COCONUT COLD BREW FRAPPÉ: because it’s summer in San Francisco

I could write a love letter to the month of October. Without a doubt, my favourite month of the year, but I realllllyyyy fell in love with it when I moved to Northern California.

San Francisco truly shines in October. Maybe I’m a little biased because it’s when I moved here 5 years ago, but I find there’s a certain magic to it?

The nights are cold & foggy {really adds to that Halloween vibe, no?} but the days are crystal clear, warm enough {constant 70 degrees}, with bright blue skies & leaves changing colours. Both day & night, there’s a certain October feel that I can’t begin to explain but I love it. It’s like the best of both worlds: summer weather with that autumn air crispness.

In the mornings, as much as I want to get a warm coffee, I find I’m not feeling it. I’ve been reaching towards the cold brew morning after morning.

The other day while making my cold brew concoction {coconut cold brew + vanilla hemp milk + a sprinkle of cinnamon}, I remembered I had some coconut in my freezer! Total light bulb moment.

I couldn’t blend the two together fast enough & I’m obsessed!

The coconut adds a nice bright, creamy note with no added sugar & tons of healthy fats. I added a little coconut sugar {regular sugar or Stevia would work well – also want to start experimenting with monkfruit extract} & dash of cinnamon and it was basically everything I could ever ask for. In fact, I’m kinda kicking myself for not adding some vanilla extract to the mix as I type this…

I used my nutribullet, which has lasted me through the years here on the blog {remember my spiked orangeberry julius or kombucha popsicles}, which made clean up a cinch!

A little taste of summer in October but it tastes so right 😉

Before we get into the coconut, let’s talk cold brew a bit. If you’re using a concentrate, you’ll want to dilute with water. If you’re using a ready to drink one {like the Blue Bottle I have pictured}, no dilution necessary {ignore the photos, I took them before I realized the cold brew was diluted lol}.

Generally, you want a 1:2 ratio but do whatever you want. Whenever I make my cold brew at home, I do 1 part cold brew concentrate : 1 part water : 1 part hemp milk.

Some extra added benefits of coconut are: heart healthy, full of healthy facts, full of MCT’s & helps keep you lean, helps stabilize blood sugar, full of potassium, & it’s antibacterial.

… not to mention it tastes & smells delicious! I can’t get enough of it… especially with vanilla {again, wishing I added!! Will try tomm AM!}.

It’s a fun coffee to enjoy outside while you journal… that’s my new addiction by the way! I’ve been journaling since my birthday and it has later evolved to three different journals: a full blown bujo {SO therapeutic}, a blogging journal, & a brain dump / emotional  journal. Should I do a post?! I know three seems like a crazy amount but it’s basically my morning therapy.

In fact, yesterday evening {Saturday}, I spent sunset upstairs on the roof with one of my favourite bottles of Chardonnay & my journal. The sunset was beautiful, the wine was damn good, & it felt good to take things from thoughts to paper. & like last night, I have more thoughts than I realize that it just feels so physically good to let them out… instatherapy.

Not to mention, it has been a game changer with blogging too!

I do it completely disconnected twice a day: with coffee right after I wake up & and at the end of the evening with a glass of wine.

It’s a ritual I always look forward to & the reasons for it vary!: for daily productivity, for blog planning, but also a place to have a brain dumb and write all your thoughts / goals / feelings. I can’t recc it enough.

Anyways, I’ve basiacally hijacked this blog post so I’ll leave you with the recipe below. DO make it & let me know what you think! If you’re not into coconut, try mixing it with frozen hemp or almond milk.

Additional ingredients to really sex it up: vanilla {!!!}, coconut oil, sea salt, pumpkin spice, maybe a spoonful of pumpkin even {frozen perhaps?!}, & honestly LEMON. Ever since Tokyo, I am loving a little lemon in coffee… especially in the warm milk so I think it would be even better cold! So random but soooo good.

And as far as quantities, use whatever you like! If you want a more coconut taste, add more coconut. If you like yours stronger, splash in more cold brew & less strong, add in more water. & of course, if you like yours sweeter or Make it yours!

Note: separation happens so just mix together with a spoon, straw, or stirrer!



frozen coconut {i used frozen coconut chunks already peeled from Trader Joe’s!} or coconut milk frozen in ice cubes

4 oz cold brew concentrate

4 oz water


sugar {I used coconut sugar!}, 1 tsp


vanilla extract

coconut oil


sea salt


put everything in a blender and blend at high until fully blended. Should be light in colour, frothy, & creamy! Add a sprinkle of cinnamon on top & enjoy!

If you make this, let me know!! Tag me on @shannonsilver so I can leave the love. Any other cold brew recipes you’re digging? Would love to know!

Happy Monday! Erik & I are off to New York for some good time {a lil work, a lot of play} this week & next. It’s one of my favourite cities so I’m looking forward to being back.

Any reccs, let me know! Especially for eating & drinking. One thing I reaaaalllly want is some legit Japanese. Also ISO cute shopping, instagrammy coffeeshops, & other things to do!



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