vintage blogger shannon silver wears a louis vuitton button down from depop • essellesse a san francisco lazy luxury blog
vintage blogger shannon silver wears a louis vuitton button down from depop & express high waisted linen pants sash tie & 90s gucci loafers  • essellesse a san francisco lazy luxury blog

This is one of my most favourite vintage scores of all time.

It’s logo mania at it’s finest – which I am all about. It kind of gives me 80s Wall Street vibes, right?

Not only is this vintage Louis Vuitton SO. DANG. GOOD. but I feel like we need to talk about the price about it.


Yup, I didn’t forget a zero or two. TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS

…& yes, it’s real.

vintage blogger shannon silver wears a louis vuitton button down from depop & express high waisted linen pants sash tie & 90s gucci loafers  • essellesse a san francisco lazy luxury blog

I get a few questions on instagram how I find some of these deals so I thought I’d do a quick fire post with my tips on finding vintage on depop!

my tips for finding rad vintage on depop!

1 }: Check daily :: I spend about an hour a day on depop so I can see what’s available or newly listed. I swear, every single day there is different.

2 }: Search & filter appropriately :: part of me checking depop daily is searching CONSTANTLY. I search the appropriate designer by name & then filter it by designer. There are a lot of hashtags for exposure on it, so narrowing down what I am looking for by designer gives me a better chance to find a gem.

3 }: Filter by type :: After I do #2, I then go through each item. My favourite filter categories is men’s tops & women’s shoes. With shoes, I always filter by my size.

4 }: THE MEN’S SECTION IS WHERE IT’S AT :: seriously, trust me on this. I love menswear, and especially vintage. I find the men’s items not only fit better & breezier, but they are a little more “logo mania” flashier {which I like}. I also find the prices are slightly lower too. 90% of what I buy on depop is men’s clothing

5 }: Know what to look for :: okay, so you just did all of the above. The price looks too good to be true, now what? This is where I put on my detective hat & really get to work. First things first, ZOOM IN ON THE TAG. If there is no tag, I don’t trust it. I see soooo many listings saying something along the lines of “Tag too itchy so I cut it off”. No tag = no purchase {I assume it’s fake, maybe I’m wrong?}. Not sure what the tag looks like? Google something like “1980s dior shirt tag” or something. That’s when I compare the tags to see if it’s real. Other things to look for are buttons {the LV shirt for example, every button says ‘Louis Vuitton’}, the stitching, other tags, the spelling {this may sound silly but so many fakes will misspell – maybe not obviously on the shirt but maybe on the buttons or tags} and then I look online and try to find something similar. This is the longest task of it all but you want to make sure you are getting something legit.

6 }: Stalk my likes :: ha, I know this is a bit of a selfish promo but hear me out. I spend a LOTTTT of time on depop and I always, always, always like before I buy. Basically, follow me and check my likes regularly and that eliminates steps 1-5! I promise I won’t be mad if you buy something from under me 😉

follow me on depop!

Hope this was helpful! I also search often for people so if you are on the hunt for something, let me know.

I also search certain items daily: for example these shirts! I’m trying to collect as many colours as I can {I just found a pink one!!}. It’s a slow and steady race for sure.

Are you on depop?? What are your tips for finding rad vintage clothes? I’d love to hear!

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vintage louis vuitton button down {also seen here}

express high waisted linen pants {OB.SESSED. w/ these – size down, I’m wearing an XS • seen here }

90s gucci loafers {also from depop for like $50!}

chimi “just blue” sunglasses {i am obsessed with these!}

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  1. 2.6.20

    Thanks for these tips! I love finding good deals 🙂

  2. 2.6.20
    Mia Mi said:

    Okay thank you for including these tips because $25 ??? what an absolute STEAL, i love it! xx

    mia // https://beautiful-inspiring-creative-life.com

  3. 2.6.20
    Katie Novack said:

    Omg! You make vintage look so good and I cant believe LV is that inexpensive! Thank you for sharing 🙂 So cute!

  4. 2.6.20

    ohhh I’m loving those chambray pants with the tie waist! Such a good summer staple! xo Jana | http://www.janastyleblog.com

  5. 2.6.20
    Amie Rome Bartley said:

    Thanks for sharing these tips! I love that vintage top!