everything I bought in February • 2020

like an over the door stretching strap, espadrille sneakers, & pastel yoga gear!
shannon silver schuchard in san francisco. sonoma coast russian river roasters blend coffee in the chemex and investment bank lazard coffee mug.  essellesse - pronounced sls - is a san francisco lifestyle blog lazy luxury - shares everything bought in february 2020
{ twinings english breakfast tea in last month’s chemex! }

I can’t believe it’s already March!

Year after year, I swear the time just goes faster & faster.

February was a fun but busy month & one we call “high spend” months. Another one being May. From holiday weekends to gift giving to more nights out, they end up being a bit intense & can sometimes be impulsive

I’m now two full months in my yoga practice & this month I got all my equipment. I also got Erik his Valentine’s Day presents & fell into a few impulse purchases for the month.

As a quick recap, every single time I buy something – anything – I write it down in my journal. I have a square drawn aside to number & list things off. This allows me to stare my purchases in the face & be very intentional on what I’m buying.

I figure this would be a fun monthly round up too – you can see what I’m buying and it helps keep me accountable 🙂 each month should be less and less!

shannon silver schuchard wears her wedding ring from husband erik schuchard in napa valley. wearing reformation hudson coat.  essellesse - pronounced sls - is a san francisco lifestyle blog lazy luxury - shares everything bought in february 2020
wearing the reformation hudson coat here!

everything i bought in feb

1 }: Harney & Son’s Loose Leaf Peppermint Tea { 1 pound bag }: this is my absolute fav peppermint tea – it’s what they sold when I went to University of Houston so it’s super nostalgic – I got the loose leaf to make it in my chemex! As soon as we finish all of our teabags, I’m moving on to 100% looseleaf chez Silver Schuchard!

2 }: Brabantia Stackable Glass Containers: For loose-leaf tea and adaptogens! I chose these since they’re glass with sea salt blue lids. I bought two of these and LOVE them. Will continue with these for our kitchen 100% as we add more loose-leaf teas.

3 }: The Universe Smiles Upon You by Khruangbin: Erik’s Valentine’s Day present! This is “our album” and was on constantly as we got married in the Sonoma Coast. It means so, so, so much to us both. This album literally transports me to marrying Erik and our whole wedding in the Sonoma Coast. Listen to it on Spotify here! It’s stunning. Also, check out this playlist & this one too!

4 }: Hot Dog Bills Burger Dog mold: another Valentine’s present for Erik since he loves his burger dogs! This will be so fun for grilling upstairs & fleet week! Read more about burger dogs here – such a fun gift for the golfer in your life! 🙂

5 } Briogeo Scalp Revival Shampoo: I was looking for the perfect, clean haircare routine & recently used up Rahua, which I liked but didn’t love. I tried a sample of this last year and really enjoyed it so I gave it a shot. LOVE !!!! this stuff !!! Though expensive, it’s better than anything I’ve used & the container will last a long time. My hair has never felt more clean or lush. Even Erik noticed & complemented how my hair has been looking lately! When I use this, I actually don’t use a conditioner & find my hair really has that 90s supermodel bounce & just as shiny. I’m a convert & it’s been the one of the only hair product I’ve been using lately!

6 } Kosas LipFuel Balm in Pulse: OBSESSED with Kosas. My love with Rosewater is still strong. This shade is perfect: think warm nude. Nude balms are my personal fav & kind of hard shades to find – very plump & cushiony which we love. I tested Rush too which was basically the balm version of Rosewater & it was a hard choice, they both looked great!! Love the hyaluronic acid formula too.

7 }: Russian River Roasters Russian River Blend {5lb}: theeee best coffee in the world so I bought 5 pounds of it! In the new year, I haven’t been to Starbucks or any coffee shop at all. This was pricey but will probably last me until mid-summer for the same price as Starbucks in a month. Read more here!

shannon silver schuchard's pastel yoga mat. mint green yoga mat, yoga strap, amazon. essellesse - pronounced sls - is a san francisco lifestyle blog lazy luxury - shares everything bought in february 2020

8 }: Gaiam 5mm Yoga Mat in Cool Mint: I’ve had my Gaiam yoga mat since 2006 {!} so needless to say, it was time for an upgrade. I’m two months into my practice now and sticking with it indefinitely so figured I’d treat myself. I also like the thickness to this, it feels nice on my hands.

9 } Mint Yoga Blocks: Can you tell I love this color? I also love using blocks as I practice. My goal is to reach my splits by my birthday so these blocks will help me get there. Think of blocks as an extention of your hands – they realllllllyyyyy help with lengthening & hitting poses

10 } Ajna Bolster in Celestite Blue: I AM OBSESSED WITH YOGA BOLSTERS!!! I never knew they even existed until I started in January and now I can’t live without them. I got these so I can also practice some restorative & yin yoga stretches at home to wind down. I’m starting with one for now but I might add a second one to make more angles. It also feels sooooo good to just lay on – it hits your back just right.

11 }: Yoga Strap in Candy Stripe: This was a bit of an impulse purchase but it was only $8! It’s a strap to carry your yoga mat to the studio but also doubles as a stretching strap – super efficient & the pastel stripes make me happy 🙂

12 }: Clean My Mac X membership: I’ve been using the free version ever since I accidentally clicked on a dumb phishing link last month under the guise of an unsubscribe button but honestly? my computer is a disaster lol and I’m always out of storage. It was only $30ish for a year membership. I appreciate how easy it is to use, and that it can sync with dropbox too. My only wish is that it could make everything in Dropbox Online Only vs me having to go in manually to do it. If you’re thinking about getting one, it’s 100% legit.

13 }: Over the Door Stretching Strap: this is pretty extreme but this is to help with my flexibility. It’s a great help for me to reach my splits by my birthday, as well as practice other angles. I like how easy it is to travel with & will 100% take this to any hotels I stay at!

14 }: Superga 2730 Cortrowpew White Gold Espadrille sneakers: I finally bit the bullet since I can’t stop talking about them! They were on sale for 20% off so I had to take advantage {but really, because I could not stop thinking about them}. SO excited for these. They will seriously go with every outfit & I love the gold detailing vs the usual silver. I especially can’t wait to wear these to wine country in the Spring!

15 }: Pastel yoga blanket: I got the celeste seafoam blanket & it goes perfect with all the gear above 🙂 I use this for restorative stretching & this helps bring the ground to me on poses like pigeon.

16 }: glass spray bottles: to make some potions coming to essellesse soon! stay tuned 🙂

17 }: Brandy Melville Connor Tank: I have this in black and wanted the white for warmer temps {but really to wear with the sneakers above}! I love the thick collar, ribbed fabric, & it’s super flattering on.

18 }: Brandy Melville Marisa tank: also seen here – this was a bit of an impulse buy but I am so obsessed with it. It gives me 90s/00s vibe and the neckline on it is flattering. I got the grey & love how it looks with denim!

shannon silver schuchard in san francisco.  essellesse - pronounced sls - is a san francisco lifestyle blog lazy luxury - shares everything bought in february 2020

And that is my February!

As far as going out to eat during the week, I did lunch out twice: valentine’s day in Japantown, & a vegan caesar craving! Trust me on this: Urban Remedy Vegan Caesar is life changing. I’m not vegan but I hate hate haaaate mayo so I loveeeee vegan caesars lol

All in all, feeling pretty good about February! My fav purchases of this month were definitely all the new yoga gear & those Supergas I can’t get off my mind. All the mint, pastel hues always make me so happy & just feels like Spring 🙂

Looking forward to a very minimal March x

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