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Happy Halloween!

I wanted to share a fun shoot I did recently with a local, very talented, Bay Area photographer: Lily Wolfe

Halloween is my favourite holiday: I love everything about it – from the horror & spooky vibes to the time of the year it falls {literally the most perfect time of the year}, the hazier purple sunsets, to pumpkin-spice & caramel apple everything… I love it & can’t get enough of it.

I knew I wanted to do a Halloween themed shoot so I reached out to Lily Wolfe Photography & she had the perfect place: Mount Davidson in San Francisco.

The location was breathtakingly beautiful. We shot these in September where it was the perfect golden sunsets but still setting in the later hours.

Mount Davidson is over in the Portola area & it was my first time to go there.

It was a bit of a hike in general to get to the cross so we took advantage of the walk and got some beautiful forest shots.

I love how green everything is with the golden sun! It was really windy while we were there & my shirt kept puffing up!!

Mount Davidson is also the highest natural point in San Francisco. I can’t recc coming up here. The view was unlike anything I’ve ever seen – seeing the moon too was so intoxicating.

If you come to San Francisco, I can’t recc coming here enough. It’s breathtakingly beautiful, a fun / light hike, & the views are unforgettable.

Here’s more information on Mount Davidson! If you go, tag me in your instagram stories – I’d love to see! @shannonlsilver

Back in my college days in the 2000s, I’d go all out on Halloween, I’m talking full on planned costumes starting on November 1st for the next year.

These days, I’m more of an indoor cat {like my black Halloween cat, Lucy!} but I still love getting on instagram and see what everyone’s dressed as or go see all the Halloween decor on a sunset stroll.

One of my favourite things to do for Halloween at home is bring it in for two!

here’s how I like to keep Halloween a treat for two… or for one!

buy a variety of pumpkin beers & make a flight. Have a taste test & compare notes together! Fun to do with red wine too… or even better with orange wine! LOVE ORANGE WINE.

make mulled wine & read on the couch next to each other {this is one of my fav things to do in general}. I love November issues of magazines like Real Simple or Martha Stewart Living!

watch a scary movie with your favourite fall beverage. I love going to the movies in general! Here are some really scary movie picks but my personal fav movie to watch on Halloween is A Clockwork Orange. I’m also a huge fan of the Saw series… & you can never go wrong with Rocky Horror Picture Show! It’s also fun to watch the Halloween episodes of fav TV shoes: mine include Desperate Housewives, Euphoria, Gossip Girl.

A sunset neighborhood stroll with the above beverage in hand at dusk to see all the halloween decor, costumes, & trick or treaters in action! {easy costume idea, all black, red lipstick & red wine = instant vampire}

Make rice crispy treats & top them with Halloween sprinkles! So easy {takes no time at all} & there’s something so fun about the neon orange, purple, green, & black sprinkles 🙂 don’t forget a sprinkle of flaky sea salt!

Halloween is PERFECT for a cheese & charcuterie platter. Find fall-themed cheeses at Trader Joe’s, and have fun with the darker rinds! Have enough meat, cheese, vegetables, fruit {esp grapes & pomegranates} & crusty bread for two and it’s a fun intimate, interactive meal

Last second decor? These wine bottle candle holders take no time at all and dry pretty quickly! No time to paint? clear bottles can lend to the spooky vibe too! Just take off the label and use a black candle. These pumpkin succulents will take no time at all too!

& don’t forget your playlist. I love love love this one for Halloween – Smokin’ Joe by Bobby Nourmand always reminds me of Halloween 🙂

Happy Halloween & hope you enjoy the photos!! Lily knocked them out of the park. I always look forward to shooting with her. Be sure to check out her work here – she is seriously so talented!! We have some future holiday shoots planned & I am sooooo excited for them – I’m bringing Erik in on them too 🙂

Any fun Halloween plans or traditions??

xx SLS

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    SundayDahlias said:

    This forest is so pretty! So green and lush! Happy Halloween too!

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    You are so stunning with your outfit! Wonderful photos!
    Happy Halloween!