{ fun fact but the tall silver building behind him is where I used to live in Dallas lol }

Boys, boys, boys….

Each year, finding them the perfect gift never gets easier.

In fact, I actually find the beginning of the relationship easier to find gifts than when you’ve been together longer. Is that weird?

When I first met Erik, everything was brand new but I did know his interests. Though I only knew him at a surface level, I knew he loved fish – it’s something he is passionate about. I remember walking around in Healdsburg & finding a rad silver fish statue. I knew it was perfect for him but had no idea how much it cost. I decided if it was under $100, I’d do it & if not, then it wasn’t meant to be. It was shockingly inexpensive so I snatched it right up! It still lives with us right above our fireplace 🙂

Anyways, I found myself in a rut, five years later, wondering wtf to get Erik.

Let me try and explain why it makes him or anyone like him so dang hard:

ONE- they don’t like gifts. They have to be super meaningful & tbh {& maybe I’m an awful girlfriend lol}, those just don’t happen often. I find they have to just COME to me vs me searching for it if that makes sense.

TWO- whenever they want something, they just go ahead and buy it. Thanks to Amazon, whenever Erik needs something, he just goes ahead and orders it.

THREE-  he just never wants anything. He doesn’t like clutter {& in a city like SF, I don’t blame him} and an unused gift is just that.

SO- I figured with the help of Erik, I’d throw on a gift guide for the guys like Erik. In fact, Erik & I have a joke {but not really bc he’s dead serious} & we call them “REASONABLE”.

Basically, if Erik has ever called you “reasonable”, it’s the biggest complement he can give. He loves reasonable guys & whenever we meet someone he likes, he always mentions how reasonable they are. {ps – I am FAR from reasonable lol guess opposites attract}

Everything listed here was something Erik said he would want. They may not be the most glamorous, but they are practical & one thing reasonable men just LOVE is practicality.

Basically everything mentioned will get use & a lot of it. I’ll also put my notes in purple to make it more “customizeable”:

wtf to get guys!?

Grilling Tools:

Brush, tongs, & fork

Throughout the year, the brush especially gets a lot of wear. As far as what to get, I recc these: tongsforkbrush. If you don’t have a grill or an option to have one, get a George Foreman! Guys love the George Foreman grill lol – ps no brush needed since it’s nonstick! Also, it may be fun to put together a mini cookbook of recipes to try that you know you both will like!

Cooking Stuff {his words lol}

pizza stone, pizza cutter, grater

As far as which ones, this is what I recc for the above: pizza stonepizza wheeldough cutter / scrapergrater. & option for a box grater – super clean and everything goes straight in the bowl! Since pizza seems to be the theme to this, I’d break this right in, set up a ton of mis en place bowls with fun toppings & get a wine to enjoy together! You can’t go wrong with a Barbera, Chianti, or Zinfandel!

GlassLock containers

I know I mentioned this here in more detail but we both can’t get enough of these containers. Trust me when I say the options are endless. These are the best. I’d put some goodies in each of the containers! So bake some desserts or buy his fave candies & fill them. This recipe is v guy friendly lol: Whiskey, Caramel, Marshmallow & bacon bark



Portable speaker, Bose headset {esp if he’s on a lot of conference calls or the gym} or noise cancelling headphones.

We both really love Bose {headphones here & headset here}, but it can get pricey… though I’ll admit, it’s worth it. He got me those exact headphones for Valentine’s Day and they are a LIFESAVER for travel. For a headset, here’s a less expensive option & here is one for headphones. And a portable speaker is SO FUN. This is the one we have & we use it constantly – when we go upstairs to grill, up it goes {generally with my sunset playlist} & then we bring it down for dinner.  Make him a fun playlist on Spotify! It’s kind of a fun throwback to burning CDs or making mixtapes for your crush lol

Laptop or travel bag:

We both love Tumi personally! They can get pricy but they do have sales. Erik reccs nylon vs leather since it won’t scuff, tear, get dirty, is wayyy cheaper, & it holds its shape forever. Less expensive items are linked below. BEIS is another great option too. And as far as Tumi: here are some laptop bags for a great price: with strap , large laptop, medium laptopThere is a rad company here in San Francisco called Neomodern. Basically, they print & frame photos from your phone & make it museum quality. I’d fill up the bag with some fun framed photos of travels past or of each other.



Torch lighter

if he smokes, a torch or zippo lighter is a fun touch and there are some luxe looking ones. A tip is to also order this butane cartridge to replace the one it comes with since it’s wind proof! Erik also LOVES this bookGet it monogrammed or embossed to give it a personal touch! If you REALLY want to go the extra mile, get him some of his fav strains or a grinder.


Erik told me the two most meaningful gifts he’s ever gotten was the fish statue mentioned above & anyone remember this? Erik is a big scotch drinker, so for his birthday, I got him a Scotch membership at a local BBQ + Wine Bar in Napa called Bounty Hunter. Basically, each quarter, they sent him 2 bottles of good scotch. It’s something to this day we still enjoy together & it has been fun tasting new whiskies together. Here is another gift I got him for Valentine’s Day a few years back.

Enjoying together has also made things more meaningful. So say your guy is really into a certain wine, find different versions of it {vintage, location, etc} and you can set up tastings together. Same goes with different cuisines, or chocolates, or even cannabis. Seriously!

Also, think of some past vacations or memories. Was there a cocktail you both LOVED somewhere? Bring that experience back for the holidays & recreate it. Same with a dish somewhere or even a spa treatment! In Fiji, we both got a couple’s spa treatment & this was the brand they used so I have it stocked here at home {here’s another throwback post}.

Hope this was helpful!

What are you getting your boyfriend? Would love to know. And any guys reading this- do us all a favour and comment below what you would LOVE to get as a gift!

xx SLS

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