DIRTY BIRD CHAI… aka boozy chai

Happy Friday!!

To kick off the weekend, I have a fun cocktail to share! I recently collaborated with Black Feather Whiskey to participate in their cocktail contest this month.

I didn’t win lol but I did want to share my cocktail here since I personally loved it & it’s Friday so hey, why not?!

As the name suggests, it’s a play on a dirty chai… aka chai with a shot of espresso. Instead of a shot of espresso, I went with a shot of whiskey! tomato, tomahto lol

But the whiskey isn’t just any shot of whiskey… instead it’s infused with chai tea!

It sounds complicated but it’s quite easy. I just put a cup of bourbon in a mason jar and infused it with 2 teabags of chai tea. I like Tazo but any brand will do.

Looseleaf will also work well, just strain it through a mesh sieve first.

Next step is the milk. I personally LOVE coconut with whiskey so I immediately went to coconut milk. I whisked together a can of coconut milk, vanilla bean, & stevia together.

I’ll do a post on vanilla bean powder but I LOVE it. A little goes a long way & it’s just SO GOOD in coffee omg.

Now you have two choices: freeze the milk into ice cubes or pour over the bourbon. To make things “instagrammy”, I went with the ice cubes but both work well. You can even do both if you’re feeling frisky!

Then garnish with a lemon zest and you are good to go.

Super easy & a fun play on a chai tea! Even better, you can make this hot or cold… but with the warmer weather, I’m leaning on iced.

One last thing on this drink, is it does require a good amount of prep work & time to infuse / freeze. For that reason, I used larger quantities – that way, you have it have on hand whenever you’re in the mood to whip it up!

Per usual, with all my recipes, this is super versatile. I like coconut milk but you can easily sub that with hemp milk, almond milk, or even milk milk.

Dirty Bird Chai


whiskey, 1 cup

chai tea; 1-2 teabags or 1-2 tbsp loose leaf

coconut milk, one can

vanilla bean powder or extract, 1 tbsp

stevia or sugar; 1tsp


make ahead

in a mason jar, add the bourbon & tea bags. cover and let sit for at least an hour.

in a glass bowl, add one can of coconut milk {inc the liquid}. whisk in vanilla & sweetener until combined & taste is to liking. Transfer to ice cubes or let sit in the fridge to let the flavours meld while the bourbon infuses. If you want it more liquid, add water.

make the cocktail

in a rocks glass, measure out 2 oz of chai infused bourbon

add coconut vanilla ice cubes or top with coconut vanilla milk

zest a lemon, rim the glass with it & top… enjoy!


to make hot, start with the milk. Simmer with the spices until warmed & combined. Pour into a mug & stir in the infused bourbon. You could even infuse the milk mixture rather than the bourbon.

feel free to sub out the coconut milk for almond milk, hemp milk, or regular milk. If using the first two, if it already has vanilla, feel free to omit

stevia can be subbed for sugar or honey

honestly, this would be delicious also with a shot of espresso!

Cheers! Have a great weekend!

Tomorrow, Erik and I are going to one of our favourite wineries for a blending session with their winemaker! I’m pretty excited for it as it will be pretty hands on.

Any fun weekend plans?


+++ for another infused bourbon recipe, check out my pumpkin spice bourbon!


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