{ the most insane carrot hummus at Greens SF }

We are back in the city {though my instagram feed will show otherwise for a bit!} & back to the SF grind. Today, we had a belated birthday brunch with our close friends, Colette {who runs the raddest of the raddest blog} & her boyfriend, Alex at Green’s in the Marina.

I canNOT reccomend Greens enough. It’s a vegetarian restaurant in Fort Mason with the best views of SF. It’s so good, you won’t even miss the meat. Erik & I shared pupusas & a grilled cheese but I also LOVE their green garlic asparagus pizza. Fun fact: Steve Jobs used to frequent it.

{ his & hers – even though we shared – at Greens Restaurant in San Francisco }

I know I rave about Colette all the time but she’s seriously the best. I seriously love hanging with her & Alex. She’s such a gem & one of the gifts she gave me, I HAVE to share here. I loved it and it’s a super easy thing to give!

She also brought her instax! They brought it with the intention to take polaroids of us for me to keep.

It’s one of those “free” gifts that mean so much & a fun way to capture the moment. I love the idea of capturing fun moments {phone free} to always have on hand.

Kind of like an off-line instagram? Anyways, I dug it in a major way & it’s a fun “party favour” to take home to remember our time together. BIG FAN of party favours, it’s one of my fav entertaining tips!

Also, I totally forgot to take a photo of my outfit so I had Erik take a quick shot when we got home! Happy Sunday <3

blazer – vintage lands end! from one of my fav resale shops in SF called Seconds To Go on Fillmore }

vintage Dior men’s button down from depop { these are my absolute fav – I look for the constantly }

Brandy Melville striped pants { same style diff colour – their Frankie pants are my fav }

Everlane White Oxfords { seen here – sold out, similar }

Instax camera { this film is my fav }

Ettika Coin necklace



  • saturdays in with no plans are my fav saturdays ❤️
  • Chinatown ❤️ another peek of one of my presets coming soon called #Golden Gate” from the Lazy Luxury set. This entire set is inspired by Northern California and Japan, my 2 favourite places in the world: think super saturated with a hazy, pastel kinda lo-fi vibe. “Golden Gate” bc it really shines with reds and orange. launching very soon! 🌁 check out www.lazyluxury.xyz to get on the list 📲 lots of free presets coming for newsletter subscribers ❤️ #lazyluxury #slssf
  • Saturday selfie 👾 wearing a men’s shirt from @carylane & amazon sunglasses. If you’re in sf, @carylane is one of my fav secrets! It’s a sample boutique in Hayes that sells designer up to 80% off & I find it has a 90s/Y2K aesthetic which we love 💰 #lazyluxury
  • Friday uniform 🔖  this is a new preset I made inspired by the @tmobile sidekick camera, forever the best phone of all time! kinda nostalgic right? a lil low quality but totally on purpose. It’s called “Karl the Filter” & part of my lazy luxury set which is inspired by Northern California x Tokyo 📠📟📲 #slsootd #lazyluxury #karlthefilter {named after the sf fog - coming v v soon! i have a whole series coming based on Y2K phone cameras!!}
check out www.lazyluxury.xyz to get on the list 📲 lots of free presets coming for newsletter subscribers ❤️
  • oui oui ohhh oui to the new @mejuri croissant dôme collection 🥐✨ #mejuri #mejuripartner
  • best coast 🛸✨ yesterday’s sunset was unreal, it felt like I was on another planet with @erikschuchard 👾 #slssf #sunsetdistrict #lazyluxury #iworkonwallstreet
edited with the Wall Street preset from the American Psycho set 💰 www.lazyluxury.xyz
It’s easier said than done! my {longgg lol} answer is on www.essellesse.com ⚜️ link in bio #slsasks 💘
Quick recap: #slsasks is a series of questions that both Erik and I answer on the blog! I keep a running list of questions in a notebook for the blog and I asked them to Erik one night and it was so fun to learn more about him. I’m sharing them here weekly so feel free to save these to use as icebreakers {see the #slsasks hashtag for more}! Fun for a chill date night or at happy hour with the friends but also love to do them solo to learn more about yourself. If you’re a blogger, they can make fun future blog topics too {+ handy if you’re having writers block}! 💕✨

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