’tis the season! Talking Holiday Invites with Basic Invite!

Can you believe Thanksgiving is NEXT WEEK?!

I cannot wrap my head around how fast this year has gone by. In fact, it feels like Erik & I were just in LA celebrating Thanksgiving last year.

It’s amazing how quickly after Halloween everything hits you and man, does it slap you in the face! There is a meme I’ve seen circulating that is a little too real – anyone else relate? See below:

Raise your hand if you feel like you’ve been personally victimized by November.. ***raises both hands***

It’s also no secret I work full time. I’m pretty vocal about it – remember this post?

I know I haven’t talked much about what I do, but I am on the executive administrative team in a fast paced start up. Prior to that, I was administrative & events at an investment bank. And before that? I was pure hospitality industry for the past decade… talking waiting tables, bartending, event coordinating, hostessing, somming… you name it.

LONG STORY SHORT- holiday season and all the planning that goes behind it is not my stranger.

One of my personal favourite parts? The holiday party invitations!

I love making the invites because I find it really sets the tone to what to expect. If you have a certain colour scheme or theme, the invite represents it. It really sets the mood for your guests the second they open it – whether it’s a personal holiday photo card or an office christmas party invitation.

Today, I am teaming up with Basic Invite for your holiday party needs!

Are you familiar with them? TRUST ME- it’s an event planner’s dream. Check them out here

Basically {see what I did there}, they are your one stop shop for totally customized invitations. Whether it’s wedding invites, holiday party invites, office christmas party invitations, or even just holiday photo cards  – they gotcha covered.

Literally, every invite is FULLY customizeable. They provide templates, but you can adjust everything on your card, whether it’s adding a photo, adjusting the wording, the font, the colours, the alignment… you name it, you can customize it.

The colour schemes are basically unlimited & you can preview it all instantly online.

They have over 180 different colour options so basically your card will be EXACTLY how you want it to the smallest detail. I personally love that you can instantly preview everything as you tweak the colours to make it flow.

Off topic, but on instagram, I LOVE how they have the colour picker for your text and backgrounds to make sure everything flows. That really makes my type A heart happy. SO- the plethora of colour options with an instant preview is def something that is of MAJOR interest to me.

Speaking of colours, they have 40+ different colours for their envelopes!

Basic Invite loves a good detail, and the envelope is one of THE MOST important parts of the invite!. They even have foil holiday cards in gold, silver, & rose gold that you can choose flat or raised. I personally love a silver holiday theme. I find that it matches the snow 🙂

Before your guests even read the invitation, they need to open the envelope first so this is THE very first impression. To make it even better, they are all peel & stick so no licking is required!! Not to sound harsh, but no one wants a germy invite.

No strings attached! Try before you buy.

Another rad feature of Basic Invite is that they give customers the ability to order a printed sample of the actual invitation. This allows the user to see EXACTLY how it will print. Not only that, you can check out the paper quality before you go through with your final order.

Basically, it eliminates all the stress of wondering how your holiday party invite will look.

Finally, one of the most important parts… their address capturing service.

Last year, I had to send out 500+ holiday cards & LET ME TELL YOU, it was a process that I did manually with microsoft Word’s mail merger. Here, they use a link that you can share to request friend’s / family’s addresses that will store in your account. As you need them, you can just simply select & they offer complementary address printing at no cost for all holiday card orders. SCORE!

Anyways for all you event planners, holiday partiers, admins, or anyone in the market for some holiday party invites, I HAD to share. For your holiday party invitation needs, def give them a gander.

You can make them as customized and personal as you want. My favourites? THESE clear invites. Dope, right? insert alllllllll the heart eyed emojis!

To really spread the joy, Basic Invite is offering 30% off with the coupon code: holi30

Below are some of my favourite templates :: click and scroll with your keys!

[dahz_framework_gallery style=”tiled” ids=”8290, 8291, 8292, 8293, 8294, 8295, 8296, 8297″ /]


Anyways hope you love them as much as I do! When it’s go go go all the time for the holidays, Basic Invite will have your custom invites covered totally stress free which is really just a MUST, non?

On that note, to relieve some of the stress, I’m about to go meet Erik for some delarosa pizza {proscuitto, plzzzz}, some red wine, & Tagliolini dumplings. YUM!

See you on Friday for the edit!



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