everything i bought in january • 2020

like magnesium deodorant, charcoal oral care, & japanese notebooks!

one of my goals in 2020, as a year & as a decade, is to live a much more minimal & simple life

I’ve talked about shopping bans before here on the blog but this year, I’m trying something new.

As fun as the bans are, I feel like I’m always looking at when it’s over so I can splurge vs making it part of my everyday life, you know?

I shared my weekly log on instagram the other day but one thing I track every single week are my purchases. It doesn’t matter what they are: beauty, household, erik, etc – they are being tracked!

The only thing I do not track on it are groceries… but that said, we do it all via imperfect produce (THE BEST – basically the farmer’s market to your door & literally the best grocery delivery service we’ve used) and it’s easy to keep track on what we are buying. It also slashed out our grocery bill in a major way but I’ll share about that later 🙂

every single time I buy something – anything – I write it down in the journal. I have a square drawn aside to number & list things off. This allows me to stare my purchases in the face & be very intentional on what I’m buying.

I figure this would be a fun monthly round up too – you can see what I’m buying and it helps keep me accountable 🙂 each month should be less and less!

here is everything i bought in january

1 }: everyday oil – mainstay in 8 oz :: when we went to the sonoma coast, as we were driving up, I realized I left ALL my makeup at home. the only thing I had was my small size everyday oil & whatever lip balms or lipsticks in my purse. my skin looked better than it ever has! as soon as I got home, I got rid of almost all my skincare & makeup (post for another day) & solely use this. I wash my face with it and moisturize with it – day & night. I LOVE how it smells and it has basically replaced my 1223948023 step skincare routine to ONE product. I’m curious to see how many times I have to rebuy this size.

2 }: Fino Wood Gooseneck kettle: ever since we had pour overs constantly in the Sonoma Coast, we needed to bring it back home! I chose this one because it’s Japanese & CHIC with the wooden handles.

3 }: Chemex Classic Series, Pour-over Glass Coffeemaker, 6-Cup: I got the 6 cup since it’s the perfect size for two! Not only is it BEAUTIFUL but it has made our mornings feel slightly slower & more intimate.

4 }: chemex filters: needed for the above!

5 }: Russian River Roasters Russian River Blend coffee: This was the same brand of coffee used at Timber Cove Resort & it’s sold in Guerneville! We picked up a few bags on our drive home – it’s literally the best coffee I’ve ever had

6 }: malibu farm: recipes from california coast: i wish the sonoma coast had a cookbook!! everything we ate at Coast kitchen in Timber Cove Resort knocked it out of the park. If they had a recipe or cookbook, I would of bought it instantly. Until then, I found this on amazon. Although it’s Southern California, the cuisine is very similar to what we had up in Jenner & it’s very similar to my cooking style too! more here

7 }: Morton’s cookbook: Morton’s is one of Erik’s favourite restaurants. We are both HUGE steakhouse people & love a good old school menu. This book was made in 2009 and PERFECT! They give their secret recipes (like the morton’s chopped salad MY FAV!!!!) & also tell you how to make the best steaks at home. Since Erik loves Morton’s so much, it was a fun buy for myself to make some recipes for him. more here

8 }: Claritin Side Sleeper Pillow: this was actually a recc in my DMs! Erik has been looking for a new pillow for a long time – it’s how I ended up with the one I love here – so we gave this a go. Erik LOVES it!! Be sure to use it with the 20% coupon bed, bath & beyond does constantly

9 }: Twinings Chamomile Tea: this is my fave chamomile on the market and I finished my box this month. It’s so soothing & comforting – especially delicious with cherries & oat milk before bed 🙂

10 }: Harney & Son’s Organic Rooibos: I’m thinking this + vanilla powder + mint tea for a play on buttermints! Their mint is my fave mint tea – it’s what they had at University of Houston back when I went there in the 2000s so I find it sooooo nostalgic! SO wanted to give their Rooibos a go 🙂

**I felt a little silly buying tea bags after buying the chemex & filters. Next time around, I’ll buy looseleaf & make pour over

11 }: upgrade to my yoga class: I upgraded my yoga membership from 10 classes a month to unlimited since it was just $10 more. I have an addictive personality so I might as well use it for my mental clarity 🙂 i’ve been feeling healthier & more positive than ever and I know part of it is thanks to yoga. I went 20 times in January!

12 }: moon oral care: I’ve been trying to find an oral care routine I like & no better time than now. I chose moon because it’s vegan, flouride free & clean … not to mention killer branding! this may sound weird but I like to surround myself with good, clean branding – kind of like creative osmosis. anyways, if I like it, I’ll make a post 🙂 I got the whitening toothpaste with activated charcoal, whitening moon dust, oral rinse, & vanilla mint whitening pen

13 }: commonplace book: I really look forward to starting my commonplace book! This is the actual book I got – I chose it because the pages are completely blank so I can make with it what I will. I’ve been SO inspired so randomly lately so I look forward to seeing my 2020 book of inspiration unfold 🙂

14 } Primary Elements Deodorant: A natural deodorant that has been on my eye for a bit! I got both the original Palmarosa and Miranda Benett Studio scents. I love them already for yoga & it’s fun to switch it up depending on my mood. Both scents are lovely but I think I prefer the MBS – it reminds me of Texas, my home state!

15 }: 4×6 frames & command strips: when we were in the Sonoma Coast, I picked up tons of postcards from the c-stores there so I’m going to make a little mini collage wall in my office!

16 }: Scissors: I’m getting pretty specific over here! This is for both my commonplace book & scrapbook. I’m actually shocked by how much I use them already.

17 } Natural Calm Magnesium {unflavoured}: I used to take this nightly back in 2015 & it was so good that Erik was converted too! I’m not sure why we stopped but I’m getting us back on that trend. I’ve been adding it to my nightly concoction of: peppermint tea + four sigmatic chill 🙂

18 }: Weruva Funk in the Trunk Cat Food: This is what I feed Lucy & can’t recc it enough! I chose this because it has pumpkin in it & she doesn’t like any of the heavy seafood ones. She LOVES this stuff. Also, her coat has never looked shinier & her mood is more playful – it’s also been helpful in maintaining her weight. Anyways, wanted to share it here for any other cat owners!

19 }: Kosas Lipstick in Rosewater: This was a treat to myself this month! I’ve been eyeing this lipstick for a while and soooo glad I got it. Kosas is a clean beauty brand based in California. The texture of the lipstick feels like a balm {loveeeee!} & the shade is universally perfect: think your lips, just enhanced. I personally like it better than Pillow Talk! This + groomed brows = my 2 second makeup routine lately.

20 }: Gelly Rolls – Dark Metallic Gel: The metallic navy is one of my fav gelly roll shades & I used up my old one. I personally love using the dark metallics for things like monthly grids in my journal. They aren’t too distracting but still add some pizazz. The metallic ink takes slightly longer to dry so it’s a nice reminder and treat to slow down as I write.

21 }: Kokuyo Campus Grid Notebook: Erik & I love this brand for Japanese. I love how versatile this is & the square grid is super helpful. We use these exclusively for our Japanese studies & used up our other 5 pack so time to re-up!

All in all, I feel pretty good about January!!

Another thing I’m proud of this month: I only got lunch out once, & we only went out to eat 4x. This is a MAJOR improvement and especially being newly married, it’s nice to really savor the time at home together… not to mention, it’s helps my creativity when it comes to developing recipes!!

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