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I cannot BELIEVE it is August. 2019 has seriously been flying by. I feel like I start every post like that!

Not to be that blogger, but Fall will be here before we know it so I thought it would be fun to show what looks I am both loving & forecasting for Fall… basically the essellesse fall edit.

I can’t wait to shop and reorganize my closet for Fall! I’ll probably do it around Labor Day so I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to wear this Fall. Not to mention, the late summer sales start to hit too so these are the looks I’ll be looking for as I shop. When I do any shopping, these looks are what I am buying & to be honest, many of this is already in my closet. In fact, I’ve gotten a major headstart on the last one!!

In fact, speaking of shopping & sales, the reformation sale starts today so these are exactly the looks I’ll be looking for as I shop it… I already have shopping ban permission on this one!

essellesse fall edit: the styles I’ll be wearing late summer & all into fall

Light Blue {especially worn with tan}

Without a question, light blue is my absolute favourite thing to wear 24/7/365. It’s my absolute favourite colour & has been making a major impact this year. Continue it on in the fall! It’s the perfect late summer colour because it will transition well in the fall. When looking for knits, try a light blue ribbed turtleneck, sweatshirt, or cable knit. This entire look is especially chic with tan!

essellesse pastel blue picks

essellesse pastel heart

Cobalt Blue {aka internet blue!}

BLUE will be a major colour player this fall. It’s something I noticed a lot of in the A/W Tokyo Fashion Week shows. I like to call this colour internet blue because it reminds me of hyperlinks! I think a major power combo will be cobalt blue & black leather. Also, as a splurge piece {& one of my personal dream shoes – it’s sooo nostalgic, right}, I think the cobalt Manolo Blahnik Hangisi pumps made famous in the Sex & the City Movie {which I’ve been rewatching the series!!!} are going to have a HUGE comeback.

essellesse internet blue picks

Black Leather Bottoms & Dresses

I think black leather will make a big statement this Fall. I’ve seen so many new arrivals come in in black leather…. &it’s CHIC. From leather joggers, to cuffed shorts, to skirts, to straight leg pants… the options are endless. Also dresses & jumpsuits!! Leather also = pleather too – this style as a whole. This section will have some pricier, splurge pieces in it due to the high cost of leather but I also looked for some cost effective ones too!

essellesse black leather picks

essellesse pastel heart

Crocodile Print

I said it in March here from Tokyo Fashion Week that crocodile print will be the new “it” print this fall. I’m a huge fan because it totally reminds me of 80’s Wall Street! Look for crocodile embossed silk / satins, leathers, etc… especially in brown. Crocodile in Fall will be what snakeskin was for spring / summer. tip: try looking for this on depop or in vintage / thrift shops!!

essellesse crocodile print picks


This print can range from retro to preppy to sporty! I’m expecting lots of primary colorblocking {reds, blues, &/or yellows} as well as some jewel tones. Personally, I love this trend in sweaters & you’ll be seeing me in my fav colourblocked sweater from Again often on the ‘gram 😉

my colourblock print picks

essellesse pastel heart

Blazer Dresses

I have a weird feeling that this will be the silhouette of Fall… & I’m into it! I LOVE a good blazer/trench/tuxedo dress & they can be pretty versatile too. Dress them up, dress them down, or even wear as outerwear over a slip dress!

essellesse blazer dress picks

Exagerrated Cuffs

THIS IS ONE OF MY FAV LOOKS IN THE WORLD. This was big on the Japanese runways and will be big in my wardrobe. I like to buy button down shirts in mens sizes for not only the fit but the big cuffs. In fact, my personal favourite is Zegna {luxury men’s line} – I have a Large white button down I got from Depop and it’s perfect from the fabric to the cuffs. I’m wearing it here! You’ll see me layer this with oversized v-necks with the cuffs and collar sticking out {+ these wide leg pull ons to be exact}. It’s also seen backwards here 😉 ANYWAYSS this one is so fun to style under sweaters- especially the kind right below…

essellesse exagerrated cuffs picks

essellesse pastel heart

Varsity Sweaters

!!!! To be honest, I thought this would be a big look last winter but I think it will make major waves this fall and winter. I’m a longtime fan of it so you’ll be seeing me in a lot of these styles. I think it will range from Varsity V-neck {think cheerleader sweaters} to preppy cable knits with crests. I threw in some splurge, dream sweaters as well because I love this style SO DANG MUCH! This was a key style in 2019 A/W Tokyo Fashion Week too – see it here {mistergentleman} & here {anrealage}. Both of these were some of my personal fav shows.

essellesse varsity knit picks


In both beauty and fashion, you’ll be seeing this colour a lot. I find EVERYONE looks good in this shade, also! There’s a retro feel to this colour & I think you will see it paired with camel brown, orange, or mustard yellow… basically the Glossier Berry Balm tube 😉

essellesse burgundy picks

essellesse pastel heart

Navy & Black…. together!

YESSSS! This is one of my fav colour combos of all time even though many call it a fashion faux pas! I think it’s such a beautiful colour combo. My favourite way to wear it is a silky navy button down with a sheeer lacy black bra underneath. Another big Tokyo Fashion Week A/W 2019 key trend. 🙂

essellesse navy & black picks

Pleats {& darts} please!:

As inspired by the infamous Issey Miyake & the signature pleats, please style, I think this will be a MAJOR player this next season… & I sure hope so! tbh, I like this trend for any season. It’s breezy for summer, chic for fall, glam for winter, & sweet for spring! I also think dart pants {think dress pants with a a few tapered, structured pleats like these} will also be making a major statement too – I personally love this style in tan with a white button down and black belt!

essellesse pleated pants picks:

essellesse pastel heart

Slit accents on pants:

This is a simple detail that makes a big impact! The slits can vary: side, front, center, all the way up to your thight… go crazy! My personal favourite look are the slit front office pants worn with with the varsity style sweaters. PS this trend was HUGGGEEE in Tokyo Fashion Week A/W 2019 – see it in action here, here, here, & here

essellesse slit detail picks

Coordinated Sets!

So this is a personal trend I’ve recently gotten into and you will see on me often this Fall. I LOVE slinky, co-ordinated sets. In fact, I’m wearing it here & wearing this top and these pants as I type this! Basically think a top and bottom in the same colour and same fabric. I love slinky fabrics, ribbed knits, silks / satins {ALWAYS!}, linen {October is actually summer here in SF!}, & pleats. This may sound really out there but personally, I also love buying chic pajama sets to wear out!

essellesse co-ord picks

lazy luxury

What do you think?? Any of these looks you are really feeling? Not feeling? Also, any not on my list that you’re loving?? Would LOVE to know 🙂 I’ll share my Fall denim, accessories, & beauty forecast soon too!

xx SLS

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