shannon silver - lifestyle blogger behind essellesse - shares her gift guide for the rad girls!

In the blogoverse, I am VERY behind on gift guides. If we are being honest, I’ve been planning a lot for 2019 and 2018 is currently being pulled under the rug from me.

I have a few gift guides that I will release through this week & next but I wanted to start with the gifts FOR HER.

Basically with my guides, I’ve been keeping a journal since about July & anything that caught my eye, I jotted down for future gift guides… & here we are!

This is for the girls – whether you forward it to your boyfriend {I do this to Erik all the time lol} or gifts to get your girlfriends, this should have you covered.

Everything is reasonably priced & hopefully not tooooo basic 😉

 skylar perfume sampler w/ a voucher to a full size! || essellesse gift guide for her 2018

{ ONE }: Skylar Perfume Sample Set

+ buy here • $20

I love this brand! I actually worked with them over the summer and became obsessed. They are a non-toxic, cruelty free perfume line. Everything is totally hypoallergenic which is great for any new mommas {both pet & children!} or anyone who is sensitive to perfumes. I love the sample set because not only do you get travel sizes of each scent, but a $20 gift card to go towards the full priced perfume of your choice {aka the price of the sampler}. I have Meadow & Capri and LOVE them! They all layer beautifully on top of each other too so you can make a custom scent. Fun right?! PS, with my link you’ll get 20% off 😉



festive lighten up shoppe candles! || essellesse gift guide for her 2018

{ TWO }: Lighten Up Shoppe Candles

+ buy here • $9 – $30

A sustainable boutique opened down the road from me which is where I found these candles! The Christmas Tree & Candy Cane candles smell DIVINE & so festive. They are only $16 a pop and I think smell better than some of the $35+ candles out there! The Apple Cinnamon is soooo good too.



make beauty - my current fav makeup brand! || essellesse gift guide for her

{ THREE }: Anything from Make Beauty!

+ buy here

This is a new discovery of mine & I can’t get enough. I discovered Make via Instagram and it’s my favourite make up brand at the moment. I love the Celeste e Verde Palette but unfortunately it’s sold out. Some of the standouts from it are the Celeste eye shadow, Palermo eye shadow, Fire lipstick, Tangerine lipstick, & Tulipa lipstick. Other things on my list are the brow gel, glitter face gloss, dew pot, & Universal stick!



ionic dry brush for glowing skin || essellesse gift guide for her 2018

{ FOUR }: Prana Ionic Dry Brush

+ buy here • $45

I can’t get enough of my dry brush. They sent me one earlier this year and it’s changed my morning routine. Not only does it give your skin a fun glow, but the energy you get from it is addicting. Check out this post for more & if you want to buy, let me know & I can set up a discount code for you. This with a body oil would be such a cute gift set.



Hada Labo -- my fav Japanese skin care brand! || essellesse gift guide for her 2018

{ FIVE }: Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid Skin Care Set

+ buy here • $33.00

I LOVE JAPANESE SKINCARE. Seriously, it’s next level & this brand has been a favourite of mine since March. Not only is it inexpensive, their hyaluronic acid products are some of the best. Pick up the set for your friends {can’t get enough of the plumping gel cream} and either the foam or lotion for yourself. It’s lifechanging, I promise! Post on everything here coming soon, I promise.



kendra scott birthstone necklace || essellesee gift guide for her 2018

{ SIX }: Kendra Scott Birthstone Necklace

+ buy here • $50 – $60

I love the idea of gifting a birthstone to your girlfriends as a modern friendship necklace. I have a similar one that I=I am never without & I have the December birthstone for Erik. This makes such a cute modern day friendship necklace… in fact, I got it for my friend a similar one as an an early birthday / Christmas present with her son’s birthstone in it. I love a good customizeable but sentimental gift! Might be a fun gift for your group of girls!


insulated holographic tumbler || essellesse gift guide for her 2018

{ SEVEN }: Iridescent Tumbler

+ buy here • $18

My love for anything holographic knows no bounds and this tumbler is no exception! There is something so soothing about the prismatic effect, right? This is an insulated tumbler that can keep anything hot or cold… not to mention it’s so cute! Gift this with a mulled wine recipe {or a bag of spices} for a fun lil gift!



organic brow balm by cocokind for full brows! || essellesse giift guide for her 2018

{ EIGHT }: Cocokind Eyebrow Balm

+ buy here • $13 {you can get it at Whole Foods too!}

This is an all natural, cruelty free brand & their brow balm is so fun. Basically, it can be used as a night or day treatment to promote fuller brows or keep strays groomed. You can use it as makeup or part of your skincare routine.. or both! Love a multitasker.



Pure Fiji coconut sugar scrub - seriously the best ever || essellesse gift guide 2018

{ NINE }: Pure Fiji Sugar Scrub

+ buy here • $28 – $45 depending on scent

I’ve been a long time fan of this brand ever since our trip to Fiji. Thank G you can order it on Amazon, because it’s seriously SO amazing. Mark my words: THIS IS THE BEST SCRUB YOU WILL EVER TRY & is the perfect gift. It smells phenomenal {I love love LOVE the coconut one} but feels so luxurious on skin. It’s a little pricey {$30s} but large & worth every single penny.



better shea body butter || essellesse gift guide for her 2018

{ TEN }: Better Shea Body Butter in Peppermint Vanilla

+ buy here • $19

This brand is as clean as it gets & the whipped butter is incredible. Not only does it give skin a healthy, youthful sheen, the smell is beyond luxe. In fact, it smells like the Candy Cane candle mentioned above – it’s invigorating and elegant at the same time. Trust me, she will be obsessed.


Dior Rouge 999 - THE ultimate shade of red || essellesse gify guide for her 2018

{ ELEVEN }: Dior Rouge 999

+ buy here • $37

This has been hailed as one of the best red lipsticks in the world. It’s flattering on every skin tone, and a bit of a splurge vs the average lipstick but still makes for a great gift! The packaging is stunning & the colour is classic. I personally like the satin finish, but it comes in matte & shimmer.



Nuxe Dry Oil || essellesse gift guide for her 2018

{ TWELVE } NUXE Huile Prodigieuse OR Multi-Purpose Dry Oil

+ buy here • $58 for 3.3 oz

This is a French pharmacy cult favourite & I can attest to it! I bought the shimmery gold one here & it’s so pretty on skin. It smells amazing, kind of like Glossier’s Body Hero, & is loaded with good for skin oils… including a Japanese favourite: Camellia {aka Tsubaki}! Gift this with the Embryolisse for a pampering French skincare set!


a tissue box of facemasks from Japan! || essellesse gift guide for her 2018

{ THIRTEEN }: A Box of Japanese Face Masks!

+ buy here • $44

One of the coolest discoveries I’ve had with Japanese skincare are these boxes. Basically, I was on the train and saw an ad for one in Tokyo & the rest is history. I have these on hand at ALL TIMES. Basically, it’s a tissue box of face masks! Each box comes with 30, and you can wear them daily for 5-10 minutes. I linked my favourite above, but I also love this one { $32 } , this one { $25 }, & this one { $21 }. I will make a full blown post on all of the above soon, promise 🙂



Tezza's instastyle || essellesse gift guide 2018

{ FOURTEEN }: Instastyle by Tessa Barton

+ buy here • $16

If your friend is looking to be an influencer or take her instagram to the next level or is already an influencer, I can’t recc this book from Tezza enough. It’s basically a handbook for all things instagram & no matter what her level is on her journey. It’s full of fantastic tips for all categories & the information is invaluable. It completely had me re-evaluate everything I was doing.

Enjoy!! Any one of these gifts, I’d be so JAZZED to get.

Stay tuned for more guides & let me know any other fun gift ideas! Always looking for new things to get the rad ladies in my life.

If you have a gift guide, let me know the link!

See ya tomorrow,


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