Halloween DIY: Matte Black Wine Bottles for Candles

I can NOT believe that Halloween is exactly a week away. So crazy, right?!

If you’re anything like me, you spend all year straight stoked for Halloween. Costume is planned, house decor is planned, all while sipping a pumpkin beer… and before you know it: it’s almost Halloween and you have all plans and no action.

This has been the story of my life ever since I moved to California. I don’t know why my Halloween game was so much stronger in Texas. Maybe because everything is bigger there but man I’ve been slacking on it.

SO- if you are anything like me, I have 2 fun and SUPER EASY DIY’s to add to the Halloween vibe at home.

essellesse talks easy DIY last minute Halloween decor!

Even better, they’re totally versatile and can last all Fall long.

In fact, with the bottles, I’m going to hold onto them in storage so when next October rolls around, I’m not scrambling at the last second.

As far as Halloween decor, I like: matte blacks, silver, purple, with a pop of orange.

Easy enough. I like to add a sparkle of metallic to keep things from getting toooo spooky over here. Speaking of spooky: if you want scary, I got your scary on Friday.

BACK to the post.

Here are 2 things you can do TONIGHT and be ready for the Halloween weekend.

It takes less than an hour, depending how many coats of paint you want to do. Worst case, you can order via Amazon Prime and do it over the weekend.

All you need are: pumpkins, silver spray paint, matte black spay paint, & wine bottles


essellesse talks easy DIY last minute Halloween decor!

This is actually a spin off of a DIY I tried last year that never made it to the blog. Basically, I wanted to make disco ball pumpkins. Everything was fine & dandy until it got to the bling. By the time I finished, they looked AWFUL.

However, right before I glued the mirrors on the pumpkins, they looked hella rad. Ever since then, silver pumpkins have been my jam.

They go with my office, they go with my bar cart, & a pop of metallic literally goed with everything. I like them on the table next to a wine decanter & placed randomly around the house.

How to make?

Lay out some newspaper outside, buy some metallic silver spray paint, & spray your pumpkins!

I personally like using the 60 cent minis from Trader Joes but any will be fine.

You can go as thick or thin as you want with the paint. I kind of dig a silver translucent top coat where the orange or white still shows through.

Chic, right?


essellesse talks easy DIY last minute Halloween decor!

It’s no secret, Erik & I love our wine. We share a bottle more often than not. Before we went to New York, I made Erik save all of our bottles so I could get to this craft.

The hardest part is taking the labels off. That part was seriously annoying, that I’d try a label-less wine like Twomey to skip that step as a whole.

To take the labels off, use a hair dryer and blow it at the label to melt the glue. Scrape off whatever residue you can. Once you get past this, it’s smooth sailing from here.

Lay out some newspaper, & spray those bottles!

Like the pumpkins, you can control how translucent you want to go. Also, I kind of like how it looks when it “drips”. The lazy gal in me says it lends to the spooky vibes, no?!

As far as uses, I like to use them as candle holders or flower holders! Stack them for a gothic vibe & they go great with the mini pumpkins you just painted!

essellesse talks easy DIY last minute Halloween decor!
{ a spooky black cat – who is turning brown from all the sun! }


When I say easy, I MEAN EASY!

Here are a few other last second decorations:

  • take a clear white wine bottle & take off the labels. Fill with water mixed with some activated charcoal & serve!
  • Take a decanter & add vodka or gin. Add a drop of red food colouring & some red juice of your like for a base spirit to add to cocktails. I like pomegranate or cherry!
  • Succulent Pumpkins via Franzie’s Flower Design

And of course, I do have the cutest lil decoration of all – a black cat! We always joke that it’s her month & she doesn’t mind the extra attention 😉

All you need for the above:

That’s all I got! Now time to figure out wtf to do for my Halloween costume since – like last year – I waited too long to make my idea happen. COLETTE PRIME WHERE YOU AT?!

See ya on Friday for a scary as hell post!! No seriously, I’m not screwing around here.

But first, do you have any EASY Halloween decor DIYs? LMK because I need to get my Halloween-act together STAT.

xx SLS

essellesse talks easy DIY last minute Halloween decor!

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  1. 2.6.20

    your decor is so pretty!!! I love how simple the wine bottles and pumpkins are and it’s so cheap to find!!

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    Ilse said:
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    Occasionally Luxe said:

    OMG, so cute! You are so creative and I love the silver pumpkins!