{ LAZY LUXURY }: Prep School Chic

I’ve been rewatching Gossip Girl for probably the 28th time and it just never gets old.

I swear, each time I watch it, you catch little things… not to mention, they called this whole industry back in 2007. There are some episodes from 2010 or 2011 where you hear them use the term “influencer”. It’s pretty wild!

Aesthetics-wise, I’ve really been into it this watch around. In fact, one thing that has been really inspiring to me lately are the girls’ Constance uniforms {the private high school they went to}.

Spoiler alert but I’m going to assume everyone has seen Gossip Girl who is reading this blog.

BUT: Eventually, Blair Waldorf {my personal favourite character} takes over her mother’s {my other fave character SHE’S SO FUNNY} company and it’s a flop. She later decides that she doesn’t want the whole company, but instead wants what she knows best: a spin off of her mother’s designs called B by Waldorf all inspired by her schoolgirl uniforms with a luxe adult touch…. & if we are being honest, I’d do some bad things to get my hands on some B by Waldorf.

It’s an aesthetic I’m really digging but I find little things can really add to an outfit.

{ loving it on the guys too }

Lately, Ive found myself incredibly inspired by the girls in Gossip Girl {specifically seasons 1 – 3} and Cruel Intentions.

Here are some of my prep school chic, lazy luxury style… try it for work on Monday!

  • button up a white blouse all the way up & tie a black ribbon around the corner. This is also really cute with a turtleneck instead of a button down. I also love this blouse with a similar concept!
  • Similarly, take a thick ribbon {about an inch thick} & cross it over into an X around the neck. Take a brooch or an earring and connect it at the axis. It should look like this!
  • Mix prints! Take a blue & white striped shirt and pair it with an argyle sweater vest or a tartan plaid skirt {I am OBSESSED with this one}
  • Go simple! A black or charcoal gray cardigan over a white button down… & don’t forget a thin black headband {you can even use a ribbon and tie it around your head in a bow}. If it has pockets, add a white pocket square!
  • My personal favourite: a cardigan or blazer with a crest on the pocket. I CAN’T GET ENOUGH of this look!! I love to search “crest sweaters” or “crest blazers” on depop.
  • OVERSIZED CUFFS OR COLLARS. This is so 90s but one of my favs: wear a large shirt with huge cuffs and collars {or steal your boyf’s and wear it under a fitted v-neck sweater. Flip up the cuffs!
  • For a more casual look, find a polo with a huge crest & tie your hair up with a scarf
  • For a subtle nod, look for a blouse with piping. I personally love white with black or navy detailing, or navy with white detailing.
  • and of course… I’m LOVING a square toe loafer, even better with stockings or knee high socks!

Here is more my lazy luxury: prep school chic moodboard

Are you loving this as much as I am? Official petition to have the real life B by Waldorf Designs come to life, pls.

Any other Gossip Girl lovers? I find the older I get as I watch it, the more I LOVE Eleanor & Lily. They seriously have the best one-liners!

Happy Saturday!



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  1. 2.6.20
    Gitana said:

    Can you believe I still haven’t officially FINISHED GG? Me either. I love the idea of bringing their little clothing motifs back though. All the outfits in that show were just fire.
    Gitana Eleni


  2. 2.6.20
    Jackie from Champagne Glee said:

    Oh I loved Gossip Girl so much!!! This post is so fun!

  3. 2.6.20
    Jackie from Champagne Glee said:

    I loved Gossip Girl!!

  4. 2.6.20
    Fash-n-Curious said:

    I love all these picks and how you styled them!

  5. 3.5.20
    Yeezy said: