My Secret for Naturally Full Eyebrows!

essellesse talks cocokind eyebrow balm! this has been a game changer for fuller brows naturally!

When we were in Austin in November, of course we made it to the flagship Whole Foods. If you’re headed to Austin, this is a MUST STOP. I am a HUGE Whole Foods fan and that one is just the best.

Anyways, one of my favourite sections in Whole Foods is the beauty section & I feel like it’s just kinda under the radar, right? WELL the section in Austin is next level, it’s like the size of a drug store. It puts the tiny 1-2 shelf section in San Francisco to shame. Basically, the selection is endless & you can sample everything there!

A brand that has been on my eye for some time is Cocokind. Funny enough, they are based right here in SF!

As soon as I sampled the Cocokind Eyebrow Balm, I knew I needed it. It was only $13 so I bought it instantly, used it on the flight home & that’s how the love affair began!

I use the Cocokind Eyebrow Balm three different ways: in the morning as part as my skincare routine, at night before bed, & part of my makeup routine.

I can’t get enough of it and if we are being honest? My brows have never looked better. They are more full, darker, & honestly exactly how I like them.

Lately, I’ve changed my approach to makeup. I see it as part of my skincare routine so one thing I love is a multi-tasker product.

Basically makeup with benefits.

So a little about the Cocokind Eyebrow Balm: it’s full of antioxidants & rejuvenating natural oils to help stimulate circulation and hair growth. Not only is it good for your eyebrows but also good for the skin underneath. Ingredients include castor oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, beeswax, & cacao powder. The cacao powder gives brows a nice universal tint & VERY subtle. I like it a lot.

Not to mention it’s organic & cruelty free!

shannon silver behind the lifestyle blog essellesse wears cocokind eyebrow balm!

Here’s how I use it!

{ SKINCARE ROUTINE }: In morning or night, after I put on my final step {Glossier Rich or a sleeping mask at night, Hada Labo Gel Cream for day}, I take a pearl size of the Cocokind Eyebrow Balm per brow & massage it in from the inner brow to the outer. I also massage it into my eyelashes at night!

{ MAKEUP }: I use about half as much as before and with my finger, put it the balm on my brows shaping as I go. Then, I finish with a brow brush {I use an old Glossier boy brow – wash out the container and you have a go to on the go brush} to brush the brows up. I also like to really focus on the inner brow & brush them a little out if that makes sense?

PS- in all the photos here, it’s the Cocokind Eyebrow Balm is the only thing I’m wearing on my brows!

shannon silver wears cocokind eyebrow balm •
cocokind eyebrow balm & all the natural, clean ingredients!

I’m going on month three with it & it’s the real deal. It’s basically superfood for my eyebrows & has won a permanant position in my beauty cabinet and I will def be trying some other products from Cocokind. If you have any to recc, let me know!

Speaking of makeup with benefits, if there are any I need to add to my list, LET ME KNOW & I will try ASAP! Any anti-aging foundations, or lip plumping lipsticks, or lash boosting mascaras – you get my drift.

xx SLS

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  1. 2.6.20
    Michelle said:

    I’ll have to try this! It sounds like an amazing product!

  2. 2.6.20

    Love this post thanks for showing love The creative Intuitive

  3. 2.6.20

    Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks. I’m going to have to check this out – it sounds like a wonderful product!


  4. 2.6.20
    Fash-n-Curious said:

    Thank you for sharing! I love Whole Foods as well.

  5. 2.6.20
    33342879 said:

    Your brows are amazing! Whole foods is amazing. I eat lunch there at least once a month-Awesome vegetarian dishes & I’m not even a vegetarian.

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