foreman which is Erik’s FAV.

…I n fact, I kinda want to bring him on the blog with all his george foreman recipes lol this unit is GREAT for small kitchens too.

{ turkey }

{ steak }

With steak, do whatever you prefer! I take the easy way out and tell the butcher to get me enough for two. I did a NY strip since they were on sale {score!} but you can do a filet, strip steak, or do a giant porterhouse / t-bone to share.

Basically: you make a classic marinade: oil, flavour, & acid. Let the protein soak up all the flavours for about an hour & then cook. It’s seriously SO easy & honestly, especially the turkey, they are SO good cold too so you can serve it on a sandwich or over a salad.

Out of all the recipes I’ve posted, this is the only one I do not recc making ahead. It’s so easy and pretty hands off & tastes best when served immediately.

Both recipes are below!

Lemon Thyme Turkey Breast for Two

serves: 2
10 mins active – 2 hours inactive


sage, chopped

rosemary, chopped

thyme, chopped

olive oil, 1/4-1/2 cup

garlic cloves, minced or crushed

juice of 1 lemon

1 turkey breast

salt & pepper


to make vegan, use a vegan/vegetarian, replace turkey with tofu {bake for 40-45 mins}, portobello {bake for 20 – 25 mins} , or a medley of mixed vegetables {bake for 30-40 mins}.


1. Set oven to 375 degrees F

2. in a bowl, mix together: olive oil, herbs, garlic, lemon juice, salt & pepper. Season turkey with salt & pepper & place in marinade. Let marinate for 30 mins or up to an hour.

3. On a foil wrapped baking sheet, place turkey and top with whatever is left of the marinade on the center rack. Roast for 1 hour – 1 hour 15 minutes.  Turkey is ready when the thickest part of the turkey is 170 degrees F or when the juices run clear when poked with a fork.

3. When taken out of oven, wrap the turkey in the foil & let cool for 5 – 10 minutes. Bring to a cutting board & slice turkey. Using the foil, fold into a V & pour the leftover juices on the turkey!

leftover ideas

– use in a sandwich or in a croissant with spinach, dijon mustard & cranberries

– shred with a fork & toss in a salad! In fact, you can use the same recipe for the marinade for a dressing.

– use to make a turkey pot pie & mix some thyme in the puff pastry!

– shred on top of avocado toast

– turkey tacos! in a whole wheat tortilla, top with green salsa, spinach, & white cheddar

– instead of making crabcakes, sub out the crab for shredded turkey!

wine pairings


Beaujolais Nouveau… which was released today!

Unoaked new world Chardonnay


new world Pinot Noir

sparkling rosé or sparkling syrah

Lemon Thyme Steak for Two

serves: 2
10 mins active – 30 mins inactive


sage, chopped

rosemary, chopped

thyme, chopped

olive oil, 1/4-1/2 cup

garlic cloves, minced or crushed

juice of 1 lemon

1 turkey breast

salt & pepper


to make vegan, use a vegan/vegetarian, replace steak with tofu, portobello, or a medley of mixed vegetables & grill to liking.


1. in a bowl, mix together: olive oil, herbs, garlic, lemon juice, salt & pepper. Pat steak dry, season steak with salt & pepper & place in marinade. Marinate for 30 minutes

2. While steak is marinating, prepare your grill. If using a grill pan, melt 1 tbsp of butter over medium-high heat.

3. Grill steak for 5 minutes, untouched, on each side. To get the grill marks, move steak 90 degrees after 2.5 minutes.

4. Move to a cutting board & cover with foil. Let sit for 5 – 10 minutes, and then slice against the grain. Delicious topped with a  smidge of butter & a squeeze of lemon!

leftover ideas

– use in a sandwich or in a croissant with spinach, dijon mustard & blue cheese

– quesadillas! fold into a whole wheat tortilla with spinach & white cheddar & griddle.

– chop & serve with eggs

– mix with onions, peppers, baked & cubed potatoes, & herbs into a breakfast hash

– slice & wrap in puff pastry for a play on beef wellington bites

– toss with some greens, buttered noodles, & mushrooms

wine pairings

Cabernet Sauvignon



Brunello di Montalcino

Sonoma Zinfandel

old world Pinot or Red Burgundy

Sparkling rosé or champagne

want a white wine? Try with a Chardonnay {I’m actually thinking oaked} or an older Riesling

…& of course, you can NEVER go wrong with a single malt to keep up tradition 😉

And with all my recipes, if you make this, let me know!!

Thanksgiving for Two is seriously so easy and fun to make special, so I hope these recipes inspire you to cook for two.

We personally love spending Thanksgiving just the two of us… it’s the start to many traditions and it’s been so stress-free.

Also, I wanted to take a second to acknowledge the tragic fires in California. I hope everyone stays safe & anyway I can help. Let me know. Here are some ways to help via the New York Times & here via Refinery 29. Here is another fundraiser to help Malibu. Anything else, please let me know.



+ Autumn Spritz Cocktail

+ Herb Infused Olive Oil Potatoes

+ Sausage & Herb Cranberries 


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