I feel like posts like these are a major blogging throwback but I’m into it. Since it’s Friday, I thought it would be fun to flashback to this & kind of like the Champagne Edits I used to do. I always have 2930482340823 tabs open so I wanted to share some of my faves

A quick recap: This week went by SUPER fast. Erik’s friend came in over the week & stayed with us. Whenever guests are in town, the days tend to just slip away.

We booked my birthday trip this weekend so that’s something to look forward to! We wanted something domestic or local, warm, palm trees, & a pool. Any guesses where?

Also, I started a tumblr this week!! I know I’m like 10 years late to the game but I am addicted. I am so bored with instagram so I’ve been finding other outlets. Right now, Pinterest & Tumblr are my fav. I find them so inspiring & keeps the creativity gears rolling. Check out my tumblr – it’s so good on a desktop & soooo nostalgic right?

Anyways, here’s everything online I loved this week:

ONE }: Not gonna lie, I’ve been loving POOSH lately! Organic Wines are having a major moment lately & her picks are fantastic {& from a nice variety of price points}

TWO }: Snoop Dogg & Martha Stewart… here’s how their relationship really began!

THREE }: Anyone else used to love The Hills as much as I did? What an iconic era & here are all the beauty & lifestyle brands that emerged from it. Remember Super Intern Emily? She’s the CEO of a casual brand you might have heard of: GLOSSIER!

FOUR }: Proud friend alert! one of my closest friends in both San Francisco & the blogging world is KILLIN it online & was featured in Cosmopolitan… check her out!

FIVE }: I’ve been talking about the new Joker movie coming out this October all week. The Joker is my fav character of all time. They casted him perfectly with Joaquin Phoenix as you see him spiral into madness & one of the most iconic villains of all time – check out the trailer!

SIX }: These are seven new groceries coming to Trader Joe’s! I wish I came up w #5 first!

SEVEN }: You know CBD is a thing when it reaches goop {throwback SLS post from 2017 here!} – these brownies with a coconut cream frosting sound amazing, with or without CBD.

EIGHT }: rx Retinoids are huge both here on the blog & in my skincare routine…. & will only be getting bigger! However, there is the gnarly “adjustment period” so 7 women get real about that so you know EXACTLY what to expect!

NINE }: Do you love these pastel blue, pointed blue espadrilles as much as I do?

TEN }: Get ready for the weekend with this dope rework: HIT IT FROM THE BACK {Linier Remix} by Pat Lok – cheers! { also seen on this playlist }

Happy Friday!

Any links you’re loving? Let me know in the comments

Have a wonderful weekend… #nochella over here and I’m not mad about that at all!

xx SLS

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