new fav snack: GOLDENBERRIES!

nature's sour patch kid

I just had a new snack that rocked my world!!

Erik recently discovered Imperfect Foods and it’s how we’ve done all our grocery shopping since last Fall! I touched a bit on it briefly here & here but basically, it’s the farmer’s market to your door and you choose your groceries online. You have a weekly set delivery date and everything you chose comes to your door. I personally love the routine of it.

Another reason why I really love Imperfect Foods? Everything is pretty healthy! When I’m looking for groceries, there’s a plethora of superfoods & snacks – LOVE it. Many that were surplus from groceries, old packaging, “too ugly”, & the list goes on – the price is slashed and added to Imperfect. Anyways this isn’t sponsored but I can’t rave about them enough!

As soon as I saw dried Golden Berries, I was completely intrigued so I hadddd to give them a try. To be honest, I’ve been seeing them around the Marina fruit stands and wondered what they were!

Golden berries or goldenberries have a few names such as: Inca berry, cape gooseberry, husk cherry, Peruvian ground cherry, poha berry.

Goldenberries are in the nightshade family & closely related to tomatillos. They’re vibrant orange, about the size of a cherry tomato, & wrapped in a husk {also like a tomatillo!} that is removed before eating.

Golden Berries may be small but they sure pack both a flavor & nutritional punch!

health benefits of golden berries

full of vitamins A & C to boost your immune system. especially handy during cold & flu season!

A unique source of withanolide, an adaptogen to improve adrenal health, leading to lower stress & reduced stress levels {we love adaptogens over here}

Full of fiber! 3.5 oz can make up for 84% of your daily recc. Wild right??

anti-inflammatory, which can help relieve muscle stiffness, fatigue, swelling, & more.

chock full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants such as polyphenols and carotenoids {we also love antioxidants}.

As far as taste: think tart, tangy, tropical, & a few that are sweet! I’d say 4/5 of them are on the tart side & 1/5 are on the super sweet. I personally LOVE the taste – it’s so unique and addicting! That said, Erik wasn’t a fan.

Golden berry tasting notes: mango, pineapple, tart strawberry, sour cherry, lemon, grapefruit,

I’ve seen them described as “nature’s sour patch kids” and that couldn’t be more spot on – especially dried, they are chewy like candy.

In fact, I’d say that it was as complex as the schisandra berry powder with the flavours.

how to eat golden berries?

Goldenberries are delicious dried! Think of a large, grape sized raisin {does this make sense?} that is mixed with a dried cranberry in texture. LOVE them. So good chopped over whole wheat or seeded toast & almond butter with a sprinkle of maldon sea salt!

Mixed with some trail mix!

Serve on a cheese &/or charcuterie platter, dried or fresh!! It would be delicious with a Riesling ; )

in a smoothie or juice! They go great with pineapple & citrus. I feel like cucumber would be interesting too. As far as greens, you can never go wrong with spinach, kale, or bok choy

in a mylk shake! This would be fun to make “orange julius” style. I’d do it with some vanilla hemp milk ice cubes {or vanilla coconut milk}, + oranges. Maybe some pineapple too !

chopped up & on a salad! I feel like they’d be DELICIOUS over a caesar or a dijon chopped salad. Might be a fun play on a waldorf too instead of apple.

I feel like this would make an interesting play on a stir fry! I need to play around with this but I think either chopped & stir fried orrrr made into a glaze would be delicious!

Have you ever tried Golden Berries?? Any other ways to try them??

& be sure to check out Imperfect Foods!! I talk a bit about them here & here but they have seriously changed our grocery game forever.

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try golden berries !

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