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I am a heavy pinner.

Have been since 2012. I used to spend soooo many hours back in Dallas on Pinterest. In fact, sometimes I think that was one of the beginnings of this blog. It was just full of inspo, you know? It’s how I found recipes & fun DIYs.

When I decided to start my blog, the first thing I did was a Pinterest moodboard. Basically full of inspo for the actual blog itself. You can see it here. With every site redo, I make a moodboard first. In fact, it’s kind of fun to scroll through to see how it evolved over the past 5 years.

Anyways, I say that because it’s my favourite source of inspo. I spend a lot of time on it to this day & I’m still so into it.

SO- I figured it would be fun to start a new, light-hearted series on Saturday sharing some inspo & what’s on my radar. Erik always calls my style lazy luxury so here we are. Every Saturday, you know what to expect!

Okay, let’s talk low rise jeans.

Who knew but THEY ARE BACK. & honestly, I’m here for it.

If we are being completely & totally honest, I just bought a pair of True Religion “Joey” flares from Depop… likely from 2005. Just how I like it.

They are really just a y2k dream. Low rise, the button flap pockets, & my favourite part? The twisted seam.

My favourite way to juxtapose the low-rise jeans is to size up with the top. In fact, the more oversized the better.

I love buying XL {& men’s shirts} – I find it really is an easy way to make basics look more luxe. In fact, it’s lazy luxury at it’s finest… not to mention, you can easily find some high end men’s shirts at thrift / vintage shops or depop for like 5 bucks.

Recently, I’ve been complaining to Erik that my jeans are too big & he told me instead of buying new & more, embrace it and make it mine. I took my too big high waisted straight leg jeans, & wore it down on my hips. Styled it with a large men’s Zegna shirt from Depop & it’s a look I’m really just feeling.

Loving the low-rise on trousers too. It’s also fun to switch up the layer sizes so if you’re wearing low rise, baggy jeans, try it with a skin tight black mockneck or bodysuit! {love when you can see a peek of skin from the bodysuit btw}. & in my book, you can NEVER go wrong with over sized everything – it’s comfortable & looks effortlessly chic!

Check it out on me here & my inspo below!

how to style low-rise jeans! • lazy luxury on essellesse
how to style low-rise jeans! • lazy luxury on essellesse
how to style low-rise jeans! • lazy luxury on essellesse

How about you? I feel like everyone is VERY DIVIDED on the return of the low rise jeans.

See ya tomorrow for a special new post & series!



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