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I feel like I say this in every blog post but it’s seriously shocking to me how fast it’s going. We are only 13 days until Christmas!

It’s no secret that I love non-toxic, clean beauty. They are products I use constantly & daily and I strongly believe it’s correlated on how we take care of our body & wellness. Your skin is the body’s largest organ so I try to treat it as well as I can. Everything you put on it is absorbed directly through your skin so I’m always looking for safe but also restorative & revitalizing products. Basically, our skin protects our body so I want to go and protect my skin!

I also love clean, non-toxic beauty products because I find they fall in my absolute fave category for beauty: beauty with benefits! Think products that work well & look great on, but makes your skin look & feel better with each use.

In 2019, I’ve gotten VERY into clean, non-toxic beauty & skincare and currently working on swapping everything out for a clean alternative. SO I wanted to share some of my picks in case you need any inspo on gifts… even if it’s just one for yourself!

Let me know if you have any questions 🙂

essellesse clean beauty gift guide

everyday oil: this stuff is amazing!! an all organic, multi purpose oil that comes in a variety of sizes. The options to use it are seriously endless – I wash my face with it and then follow up as a serum! Other uses include:  deep conditioner, beard oil, cuticle oil, natural insect repellent, after-sun, after-surf, after-shave, bath soak, massage oil – you name it! buy here

summer fridays: the insta-famous mask!! Anyone would love to receive this as a gift. May I reccomend the Merry & Brighter set with all 3 face masks: Jetlag, Overtime, & R + R

lonontown: my Londontown obsession is REAL. Not only are they the best non-toxic nail brand, I’d go as far to say they are THE best nail polish brand out there. I personally love their Restorative Nail Cream – read more on it here, & check out my polish picks here & here! More reccs: Illuminating Nail Concealer; Soft Touch Nail Scrub; Lakur in Britannia; Luxe is a Lifestyle Gift Set; & the Deluxe Gift Set {it comes with the Restorative Nail Cream & I can’t reiterate how good it is!!!}

Londontown Lakur in Cockney Glam, Chelsea Porcelain, The Full Monty • sharing my favorite nail polishes for Thanksgiving by a natural nail polish brand on essellesse, a san francisco based lifestyle blog { lazy luxury }
Londontown Lakur in Cockney Glam - a holographic iridescent brown • sharing my favorite nail polishes for Thanksgiving by a natural nail polish brand on essellesse, a san francisco based lifestyle blog { lazy luxury }

lawless: high end, clean AF makeup you can get at Sephora! Clean AF meaning ALWAYS FREE of carcinogenic, toxic, hormone and endocrine disrupting ingredients, as well as ingredients that have been linked to the formation of certain cancers. I personally love the liquid lips & glosses, but the foundation is great {full coverage with a dewy finish} &the little eyeshadow set would made a lovely gift.

brigeo: okay i’m including this because I tried a sample of the charcoal + coconut microexfoliating scalp revival shampoo & IT CHANGED MY LIFE. I just bought the full size and I would be SO JAZZED if I ever got this as a present. EVERYONE NEEDS THE SCALP REVIVAL SHAMPOO. Here’s the conditioner too!

skylar: so nice, they made gift guides twice! Skylar is a clean, non-toxic fragrance & body care company I really, really love. Isle is one of my signature scents & I talk about them all the time. I love Meadow & Isle {more here}, Capri {more here}, & LOVE their Scent Club. The Gift of Scent Club is a perfect gift – a scent for however many months of your choosing! more on the scent club here. The body line is AMAZING and anyone would be so stoked to get the Body Bundle! Also the anti-aging renewing hand cream is PHENOMENAL & needs to be in every stocking!

lavanila: my vanilla obsession is real. If you’re new here, it’s my absolute favourite scent & taste in the world and one I find jsut so complex. This is also dubbed the “natural perfume” & they make a variety of blends including vanilla grapefruit, vanilla coconut, & of course pure vanilla. I personally love the coconut one talked here. Reccs: rollerball, vanilla bean body scrub {OMG}, & vanilla bean creamy oil

kai: another one of my clean fave fragrances I also talked about here! I LOVE the perfume {can you tell I’m a huge perfume person?!} and the house & body goods would be divine. My gifitng reccs: body butter, candle, reed diffuser, body buffer, hand cream, & fragrance duo {the rose is soooo good too}!

make beauty: the love I have for make beauty? the limit does not exist! I love Make Beauty because their products are multi-universal, & designed to work with every age, gender, & skin tone. I especially love the influence of the ocean & moonlight: it’s very special to Erik & myself. I especially love how multi-functional they are too. My reccs: celeste e verde palette, universal stick, moonlight primer, matte lipstick {i loveee tulipa & tangerine}, face gloss, twilight lip oil, moonlight neck cream {NEEDDDD}, sea salt lip exfoliator lip repair & marine salve.

essellesse talks Make Beauty || lifestyle blogger Shannon Silver's honest review on Make Beauty!
lifestyle blogger Shannon Silver wear's Make Beauty Matte lipstick in Tangerine from the Celeste e Verde Palette

volition beauty: this clean brand is making all the waves on instagram & for good reason. The insanely talented Tezza recently created an innovative product: an anti-aging SPF spray to protect your skin from bluelight. Blue light exposure is more than ever these days so if your friend is or wants to be a blogger or influencer, this is the perfect gift!

cocokind: ahhhh how I love cocokind! This is a brand I discovered at Whole Foods & can’t get enough of. They are about as clean as you can get & ma The full brow balm is such a fun stocking stuffer! Full review on it here 🙂 – others on my radar: resurfacing sleep mask, watermelon hemp oil {seems similar to the everyday oil above!}, highlighter trio, sea grape caviar duo, matcha face moisturizer, sea moss exfoliator, & sea kale mask

shannon silver wears cocokind eyebrow balm •

As you can see, I LOVE clean beauty! Another tip, next time you’re at Whole Foods, check out the beauty aisle – it’s where I found this perfume. I talk a bit on Whole Foods Beauty – I just LOVE their products and brands! This time of the year, they will have a ton of in-store deals & gift sets – always nice for a last second present!

Also, I understand that shipping times can vary, but there’s nothing wrong with gifting after the holiday. Don’t ever feel pressured to buy or even pay extra for express shipping! When I’m gifting later, I like to gift something immediately like baked goods, tea, or a journal – with a thoughtful card letting them know an additional present is coming soon. What can I say, I LOVE to gift 😉

Any clean beauty brands / products you love? Would loveeee to know!

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  1. 2.6.20

    Been wanting to try the cocokind for the LONGEST time since you first started talking about it on here. I need to give my brows some love in 2020.
    xx Gitana

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