a love letter to the 90s & 00s

I don’t know about you but I am a huge Emma Chamberlain fan!

I talked a bit more about her here but she is someone to keep an eye on. Not only is her and her content so refreshing & funny but I feel like she totally disrupted the whole online influencer industry… hence why she’s so refreshing!!

Earlier this fall, she recently partnered with California based Crap Eyewear and it’s a Y2K dream come true.

All of her shades have strong 00s vibes and I was able to get my hands on 2 pairs: The Prima Donna & the Supa Phreek

check them out in action below!

emma chamberlain x crap eyewear in PRIMA DONNA

The second I saw these, I knew I HAD to have them. If we are being completely honest, I’ve been searching for shades like these on depop for MONTHS.

I love the pastel blue lenses – in fact, this is the colour I wear the most! Erik is also a proud Tar Heel so let’s jsut say, Carolina Blue is a huge colour in our home!

These go with everything & the crystals are sooooo sparkly & iridsecent. I love photographing these and they can jazz up any instagram! I love the tiny size & these are a serious blast from the 2000s. I love them.

but the Prima Donna here!

lazy luxury

emma chamberlain x crap eyewear in Supa Phreek

I’ve been wanting a pair of 90s-inspired thick square rimmed sunglasses for a bit & these fit that bill!

I wear a lot of black, especially turtlenecks & mocknecks, & these look so rad with all of them! I love how edgy they feel & they really go with everything. I love the pop of neon & appreciate how thick the frames are.

I find the shape super unique & just love that this colour is limited edition too!

but the Supa Phreek here!

lazy luxury

Are you in love with this collection as much as I am? The Oliver is next on my list – after all, it’s named after her cat & we are huge cat lovers over here at essellesse! I love the bronze tortoise-shell glitter colourway… fingers crossed they’re on sale for Black Friday {too soon?}!

Hope you had a lovely Halloweekend! Here’s a fun {free!} way to spend the week 🙂



fleet week in sf {see the prima donna in action!}

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