Kickin’ it in FILA & Express!


So before we went to Tokyo, I had the PERFECT idea of an outfit in my head.

I had just ordered these shoes & wanted to pair them with a girly outfit. I mean I had it pictured perfectly… these dope white shoes with a flirty blue dress during hanami {aka cherry blossom viewing}. I mean, the colours, the shades of pink, TOKYO?! Just picture perfect.

WELL- I ordered the shoes a week before Tokyo and shoprunnered the dress on Thursday night praying they’d get here before our 11:00a flight.

They both came immediately after our flight. In fact, as we were leaving in our Uber, I saw a fedex car come by my street and almost gave Erik a heart attack since I was about to jump out to get them – they HAD to be my shoes! – but we were already late for our flight {shocker} so he told me hell no ๐Ÿ™

Side note: but I drive Erik insane with flights because I always make it at the last second and he is VERY prudent and leaves with plenty of time to spare. I might or might not have missed flights because of this & basically the only arguement Erik & I get in.


I went to Tokyo without this dress & without these shoes, which is really quite unfortunate because I dig this look so much. Not to mention, the cherry blossoms were in FULL bloom. {true story, but I asked Erik when the next flight to Tokyo was that night but again was told no}

I have a TON of posts queued about this, but fashion in Japan is just insane- in the good way. It’s seriously second to none and where I get all my inspo from. My absolute favourite trend in Tokyo is the high contrast between feminine & edgy.

The second I saw these shoes, I knew I had to pair it with something feminine & flirty.

I shop Express quite often – a big reason because they have shoprunner, seriously, it’s a lifesaver, basically the Amazon Prime of fashion – & was on the hunt for a perfect dress for these shoes.

I came across this dress & to make it even better, it is on clearance. SCORE! Express clearance always takes an extra percentage off so you can find some major deals there.

I loved the ruffled strong 80’s shoulder, the cinching around the waist & bust and the frilly hem. When I got back from Tokyo, I couldn’t wait to open this and was very impressed by the fabric. Despite how inexpensive it is, the dress is super high quality with a nice thick fabric. The length is perfect too, not too short for a mini! It also comes in black, green, & pink but I’m a blue gal ๐Ÿ˜‰

With the shoes? Even better!

Let’s talk the Fila Disruptors for a bit.

For starters, I love the name. What really sold me on these are the soles. I talked about them here but they remind me of Sonic the Hedgehog! The silhouette on these babies are sharp, edgy, & uber trendy.

In fact, you ย hear this trend being called Ugly Shoes but I must disgress. I think they are beyond dope, far from ugly, and I’m all about replacing my heels with these. In fact, I also have these which deserve a post of their own since they are the EXACT shoes I bought when I worked at Hooters 12 years ago! Again, like I said, post for another day bc SO MUCH to talk ab there ๐Ÿ˜‰

Not only are they sick on, they are hella comfortable. The ways to wear them are endless – you can wear them with vintage tapered jeans & a long oversized blazer {with this, I’d wear it with a lacy corset underneath or long line bra}, a mini dress like I did, or over some tights and socks.

Since the shoes are so edgy, I paired them with a fun find from Harajuku – these bow socks! I love the blue colour & how flirty the cutie bows look with the shoes.

In fact, this style in Tokyo was HUGE & I am all for it. I’ll def be DIY’ing some socks like this so lmk if you want a post?

It’s a fun little detail that goes a long way – they are really REALLY cute with some platform combat boots too.

Anyways, I think this is such a cute look for Spring. In fact, now that the weather is getting warmer, it means more wine country trips – we went impromptu last Friday and it was just a blast {not to mention we came home w six cases of wine sooooo there’s that}. A flirty dress with these shoes are the perfect get up as I sip some crisp whites, non?

Welllll that’s all I got!

Tonight, I got invited to the grand opening of the brand new Reformation! Pretty stoked about that but a little scared for my credit card since the new location is much closer to my apartment than the one in the Mission. Be sure to check it out on my instastories – the store is SO next level, especially the changing rooms!

See ya tomorrow,

Shannon x

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kicks || dressย || sunnies || socks {not exact but so fun!}

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note: we already had some vegetables and grains so things may look a bit light - sorry, forgot to fully mention that in the vid. also this weekend, we will be in wine country all day as well as an event so that slashed a number of meals. -
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