COCONUT COLD BREW FRAPPÉ: because it’s summer in San Francisco

I could write a love letter to the month of October. Without a doubt, my favourite month of the year, but I realllllyyyy fell in love with it when I moved to Northern California.

San Francisco truly shines in October. Maybe I’m a little biased because it’s when I moved here 5 years ago, but I find there’s a certain magic to it?

The nights are cold & foggy {really adds to that Halloween vibe, no?} but the days are crystal clear, warm enough {constant 70 degrees}, with bright blue skies & leaves changing colours. Both day & night, there’s a certain October feel that I can’t begin to explain but I love it. It’s like the best of both worlds: summer weather with that autumn air crispness.

In the mornings, as much as I want to get a warm coffee, I find I’m not feeling it. I’ve been reaching towards the cold brew morning after morning.

The other day while making my cold brew concoction {coconut cold brew + vanilla hemp milk + a sprinkle of cinnamon}, I remembered I had some coconut in my freezer! Total light bulb moment.

I couldn’t blend the two together fast enough & I’m obsessed!

The coconut adds a nice bright, creamy note with no added sugar & tons of healthy fats. I added a little coconut sugar {regular sugar or Stevia would work well – also want to start experimenting with monkfruit extract} & dash of cinnamon and it was basically everything I could ever ask for. In fact, I’m kinda kicking myself for not adding some vanilla extract to the mix as I type this…

I used my nutribullet, which has lasted me through the years here on the blog {remember my spiked orangeberry julius or kombucha popsicles}, which made clean up a cinch!

A little taste of summer in October but it tastes so right 😉

Before we get into the coconut, let’s talk cold brew a bit. If you’re using a concentrate, you’ll want to dilute with water. If you’re using a ready to drink one {like the Blue Bottle I have pictured}, no dilution necessary {ignore the photos, I took them before I realized the cold brew was diluted lol}.

Generally, you want a 1:2 ratio but do whatever you want. Whenever I make my cold brew at home, I do 1 part cold brew concentrate : 1 part water : 1 part hemp milk.

Some extra added benefits of coconut are: heart healthy, full of healthy facts, full of MCT’s & helps keep you lean, helps stabilize blood sugar, full of potassium, & it’s antibacterial.

… not to mention it tastes & smells delicious! I can’t get enough of it… especially with vanilla {again, wishing I added!! Will try tomm AM!}.

It’s a fun coffee to enjoy outside while you journal… that’s my new addiction by the way! I’ve been journaling since my birthday and it has later evolved to three different journals: a full blown bujo {SO therapeutic}, a blogging journal, & a brain dump / emotional  journal. Should I do a post?! I know three seems like a crazy amount but it’s basically my morning therapy.

In fact, yesterday evening {Saturday}, I spent sunset upstairs on the roof with one of my favourite bottles of Chardonnay & my journal. The sunset was beautiful, the wine was damn good, & it felt good to take things from thoughts to paper. & like last night, I have more thoughts than I realize that it just feels so physically good to let them out… instatherapy.

Not to mention, it has been a game changer with blogging too!

I do it completely disconnected twice a day: with coffee right after I wake up & and at the end of the evening with a glass of wine.

It’s a ritual I always look forward to & the reasons for it vary!: for daily productivity, for blog planning, but also a place to have a brain dumb and write all your thoughts / goals / feelings. I can’t recc it enough.

Anyways, I’ve basiacally hijacked this blog post so I’ll leave you with the recipe below. DO make it & let me know what you think! If you’re not into coconut, try mixing it with frozen hemp or almond milk.

Additional ingredients to really sex it up: vanilla {!!!}, coconut oil, sea salt, pumpkin spice, maybe a spoonful of pumpkin even {frozen perhaps?!}, & honestly LEMON. Ever since Tokyo, I am loving a little lemon in coffee… especially in the warm milk so I think it would be even better cold! So random but soooo good.

And as far as quantities, use whatever you like! If you want a more coconut taste, add more coconut. If you like yours stronger, splash in more cold brew & less strong, add in more water. & of course, if you like yours sweeter or Make it yours!

Note: separation happens so just mix together with a spoon, straw, or stirrer!



frozen coconut {i used frozen coconut chunks already peeled from Trader Joe’s!} or coconut milk frozen in ice cubes

4 oz cold brew concentrate

4 oz water


sugar {I used coconut sugar!}, 1 tsp


vanilla extract

coconut oil


sea salt


put everything in a blender and blend at high until fully blended. Should be light in colour, frothy, & creamy! Add a sprinkle of cinnamon on top & enjoy!

If you make this, let me know!! Tag me on @shannonsilver so I can leave the love. Any other cold brew recipes you’re digging? Would love to know!

Happy Monday! Erik & I are off to New York for some good time {a lil work, a lot of play} this week & next. It’s one of my favourite cities so I’m looking forward to being back.

Any reccs, let me know! Especially for eating & drinking. One thing I reaaaalllly want is some legit Japanese. Also ISO cute shopping, instagrammy coffeeshops, & other things to do!



  • current fav lipstick: TULIPA from @makebeautyofficial & Lucy agrees! 🌷 I actually discovered this brand via instagram and I’m just obsessed.
  • fun fact: but in the winter, I LOVE Chardonnay {especially those that have seen oak}, it’s my go to when the temperatures drop. ❄️ They’re full bodied, complex, & really just so comforting, right? I’m a HUGE fan of @macrostiewinery chards & also love the @fortrossvineyard mother of pearl. Any you love, let me know - always looking for more to drink lol 🦢 #trustmeimasomm
  • because I really dig my outfit today but also this top was designed with the 80s in mind BUT ALSO “true faith” by new order has been stuck in my head all week thanks to American Psycho so HEY figured it’s all just a v on brand mood, right? ...right?! 💾📠 #slsootd
  • I can’t explain but there’s something so soothing about the colour of the sky here 💙 don’t forget to look up! 🎐 #slssf
  • always missing Tokyo 💟 whenever I travel, I love to stalk the “{insert-city}photographer” hashtag. You find so much local talent and can connect and create content with that specific local vibe - in fact, I make a point to shoot with someone local at least once. That’s how I connected with @future_vizion - not only is he BEYOND talented {seriously, check out his profile}, he has such a unique eye and perspective... not to mention it’s kind of totally rad making friends around the world, especially in a city I’m so passionate about! #slstokyo
  • working on a secret project {here’s a hint: 📼🏙⛏📿💋📟🗽📲} but had to get outside to take an insta & blue light break! 🍒 jeans are vintage @jordache from the 70s & shirt is @reformation ❤️ #slsootd #jordache #reformation
  • the one thing that all sf bloggers deal with but no one talks about... how kcufing hard it is to edit photos in the damn fog 🌁 I finally just gave up and threw on a hella grainy 90s film filter lol anyways this was my outfit yesterday and this sweatshirt from @azaleasf is as soft as a marshmallow! 🍡 #slsootd

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