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lazy luxury fall to summer transition playlist on spotify by lifestyle blogger shannon silver in california

I love making playlists according to the season. I find it really completes the aesthetic and vibe of the season.

I’m a little addicted to personality tests {see here & here} and a common question I see on it is something along the lines of rating yourself on a spectrum to how turned to, inspired or influenced by aesthetics or my surroundings. As a surprise to no one, every single time, I always score pretty extreme to that regard.

Maybe it’s a reason why I really do love social media & the internet so much as it’s a constantly refreshing {as in the action, not the feeling} place of inspo whenever you open any app.

One thing I find is I am constantly turned to things that just make me feel. Whatever the mood or feeling, that’s what I’m turned to. & boy does it make me feel.

I’ve found the strongest evoked feelings occur to me as the sun sets. Something about the light going from white gold to living coral will always do it to me.

& so I wanted to create a playlist to occur that mood from me.


my summer to fall transition playlist

check it out below

check the whole playlist out here

Basically this photo in a playlist. It’s pretty hard to describe but it’s that end of summer nostalgia with the excitement of the turning season. A bit chillwave house with a tropical flare as it transitions to connect to fall. More music to listen to as the sun sets.

What’s really fun about this playlist is that it literally transitions from summer to fall. Press play & you’ll see what I’m saying

This one’s a bit shorter than most of mine so think of this as a long mix. If I was a DJ this is what I’d mix lol. Some standout songs are:

Love, Love, Love by Moullinex {always so picky on what I do as my first & last song on these!! it’s the beginning & end of the journey}

Beach Day by RioListic {such a trip – whenever it’s over i want more}

African Sun by Jamie Prado {suuuuuch a beautiful song wow – this is the “transition” – can you feel it?}

I love making these seasonal playlists. I find it helps me go into the next few months with a little more intention. I also do it visually on Pinterest. Check out my _fall board to see what’s inspiring me for the next few months ahead. I’ll always have the current and next month going to keep the aesthetics going since they inspire me so much in case you wanna be up to date with my seasonal aesthetics 😉

Enjoy!! Any playlists I should check out? What’s your end of summer vibe?

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