leftover pork roast tacos

on your plate in 2 seconds

Another 2 second lunch!! Literally all you have to do is shred leftover roasted pork & top accordingly.

This is a super simple taco recipe but also makes for a great breakfast taco too. Add some scrambled eggs & top with some hot sauce.

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leftover pork roast tacos

  • Author: @ssschuchard


  • leftover bone in pork roast, shredded
  • jalapeno
  • kale


  1. heat a skillet over medium heat, unoiled.
  2. while pan heats, take pork & shred with two forks, add to pan & cook to liking ~5 ish mins.. I personally like when the ends crisp a little!
  3. Set aside, & add tortilla where pork was cooking. Cook 30 seconds on each side & assemble your taco. I always add some vegetables, greens & sometimes hot sauce!
  4. Squeeze with lemon, add a sprinkle of maldon salt & enjoy!
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