erik’s breakfast sandwich



  1. Get a frying pan kind of hot on the stove.   I usually put the dial a little cooler than medium
  2. Put some olive oil in the pan.  Not much olive oil, but not a couple of drops.  Just drizzle it in for a second or two or as Shannon always says “a kiss of”
  3. Slice leftover pork and put it in the pan in the parts where there is no oil.  The pork has plenty of fat so it doesn’t need oil
  4. While the pork is sizzling put your English muffin in the toaster.  I like to cut the muffin in half before putting it in the toaster, this makes all four sides crispy, but some people like to toast it as one unit so the middle is all fluffy.  Choose wisely
  5. Now the oil in the pan should be hot. Crack two eggs, put one at 12 o’clock and one at 6 o’clock so they dont run together. Turn the heat down until you dont hear the eggs sizzle any more
  6. Let them cook until all the white has turned from clear to white. Flip the eggs over using a thin metal spatula. Cook for a little bit, way less than you did on the first part
  7. Put it all together.  you can add cheese if you want. Shannon likes white cheddar,  hot sauce & greens on hers.


Shannon here! Feel free to add any greens. It’s especially delicious with some spinach & shredded kale. I sub out the pork for this with proscuitto ALL the time – it’s my lazy bacon hack!

Feel free to forgo the meat. It’s delicious with avocado & a sprinkle of maldon salt.

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