Another gift guide, groundbreaking, I know.

This is the second to last one and personally? It’s the one I am the most excited for.

THE gift guide… for couples!

What’s fun about this gift guide, is that even though it’s designed for couples & those entertaining for two at home, it’s super fun for any foodie or beverage connoisseur in your life… even if it’s you!

I know it’s a little late to introduce this guide seeing that Christmas is in exactly a week but I find with couples & friends, more times than not, you end up seeing them after the holiday before new years. I feel like there’s a little lee-way to be late with gifts. It’s the thought that counts, right?

And just because it’s the holiday, these gifts would also be great for newlyweds, housewarmings, host/hostess gifts… just name the occasion!

And again, even though I say it’s for couples, it’s for anyone really.

If we are being honest, this is my fave gift guide of them all sooooo let’s get into it, shall we?


The Flavour Bible


This is one of my favourite books of all time. Whenever I develop any recipes, this is the first book I pull out. Basically, it goes through every ingredient and specifies what goes with it. It’s so beyond helpful & not to mention fun! This is a must in any kitchen. It makes developing recipes seriously so fun & effortless – totally fun to do together too!

What to Drink with What You Eat


Same deal as above, but instead of other ingredients, it goes through every single drink paiting with each item of food. I also appreciate the generalization of it, as well as specific. So you may have osmething as vague as “WINTER” or “CHICKEN” but then it will break it down for grilled chicken, fried chicken, etc. Wine is the focus on this, but it also will talk beer, spirits, waters {still / sparkling}, & even teas. Fantastic book & another fun one to put to the test together.


Who doesn’t love getting a fancy candle? I mentioned Lighten Up Shoppe here, which I love. A few other great options include: Voluspa Crisp Champagne, Sprinkles x Skylar Vanila Triple Cinnamon, Capri Blue Coconut Santal {SO GOOD}, & Aydry + Co in Vintage Rose {love the wooden wick, it’s so cozy}. Also fun to add a candle trimmer & some cute matches.

Open Table Gift Certificate


What’s great about this is that you can do this at the literal last second lol! Treat a couple out to dinner of their choice in whatever city they want. What’s nice about this is you can just give it & they can customize as they will.




A decanter is a must for any wine or whisky lover! We have one for both. This one from Amazon is a great, inexpensive option {love the glass stopper, gives it a luxe feel} & if you want to go big, I love Schott Zweisel & this one is super sleek. As far as whisky, this from Crate & Barrel is a great inexpensive option & looks super sleek. If you want to splurge, Tiffany & Co has great decanters in the $100s range. This one is one of my favourites, in fact, it’s my go to wedding present for close friends.

Wine from your fave winery!

If there is a winery you are LOVING, send a few bottles over to your coupley friends! Many wineries will have holiday gift sets & shipping deals around this time of the year, not to mention, ordering direct from the winery is almost always the cheapest way. Winery staff will be super helpful, & more times than not, you can work with them to write a handwritten note & such. If you need help finding a winery, just shoot me a comment or e-mail! Some local wineries I love are Macrostie, Porter Creek, & Fort Ross {their Mother of Pearl Chardonnay is divine}

Set of Champagne Glasses


This is one item that I do not think you could ever have too many of. When it comes to champagne glasses {or any glass, really}, I ALWAYS buy in pairs. That way, you always have one to toast to, but if you get different glasses somewhere, each have a memory or special meaning… does that make sense at all? It’s always fun to choose different glassware for whatever you’re drinking & this time of year, champagne is so festive! Include a fun bottle of bubbly too to tie off the set perfectly. Champagne glasses are also great to use for sparkling water or spritz cocktails. These are my current favourite.

Whiskey Rocks


We LOVE our whisky and we have a lot of whisky related bells & whistles. One thing we turn to time & time again are these {literal} rocks for our whisky. Not only are they chic, but they won’t dilute the whisky or scotch. If ice is more up your/their alley, these molds are fantastic & you can do round or square. And to add an extra touch, may I recc this “scratch & sniff” guide to whiskey? It’s so fun! I got it for Erik for Valentine’s Day in 2016. My current fave whisky at the moment is Nikka in case you’re looking to throw in a bottle. Japanese whiskey’s are my absolute fave… to a surprise to no one 🙂

Marble Slab


Not to be confused with the totally delicious ice cream place {love their sweet cream lol}, a marble pastry slab is a must in the kitchen. Not only are they a great surface for making dough, but they are totally chic. I use mine constantly for blog photos or cute instagrams. We also have our whole coffee set up there, so the French Press, coffee grinder, & spices all live on it & it’s fun having a chic dedicated area in the kitchen. Even when I lived in my first studio with the awful kitchen, this helped make things a little more chic. It’s also fun to use as a charcuterie or cheese board!

Faux Fur Blanket


This is actually what’s on my Christmas list this year – I had one and then I washed it wrong and ruined it lol. There’s something so chic about a faux fur throw. They go with every single home & are so warm and luxe. If any of your friends work from home, they would be soooo excited to get this. Personally, I love the ones from Restoration Hardware. The quality is next level, they are super warm, & have a variety of styles. They are pricey but worth it. For a less expensive option, these look amazing too with a great variety of sizes and colours.

Cook’s Illustrated Membership


I know I’ve talked my love for Cooks Illustrated over the years, but it’s because they are just the best. Basically, membership will get you all access to their website, including recipes, equipment reviews, videos, ingredient & brand reviews. I’ve said this before & I’ll say it again, access to Cook’s Illustrated WILL make you a better home cook. They combine science & technique and really breaks down cooking techniques. The tips you get from them are invaluable & it’s a fun source to explore as couples. I seriously cannot recc this enough. An annual all access membership is about $70 a year & worth every.single.penny. I’ve had my membership from 2014 & have never regretted it.  There is also a $35 / year access membership but it’s a bit more limited. Trust me & splurge for the full one!


What’s great about buying for couples is that it’s very much two birds, one stone for both parties if that makes sense. It’s a gift from Erik & me, for someone & their partner. It’s fun too because next time they host you over, it’s fun to break out some of the gifts.

& again, even though it’s the holidays now, this is a great gift guide for any occasion.

I can’t believe we are in the last week before Christmas! This year is seriously flying by but if we are being honest, I’m pretty stoked for 2019 🙂

See ya tomorrow,


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