I love Valentine’s Day, it’s one of my favourite holidays! February is actually one of my favourite months. It’s short & oh so sweet.

I personally love walking around and seeing all the Valentine’s storefronts & items.

Around this time in San Francisco, the cherry blossoms start to bloom, so San Francisco has pops of pink all over. As a surprise to no one, cherry blossoms {sakura} are my favourite flowers.

Last year, we were in Japan for hanami & I am hoping, praying, manifesting that we can make it back again this year. Everything is pink, rosé is served streetside, and you just walk along and view all the cherry blossoms. There really is nothing like it.

This year, we don’t have any huge Valentine’s plans so I figured I’d bring some inspo to the blog & share my “Valentine’s Moodboard” on Pinterest.

It’s just a bunch of inspo & aesthetics I’m really digging. When I think Valentine’s day, this is basically what goes through my mind. I hope you like!!

Hope you like! I will be living vacariously through my moodboard since I am sick as a dog this weekend so I am taking it SUPER EASY.

Today, I’m going to go to LUSH to get some bath bombs & maybe a Valentine’s treat or two. They really have the best stuff: I just used up this sleepytime lotion. Any Lush reccs or get well soon tips?! It’s raining here so a hot bath is a must.

Since I’m sick and basically will not be leaving the house, it’s time to get creative on some Valentine’s presents for Erik! This is what I got him back in 2016. And here is what I got him for Christmas this year {which he LOVES btw} in case you need any ideas.

As far as Valentine’s prezzies, I’m thinking of gifting myself this perfume to take advantage of the 4x Sephora points! It smells SO good, very nostalgic beachy and I’ve been eyeing it for quite of the while.

Have a great weekend!! What are you up to?


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  • #cubequestionmonday with @erikschuchard 🎐 ask him a question and he will answer it for as long as it takes for him to solve the #rubikscube lol
QUESTION: “What’s your favourite drink both #alcoholic & non-alcoholic?” pt. 2 focuses on the alcoholic bevvies! pt 3 coming soon lol
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