the emma chamberlain x crap eyewear collaboration is a y2k dream come true

I want every pair!
youtuber emma chamberlain collabs with venice based crap eyewear ona y2k 90s inspired sunglasses line

2019 has been the year of influencer partnerships! So many influencers I follow & admire have branched out on collaborations or lines of their own.

Ranging from Emrata with Nasty Gal, Elsa Hosk with Chimi, & now one of my personal favourites: Emma Chamberlain with Crap Eyewear.

I adore Emma Chamberlain. I started following her like a year ago. I heard a lot about her but never really dove into her videos. & then I did… and I was hooked.

She used to live in the Bay Area so a lot of her videos were here in San Francisco! To be honest, there aren’t a lot of bloggers out here so I don’t get a lot of San Francisco inspo. It was sooooo refreshing to see her not only visit San Francisco that aren’t the same usual places but visit my absolute favourite neighborhood: the Outer Sunset. Through her vids, I was able to find some places to visit in SF that were riiiiight up my alley that I really wasn’t finding otherwise! {which ps I hope to do the same with essellesse – expect a LOT more sf content}

I also really liked Emma because she was unlike anything else online. She was addictingly authentic, sooooo so funny, & though she wasn’t vlogging much about fashion, I’ve always loved her style. Even though I’m like almost twice her age {CRAZY!!!!!}, she’s very relatable to be me. Seriously, such a delight to follow & I am always so happy for her when I read about her accomplishments.

Personally, I love Crap Eyewear – read more about them here, as well as the story behind the name. I love them because they have a huge retro influence. It’s no secret my style is very much influenced by the 80s, 90s, & 00s and their shades are so reminiscent of that time.

Since 2017, there’s been something I’ve been searching for on depop: y2k sunglasses.

But not any kind of sunglasses… I was very specific. I wanted rimless blue frames {bonus points for a pink gradient) with a crystal emblem either around the rims or a heart in the lower left corner.

SO Y2K RIGHT?!?! I had about 20 pairs of this with various designs and emblems back in the day

I didn’t find any that were speaking to me… & then Emma Chamberlain literally designed the pair with Crap Eyewear.

The frames in particular I’m talking about are The Prima Donna by Emma Chamberlain {retails for $89}

“Emma’s ode to early 2000s culture features undersized rimless nylon lenses, encircled with authentic crystals from Swarovski®.” {via}

I bought these immediately so I figured I’d share the collection in full here & the frames on my wishlist. As soon as they come in, I’ll do an update post with them on!! {I think they will look amazing in golden hour btw}

the emma chamberlain x crap eyewear collaboration

emma chamberlain in the prima donna 2000s glasses by crap eyewear on essellesse

The Prima Donna by Emma Chamberlain

{ buy here – $89 }

mentioned above, these mini shades pay tribute to y2k with rimless ice blue lens, & cstudded with crystals. Emma designed & created these especially for her collaboration!

emma chamberlain x crap eyewear oliver cat eye in toirtoise shell • essellesse
emma chamberlain x crap eyewear oliver cat eye in pink • essellesse

The Oliver by Emma Chamberlain

{ buy here – $79}

Emma’s approach to a cat eye… to make it even better, she named them after her cat! It’s an angular, modern, & thin cat-eye silhouette that comes in two colour ways: coral pink frames / amber lens & bronze glitter toirtoiseshell {!} / amber gradient lens

emma chamberlain x crap eyewear supa phreek in neon yellow and vintage blue • essellesse
emma chamberlain x crap eyewear supa phreek in turquoise • essellesse

Supa Phreek by Emma Chamberlain

{ buy here – $79 }

These just scream 90s: thick, rectangular frame that’s a favourite style of Crap Eyewear. Emma created two limited edition colourways: neon yellow frames / vintage blue lens & turquoise frames / burnt orange lens

emma chamberlain x crap eyewear star child • essellesse

Star Child by Emma Chamberlain

{ buy here – $75 }

I feel like these are a mix of 70s & y2k… two decades you don’t see together often! Rimless star shaped glasses and Emma designed the colourway: white gold / marigold lens

check out the campaign here! it’s SO GOOD

marina district san francisco via shannon silver essellesse

A 90s – 00s dream come true, right? I am so, so excited for this collaboration and they’re the perfect way to spice up any outfit!

I already bought the Prima Donna & the Supa Phreek in Neon Yellow and I’m totally eyeing Oliver Cat eye in Bronze Glitter Tortoiseshell. What do you think? What styles are you loving from the collection?

Here’s how they look on – full post coming soon!

the prima donna by emma chamberlan x crap eyewear

coming as soon as i figure out how to optimize a gif without killing the quality lol ugh

the supa phreek in neon yellow / vintage blue by emma chamberlain x crap eyewear

Shannon Silver wears the Supa Phreek in Neon Yellow & Vintage Blue by Emma Chamberlain x Crap Eyewear • essellesse - a lazy luxury san francisco based lifestyle blog (@_shannonsilver on instagram)

Also, I think it’s so important to support the influencers & content creators you enjoy. At the end of the day, if you enjoy them, they likely will create something you will really enjoy, as well. I’ve always liked Emma’s approach to fashion & her odes to the 2000s so I have no question I will love her line… not to mention I just love her personality! It’s a win all around. I am more than happy to support her and look forward to what the future holds for her.

If you don’t already follow Emma, get ready to be addicted. She’s a force to be reckoned with: youtubeinstagram

Are you an Emma Chamberlain fan too? Any other retro sunglasses I need to check out? because I’m in the mood to break shopping ban LOL

x Shannon

PS – want more Emma merch? check out her cell phone case at Wildflower Cases! you may have seen it on my instagram 😉

{ emma photos via crap eyewear }

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  1. 2.6.20
    Jill said:

    Love all of these eyewear styles! The supa phreek are my fav!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

  2. 2.6.20
    SundayDahlias said:

    I’ve actually never heard of this brand, but the sunglasses are super cute! Am a fan of Emma as well!

  3. 2.6.20
    Gitana said:

    I’ve definitely heard of this brand and how exciting Emma is branching into clothing lines that aren’t the meme of her filtered wonky face haha! And it’s nice that they’re so affordable (everyone’s going to be buying these the more she promotes them I’m sure so they can afford to keep them under $100).

    Can’t wait to see you show off your shades!


  4. 2.6.20

    I’ve never heard of this brand but it looks amazing! I’m definitely gonna get some pieces.
    Adi xx |