Shannon Silver in Colorado • sharing everywhere we ate and drank in Boulder & denver Colorado!
{ note:: this is an image heavy post! }

Happy Monday!!

I can’t believe we are already into April. This year is FLYING by!

Anyways, about two weeks ago, I went to Denver so I wanted to give a little recap here on the blog. TLDR: here is everywhere we went.

I talked briefly about it here & here but I went to go visit my best friend, Megan, who now lives in Denver. We’ve been best friends since I was like 13 & went to high school in Texas together.

After we graduated high school, we both went out of state for college & ended up both transferring back to Texas.

Megan ended up going to Fort Worth & I went to Houston but we visited each other CONSTANTLY. In fact, as we were reminiscing on times past, we were joking that she was kind of an honorary member of my sorority. She spent a LOT of nights in the house & was at all the parties! After graduation, I moved to Dallas and a huge perk of that was being so close to Fort Worth & her.

Shannon Silver & Megan Dineen in Denver, Colorado
{ my best friend Megan & me }

That said, the years really passed us by & we really haven’t had much quality time together. We also both left the DFdub in 2013 to head out west.

SO- we decided to throw it back to high school and have a lil Spring Break sans Erik bc who cares about him right? 😉 jk jk I missed him a LOT but had such a fun girl’s time there.

I got in to Denver on Sunday afternoon. Megan picked me up from the airport & we headed to her house. It was a good 30ish minute drive so it was fun to really take in the new scenery. Colorado is really a beautiful state!

anyways, day one:

{ Megan’s cutie dog, Chuck… might or might not be named after Chuck Bass! }

We got to her house & just CAUGHT TF UP. It may have included a whiskey shot or two.

Before we knew it it was time for dinner so we walked over to a place called SUSHI BAY for dinner. It was SO good! We shared their “all you can eat” menu – which if you go, I do recc doing. It was about $30 per person and you have a very extensive menu to choose from. If you’re doing it with everyone in your party, it’s hella easy to share.

We got a LOT of spicy tuna rolls {FAV}, jalapenos stuffed with spicy tuna & tempura fried {omggggg}, crispy spicy tuna {can you tell we like spicy tuna? lol}, gyozas & of course some Chardonnay. In fact, we kind of had Chardonnay with everything over the entirety of my trip & it kind of became our thing?

After dinner, we went for a nightcap at a VERY cool cocktail bar called The Tatarian. If you go to Denver, I HIGHLY recc visiting it. The interior is just beautiful… think a mix of an enchanted forest & mid-century modern and the drinks were VERY creative. Megan & I both got the AMATE: a tequila, vanilla, grapefruit, lime drink that was just out of this world . Check out the very cool menu here!

day two

We woke up & got brunch at a neat place called Wendell’s. Megan’s boyfriend, Danny, joined us too & we split a black & white french toast {!!!} & I got the wedge salad with some fries. Fun fact, but a wedge salad is one of my fav foods of all time lol so random but I LOVE the damn things. Also I feel like we should talk about the drink I got thx to Megan’s recc… THE GIN FIZZ:: gin mixed with cold pressed green juice!

Next, we wandered around Tennyson Street. We took some immunity shots at a local juice bar & checked out some of the vintage shops along the road. Megan & Danny suggested we hit up a local brewery called FlyteCo.

{ Wendell's on Tennyson Street for brunch in Denver, Colorado }
{ Wendell’s on Tennyson Street }

Basically, FlyteCo is a brewery with a major aviation theme. The inside had a makeshift airline cabin & the flights of beers were served “on a flight” or an airplane itself.

We LOVED the beers there & tried the following: Hazy IPA; Guava Pale Ale; Amber, & a Radler which was mixed with a hibiscus ginger lemon kombucha. Unanimously, our favourite was the Hazy IPA & we finished our afternoon there until sunset.

{ Flights at FlyteCo brewing in Denver, Colorado }
{ flight at FlyteCo brewing in Denver Colorado }
The interior at FlyteCo Brewing in Denver, Colorady
{ FlyteCo Brewery interior }
{ Megan & I with our flight! • FlyteCo Brewing in Denver, CO }
{ inside FlyteCo • this light is always my favourite }

Next it was time to dinner {& I’m fully aware our entire trip is eating and drinking lol} so we got into an uber and headed to Larimer Street in Downtown Denver.

It’s a super cute street full of things to do & illuminated by strings of lights! We had a few photo opps & headed inside for our reservations.

There, I got a spicy watermelon marg, the grilled carne asada & some queso fundido which was NEXT LEVEL. Megan got the filet & shrimp kabobs which also looked insane. We headed back to Megan’s & finished the evening in the hot tub with some tropical house.

{ Danny and some rad Denver Street Art – the street art in Denver is SO GOOD }
Shannon Silver & Megan Dineen in downtown Denver, Colorado Larimer Street
{ Megan & me on Larimer Street • downtown Denver, Colorado }
Larimer Street in Downtown Denver
{ Larimer Street in Downtown Denver }

day three – my last full day there

We started the day with some iced coffee & cinnamon and headed into downtown Denver to the Denver Central Market.

In fact, this reminded us of some of the markets in New York City. Basically, it’s a super airy building full of different vendors. You can get anything from BBQ, to fresh oysters, to sandwiches, to seafood, to salads. Megan hit up the salad place & I got some BBQ brisket.

BBQ at Denver Central Market
{ the BBQ stand at the Denver Central Market… I got the smoked brisket sandwich! }

Afterwards, we went to Boulder where we spent the most of our day. Danny used to live there so he took us all around the area & it is seriously SUCH a cute town!

We had a ton of photo opps but two notable places we went were the Boulder flat irons and Panorama Point at Chautauqua Park. It was around sunset, so we didn’t do a hike but they were STUNNING. I would highly recc doing a hike at both of these.

Shannon Silver in Boulder, Colorado
{ me in Boulder, Colorado }
{ Chautauqua Park • Boulder, CO }
{ Boulder from the car }
{ Boulder Flat Irons }
{ Danny at the lookout point • I tried recreating this but was too scared of heights!! }
{ me again lol }
{ the lake by the Library }

Next, we went to the Boulder library which has a gorgeous pond behind it. There were SO many ducks!!

Finally, we hit up Pearl Street, walked around & window shipped before tucking in for some dinner at another Mexican joint called Centro Mexican Kitchen. They had some very fun & creative cocktails, one I really loved was the “CENTRO MARGARITA” which was topped with “salt air” or a a salt foam.

We ended the night with a Gossip Girl binge which never gets old… even if it’s the 2398472394th time for me to see it.

Day four • the last day

Now it’s Wednesday & alas, it’s time for me to go home. We got another iced coffee with cinnamon and packed my things for my afternnon flight.

Megan took me back to downtown Denver where we had our last lunch at a place called Linger. Think creative asian fusion & everything was so good. We shared bao buns & potstickers. She got the hangover Ramen which looked INCREDIBLE & I had some Wagyu sliders.

Before we knew it, I was on a plane and got back in San Francisco just in time for Japanese class!

{ Linger in downtown Denver, Colorado • great Asian Fusion!! }
{ Linger in Denver, Colorado }
{ Little Man Ice Cream – so cute! We didn’t go but Megan said it’s some of the best in Denver }
Best friends Shannon Silver & Megan Dineen in downtown, Denver
{ love you, Meg <3 }

We had a BLAST & she’s just one of those people no matter how much time passes, we always pick right back up as if no time passed at all. It was also fun because I spent the whole time COMPLETELY disconnected.

No instagram, no instagram stories, no sharing… in fact, the majority of the photos we took was all on film which I found really added to the moment.

I kind of want to do a full blown post on this but I think digital detoxes are SO IMPORTANT. Everything needs a reset… when anything is “on” for so long, if you don’t give it a proper reset, it will just crash on you.

ANYWAYS- talk about that later but that was my Spring Break in Denver!! I already can’t wait to go back.

I’ll def be back sooner rather than later {& I want Erik to come too} so let me know any places in Denver I NEED to check! I will def add those to my list. Happy Monday!

xx SLS

Also, I know I kind of rambled so here is the cliff-notes on all the places we went. For film info, check this post.

Shannon Silver & Denver Colorado on film

where we ate & drank in denver / boulder

Sushi Bay :: a fun sushi restaurant on Tennyson street! Loved the Spicy Crispy Tuna & recc sitting at the sushi bar.

The Tatarian :: a super chic enchanted forest style bar with a mid centruy vibe. Super creative drink menu – we got the Amate: a tequila based vanilla / grapefruit cocktail

Wendell’s :: such a great brunch joint on Tennyson! A contemporary diner with such a cool vibe. Everything is good here but def get the Gin Fizz – Gin with cold pressed green! *only open for breakfast/lunch*

FlyteCo Brewing :: a new, modern brewery with fun flights!! Get a flight there {try the one brewed with kombucha} & stay for a glass of your favourite. Super instagrammy & great lighting! My fav was the Hazy IPA

Tamayo :: A modern mexican restaurant with amazing views of downtown Denver. We stayed inside & downstairs but apparently there’s a great rooftop! Get the spicy watermelon margarita & queso fundido

Denver Central Market :: A gourmet, airy marketplace full of different vendors & a full bar. Everything looked so good! It reminded me a bit of the gourmet markets you see in New York

Boulder Flat Irons :: an iconic Boulder landmark of slanted sandstone formations. They offer amazing views & hikes and are just STUNNING. We only took photos but next time would love to hike it!

Chautauqua Park :: among the Flat Irons, a beautiful park with panoramic views of the city of Boulder. It was BREATHTAKING. Highly recc going!

Centro Mexican Kitchen {Boulder} :: a Mexican restaurant on the famous Pearl Street. Get the Centro Margarita with the salt air foam!!

Linger :: a very modern Asian fusion restaurant in downtown Denver. It has a very contemporary feel to it & great views of downtown. Not to mention absolutely delicious!! Everything we saw looked fantastic


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