Urban Outfitters Holographic Sldies {less than $15!}

Okay, so annoying story….

So weekends are when I work as much as I can on the blog. The majority of it being photos for future posts. Well, on Sunday, Erik & I shot this look. The photos were awesome – Erik seriously knocked it out of the park. I was stoooooked to upload them. I mean, those future instagrams? yes please.

Well, before I knew it, Tuesday was here so I got to working on this post below, & all I needed was the photos. In my scandisk went to upload and edit the photos.


The card wasn’t being read. Ok, whatever. Updated my software, restarted the computer, old school sega genisis blew it clean. Still no dice. I take my card out of the adapter, & it was broken in half! I lost all my photos from Sunday  {luckily all from the past where already uploaded}. Anyone know how to salvage it? It was a clean cut & the metal wasn’t touched. Help a sista out!

Anyways, I bought a new memory card at Walgreens {originally $30 and on sale for $9 – score!}, redid my makeup, put on the same outfit & we reshot them on the roof.

Blogging Problems for sure….

anyways, crisis averted!! On to the post.


It’s no secret –  I’m crazy for anything holographic.

I am anticipating 2017 to be the year of the holograph. Trust me, from cosmetics to accessories to clothing to kicks –  It’s no wonder why – it seriously goes with everything!

You can find some psychedelic high heels or kicks { <<< OBSESSED with these} to add a white tea & denim some sparkle. You can add a holographic choker to jazz up your jewelry game. Looking to spice up the kitchen? Add some holographic cutlery {<<< buying these}. White bikini by the pool? well, stay tuned{More holographs? here you go!}

I was perusing Urban Outfitters to replace my beloved rose mist facial spray & while there, these holographic slides immediately caught my eye!

They were super chic & I loved the mix of the holograph with white. I tried them on and they were like walking on a cloud! SERIOUSLY, so comfortable & they fit my foot perfectly. {FWIW, I wear a size 8 & the size 8 was a perfect fit }

I checked out the price tag and as soon as I saw the it… done deal. These babies are $15.

YES… $15.

Very reasonable. Literally, less than a cocktail depending on the bar you’re at.

In my cart they went, & I can’t take them off! They seriously go with everything. I’m talking black velour tracksuits or any sweats really, a nice contrast to a feminine dress, with a bikini & cocktail in hand {IDEAL}… the options are endless with these holographic pool slides.

And for the price, why the hell not?!

I paired mine with a destroyed tank & black lace bralette from Brandy Melville, a vintage men’s belt from Louis Vuitton loosely worn, a slip-like lacy black skirt & pink sunglasses.

Let me know what you think of these slides. Are they in your shopping cart yet??  If not, HERE. Any other good finds lately? Spill, spill. x Shannon



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