My love for vintage knows no bounds.

In fact, come 2019, I want to slowly evolve my closet to predominantly vintage {with a few exceptions which I’ll talk another day}.

Not only do I find the clothes fit better, but there are just some major gems from decades past. Plus, I like to think about the stories the items would tell if they can talk.

Weekly on Instagram, I like to highlight items I am eyeing on Depop. It’s where I do most of my shopping & I discover new sellers DAILY.

SO- I figured I could bring it on here and share what vintage things I am eying & loving or would love to get as a gift.

With my platform, I do hope to simplify & promote vintage shopping. I think there are a lot of misconceptions about it {expensive, difficult, unreliable, etc} & while yes, there is that aspect of vintage shopping, it can be the complete opposite.

Especially in the online world.

& honestly, some things are worth the splurge! There are some rare luxury bags that you can find consigned or at luxury vintage houses like What Goes Around Comes Around.

In fact, if you’re going to go the luxe route, I highly recc going via a luxury vintage house like the above vs Depop. You want to be 10000% sure you are getting your money’s worth & that can’t always be guarenteed via some online reseller shops or etsy, etc.

But don’t be intimidated, if you know what to look for and willing to gamble a bit with online vintage apps, you can find some major scores. For example, I found this Hermés shirt for only $40 & this YSL shirt for only $35. The zoom tool is your friend and do some online sleuthing.


I thought it would be fun to round up some vintage shops for gifts. Due to the nature of buying vintage, I figured it would be easier to share the shops vs specific items. If you ever need help finding something, leave a comment or shoot me a DM on Instagram. I’m happy to personal vintage shop for you {& no I won’t charge lol}!  I also want to be transparent that none of these links are affiliate, again due to the nature of vintage shopping. Not to sound corny, but the real value to me is introducing shops to YOU.

So – let’s get into it, shall we?!



Here is a list of some of my favourite shops. These sellers are GREAT & have some beautiful items. I also love the following shops {I’ll make an updated list – maybe do it quarterly?}: Common Threads; Double OT Vintage; Shop Chey Co; & Zach Dog. I’d DM the seller in advance to work out shipping and see what their estimates are, timewise. Other than getting our packages stolen {ughhh}, I’ve NEVER had a bad experience on Depop. Ever. This & Spotify are the apps I use the most, even more than Instagram. Also, always like before you buy, always! I talk why on my IGTV so if you follow me, stalk my likes & save me money so I can’t buy them lol



I’m going to round up all the best vintage shops in Austin but be sure to have this on your list! Give them a follow on Instagram because they show new arrivals on stories constantly. This is where I got this entire outfit here & if we are being fair? It’s one of the best vintage shops I’ve been to in the US.



When I was in Orlando, I got two of the best scores of my life at this vintage shop for under $100 each: a Dior suit & an Armani suit both from the 80s. This store is a GOLDMINE & also sells / ships online via social media. The interior section is amazing too! Basically, it houses a ton of vendors & collectors so the best way is to shop via social media & DM them. Trust me, they have some GEMS. Also if you happen to be in Orlando, you MUST GO HERE.



I am in LOVE with this website! My favourite thing to buy here is the “FEDERAL GLASS: MOONGLOW” collection. This is that vintage iridescent kitchenware you have seen in my stories. Super cool that they are vintage pieces but they are just stunning. I’d be JAZZED to get more of this for the holidays but Replacements is great to find any other hard to find or even vintage china!



This may seem like an unlikely market {& still not using my aff links here!!} but ASOS houses a bunch of vintage retailers which is rad. Some of my favourites include: Frankie’s Thrifts {90s & Y2K}; EVERYTHINGMUSTGO {decently priced & disco}; Breathing Time Machine {80s & 90s}; Wayne Wardrobe {80s – Y2K}; & Keeper’s {everything!}. All the shops I listed are US based but you can go to the main site & choose a country which is pretty rad.



Nanin is one of my favourite vintage shops online. They find the raddest stuff, run the occaisional sales, and I love how they style everything on their instagram. It’s super inspiring & an account I love to follow. I shop here semi-often and everything is super high quality. I find most of the things to be oversized which is my ideal fit. They really have the best sweaters & everything they ship smells so good! See me in Nanin here {sweater} & here!



LUXE: If you are looking to splurge, WGACA is the place to do it. They have a fantastic selection that’s so lust-worthy. Also, there’s a fun gamble in buying more recent pieces {think current decade but collections past} and see what stands the test of time. Honestly, the bag I would get from them with that in mind? This Chanel robot bag from 2017. Sure, it isn’t vintage, but it will be  & no longer made. That was my favourite campaign of theirs, & I feel like it really captures the rise of technology in this decade. If money aint a thing lol I’d SO GET THIS iconic 80s Versace Pinstripe suit & any Fendi lover would be jazzed to get this 80s velvet sweater. Also check out their gift guide here!

Hope y’all like! & if you EVER have a question about vintage shopping, just ask. It’s a topic I’m quite passionate about and honestly, it’s completely changed the way I shop.

The finds are seriously rad, the pieces are one of a kind, & it’s a sustainable way to shop.

Check out my IGTV because I will be doing monthly hauls on it. Maybe I can bring it on here too or do try ons on youtube. Thoughts?

OK! I have a gift guide coming for the men next because I swear they are the HARDEST to shop for.

And even though these are holiday gift guides, I mean you can always go back to them when you’re looking for gifts for any reason 🙂

ok talk l8r!


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