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essellesse talks shopping bans & no shopping for June • Napa Valley, California
cappucino at sam's social club at Indian Springs Resort in Calistoga, California Napaa Valley • San Francisco based lifestyle blog, essellesse

{ cappucinos at Sam’s Social Club at Indian Springs Resort in Calistoga, California }

& just like that, this past week FLEW BY.

We were so excited for my birthday & I swear it went in the blink of an eye. We spent the whole week in Calistoga and I miss it so much already. It was a DREAM!

I’ll have a FULL recap here because there is so much to share but we got back late Friday night & we definitely felt the hangover coming back. On Saturday, I actually felt SO JET LAGGED.

I think it was from having so much sun all the time. I know that sounds crazy but I literally do not get outside here in SF. I’m a major indoor cat so going from spending 10+ hours a day in the sun to not at all really did a number on me.

I woke up on Saturday completely drained and exhausted. Erik left to go golfing which I appreciated so I can have time to recharge {I touched on it here but I’m an extreme introvert}

I was literally a computer with negative charge. You know when you plug it in and it shows the empty battery before it can charge – that was me.

Natural Baths at Indian Springs Resort and Spa in Calistoga, Napa, California • lifestyle blogger Shannon Silver of essellesse hit up the mud baths while there!

{ Indian Springs Natural Baths – we did the mud baths here! I’ll make a post lmk any questions 🙂 }

Anyways, while I was recharging {w/ reflexology sandals on – newest obsession}, I reflected on my stress… or really lack-thereof.

I spent the entire week stress-free for the first time in a bit & quite frankly, I want to keep that going as long as possible.

I’ve been writing more and more in my journal day after day and one thing I’m going to write every morning exactly what is stressing me out, so I can be aware of it & proactive rather than reactive.

As I was reflecting on my stresses, one thing I was thinking about was stuff – literally – STUFF.

New packages, closets brimming with clothes {which I’m in the process of donating and selling but still}, boxes… just THINGS. Lots of things. I made a promise to myself that I’m not buying ANYTHING this month.

Funny enough, Erik got home from golfing and suggested the same exact thing. He was on the same page.

Palm Trees in front of the Palm View Rooms at Indian Springs Resort in Calistoga California in Napa Valley - we got the fireplace king room with a private patio! • san francisco based lifestyle blog essellesse

{ palms outside our room, we had the palm view room & loved it! }

Indian Springs Resort and Spa in Calistoga, Napa Valley, California • natural geyser on site!

{ Erik & a new friend – check out the geyser behind him! }

Not to mention, May was a pretty excessive month over here – May always is

It was excessive. And we are trying to live a more minimalistic lifestyle.

I kinda felt like I lost some control on myself and was a bit irresponsible.

I mentioned that my love language is gifts. & it’s something I do to myself constantly when I’m stressed… and I had the realization on Saturday that I was feeding my own stress and piling it up. Basically a huge Cartesian circle.



ok so the rules for the shopping ban:

no extraneous purchases { this includes anything online like apps }

basics like toiletries / household items are okay { & impromptu sephora trips are not }

dining in 6-7x a week & leave restaurants for special occasions

if there is a purchase that isn’t a basic that needs to be made, Erik & I will consult with each other

anything needed for Japanese is okay {would put in the basics: notebooks, workbooks, etc}

& honestly? I’m excited! I am excited to declutter, streamline things, & really practice wabi sabi.

mirror selfie at the mineral pool at Indian Springs Resort & Spa in Calistoga, California in Napa Valley • lifestyle blogger, shannon silver, based in san francisco

{ poolside mirror selfie }

I’m also excited to start new, better habits of my own all around. I feel like it’s the first step to start a minimalistic lifestyle not to mention will allow me to shop with more intention

There’s so much we already have that can be reused, reworn, or can be seen in a new light where sometimes buying isn’t the answer. Not to mention, I think it will help keep things original and authentic here. It’s easy to get caught up in online trends but we know how I feel about trends 🙂

I also find myself so frustrated at times with the online consumerism culture of “swipe up!”, “buy!”, “you need this now!” so I guess I’ll be the DON’T BUY influencer? Which tbh I’m totally down with.

Mineral Pool fed by a geyser in Indian Springs Resort & Spa in Calistoga, California in Napa Valley • lifestyle blogger essellesse based in San Francisco

{ obsessed with the pool there – it was fed by a geyser on site! }

SO- I’m off my soap box. Anyone wanna join our June Shopping Ban? We can all have a group text consult with Erik on extraneous purchases LOL

All right, off to have dinner {grilled pork & garlic noodles!}, catch up on Chernobyl on HBO, start the week on the right foot and I’m feeling good about it. Vacation’s over 🙂

Happy Monday,


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