It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We just got back from New York City {which was phenomenal btw} & I don’t know what it is about October but it’s just the best month from city to city.

From harvest in Napa to the leaves changing in Central Park to the crisp air in San Francisco… you just can’t beat it.ย Even when I was in Dallas, there is just a certain kind of VIBE October brings & I’m allllll for it.

As the seasons change, I kind of shift the vibe in my music.

I’m kind of digging something a little moodier & deeper. Think deep house & the likes of Disclosure, Fono, The Disciples, Bobby Nourmand, & The Magician.

This playlist is especially special to me because I have it divided in thirds & the whole playlist takes you on a journey, if you will.

essellesse fall vibe playlist! || napa valley, california at harvest!

{ Napa Valley Harvest – October 2018 }

The first third are songs that I really just think have that “fall” vibe mentioned – it sets the tone. The next third transitions the mood of it all. Then the last third….

The last third is very special to me because it was songs from when I first moved to San Francisco five {!} years ago. That time was a weird time to say the least and one thing that really got me through was music.

Things were different then & I was VERY active on Soundcloud. I still use it but these days, I’m far more active on Spotify.

However, my point with that is that I basically lived off of Soundcloud DJ mixes. ESPECIALLY The Magician. I was driving a lot from San Francisco to Healdsburg where I worked {I didn’t have an apartment at the time for like a month lol this is all a story for another day? idk} so anyways music was just so necessary. When I finally got my first place in California, I was alone a LOT so music was constantly on to keep me company.

{ me in Dallas in October 2016 }

Anyways, it’s super nostalgic and transports me back to October 2013. It was a super special & transformative time in my life so I wanted to pay tribute.

The last third of the playlist starts at Remedy by The Disciples and goes on to the last song… a hauntingly chilling song that I think ends both the last act & playlist as a whole perfectly.

In fact, one of my favourite things to do as I create playlists is to choose the beginning & end song and then adjust the order accordingly. Again, I want to take you on an aural journey so the songs and vibe transform as they go.

Some standout songs on this list are:


essellesse fall vibe playlist

listen on Spotify here

Okay! I hope you love & TRUST ME on this but this playlist pairs damn well with a Pumpkin Beer. Trust me.

Anyways, NY was a blast but I am just SO HAPPY to be home. I am especially excited to get back to cooking since we’ve basically eaten out for every single meal for like the past 8 days. Made a hella necessary run to Trader Joes and bought alllllllll the fall things. Think butternut squash pizza crust, autumn harvest pasta sauce, pepita salsa, sweet potato spirals, the list goes on. Any current favs?

Also while we are on the topic, I wanted to link back to this post. You can see my first California apartment but it’s something I want to reshare {esp since I missed my 5 year anniversary this year}. Personally, it was something I needed to read again so I hope it inspires you too!

Ok g2g, Lucy is being VERY demanding for my time since she hasn’t seen me all week so I need to give her all the love snuggles as possible!

Happy listening!



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