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What Good Habits Do You Wish You Started Earlier? • essellesse, a san francisco lazy luxury lifestyle blog by shannon silver shares a new series!

Happy Monday, HAPPY AUGUST!

I legit cannot believe that we are already 8 months into 2019 – this year is going insanely fast.

Random but I keep a journal of questions. Basically, I write down random questions that come to me to answer that could be an interesting blog topic, as well as new questions to ask in interviews.

A few Sundays ago, Erik and I were chilling at home with nothing to do so I figured I’d ask him a few of the questions.

Before we knew it, we went through the ENTIRE list {I have about 10 pages of questions at this poiunt!} & it was SO FUN!

What was so fun about it is that, despite being with Erik for more than half a decade, I learned a lot of new things about him!

SO- I figured I’d make a regular Monday series of it here! There was a lot of interest in my DMs to see all of the questions I have so I’m working on a fun way to share them in bulk that’s a little more interactive! SO until then, I’ll post one here every single Monday.

The topics range from love, self-care, entertaining, lifestyle, cooking, cleaning, sustainability, & some personal ones.

Save these questions as ice-breakers! I’ll leep them all in the same category under LIFESTYLE. They are fun to learn more about your partner or friends.

Also, they’re fun to ask YOURSELF! It’s a fun solo activity and can help you really learn more and understand yourself. I love personality tests {check out my enneagram & love language} and these are kind of a more “casual” one for ya. Even though I know my answers, they were something I legit never thought of until asked! In fact, if you want to start journaling but have no idea where to start, start with one of the questions as this series unfurls 🙂

Soooooo let’s kick it all off! I’d love to hear your answers in the comments 🙂

today’s question:

What good habits do you wish you started earlier?

First & foremost: DRINKING A TON OF WATER. This is something that has been life-changing for me. Here & here are some of my tips on what helps me get my daily dose of H2O. This has helped me physically, most noticeably my skin, but more importantly: it has improved my well-being significantly. I feel energized, more positive, & internally, my body feels good.

Journaling is another one that I wish I started earlier. I am about a year in and it has improved my life and productivity by a long shot. I talk more about my journals here & here. Basically, it helps me get everything out of my head and onto paper. This can range from to-do lists, goals, gratitude, or even personal, vulnerable thoughts. My head can be a messy place and journaling helps me get things to “inbox zero”.

Not Watching Instagram Stories: This one may be a bit controversial but it improved my mental health dramatically. I talked about it here but I hardly watch instagram stories & I only spend 30 minutes a day on social media which I have time blocked on my calendar. This helps me focus on and transfer my energy on myself versus having it sucked away by.

& lastly: absolutely no cell phones in the bedroom. Erik & I both do not bring any of our devices in our bedroom which we started this year and I will never go back. Basically, when it’s time for bed, we leave our phones upstairs. My phone is put away as soon as I do my nightly skincare. The whole routine can take some time so I have a good 20 minutes before I even head into bed away from my phone. I’ve been doing more nightly salt baths as well so it’s nice to fully disconnect & relax both my muscles and mind before bed. Not to mention, when I wake up, I’m not laying in bed scrolling on my phone… which was basically the story of my life for the past 10 years lol.

also, I thought it would be fun to share Erik’s answer – copy & pasted!:

(1) Making cleanliness routine: household chores, brushing/flossing my teeth, wearing lotion and sunscreen, exercising more than I go drinking. 

(2) decluttering and training myself to be skeptical of a “consumption mindset” {see the shopping ban}

(3) Organizing and monitoring my finances and investments – set bill pay and savings/investments on auto-everything and forget it.

(4) Living with positive intention and aspiring to be good vibes

(5) Assuming good intentions from others (don’t assume malice when ignorance will suffice)

lazy luxury

How about you: what good habit(s) do you wish you started earlier?

Happy Monday xo


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