an instant vacation!

Happy Memorial Day!

We are off to celebrate my birthday {it’s tomorrow!} & headed to a special local gem.

Basically, as Erik & I planned this year’s birthday vacation we were looking for the following: somewhere domestic {& preferably local}, somewhere we haven’t been, somewhere with palm trees, & very importantly: somewhere with a pool.

And we needed a good playlist

Basically with this playlist, I wanted it to really encompass the vibe I was going for: think lazy luxury meets French poolside.

This playlist just screams a lazy summer day, sitting out in the sun in a cute swimsuit while casually sipping on some chilled crisp, dry provence rosé {may I suggest Domaines Ott?}.

We’ve had it on all month long leading up to my birthday and let me tell you: it’s a major mood.

I’ve swapped out the sunset playlist for this as soon as golden hour hits & I love to cook to it!

Here’s what you can find on this playlist: Poolside, Paradis, Jean Tonique, Jane Birkin, & much more. It’s a sunny, summer vibe with some tropical disco & guaranteed to make you feel good.

My personal favourites on this playlist are: Femme Fantome by Lockhart & Fishbach; Agitations tropicales by L’impératrice; California by The Lagoons {kind of reminds me of Daft Punk’s Fragments of Time, which not to get all Patrick Bateman on you is also about California & making music with Daft Punk there}; Nadir by TENDER; Suis by Moi Je; & La piscine by Hypnolove

As always, I put a lot of thought to the first and last songs with all my playlists. I find they tell the story of the music and the vibe as it progresses. It started with Paradis’s Recto Verso – Mall Grab Remix & ends with 40000km by Outputmessage: a very special song to me.

PLAYLIST:/2019Birthday/ • v_birthday_2019

{ get the playlist here }

I hope you enjoy!! It really is such a vibe & while we’re at it, here’s a fun and EASY birthday drinks that’s also very French.

When we were in New York years ago, we went to a super memorable brunch at a cute café in West Village called Bobo & I got drunk on La Piscine de Rosé which I feel is super appropriate to bring on here?

SO here you go: La Piscine de Rosé  literally translates to a pool of rosé . All it is is a BIG glass of dry rosé with ice cubes in it. In fact, it would be fun to make some rosé ice cubes of the same wine you are using to add to it. A super fancy way of a double I suppose lol

Anyways, sip on some piscines & put on this playlist! & if you do it, send me an instagram story or DM of it.

Enjoy the holiday and see you tomorrow !

xx SLS

+++ get the playlist here

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  1. 2.6.20

    I don’t know a lot of these songs. I will definitely have to check them out 🙂

  2. 2.6.20
    Rach said:

    It’s always fun to create a playlist!!

  3. 2.6.20

    Happy birthday!!! love getting new recess for playlists!

  4. 2.6.20
    Lindsay said:

    Joyeux anniversaire Shannon!! I absolutely love this post, as I am all about everything French. I am going to take a listen right now! xo, Lindsay from Paris, Meet Boston