my personal, favourite items in my closet that I get on every trip we take!

creating my own personal vintage wardrobe

Erik & I recently got back from our end of summer vacation! We road-tripped through California and it was one of our favourite vacations I’ve ever been on.

California is such a beautiful state and it was so fun to reallyy take it all in, in all it’s glory.

We LOVE California. So much, that we decided that unless it’s Japan, the only place we want to travel leisurely in is California.

One of my favourite parts of exploring California are all the stops we find along the way, whether it’s a new beach, a quirky little c-store, fun hotel… you name it. And one of my favourite things to do there? SHOP!

But not just any shopping… I love buying clothes representing the places we visit. Remember this post in 2018?

Not only are the styles pretty timeless {seriously, basically what every vintage shop has!!!}, but it’s a fun personal touch to clothes that will always be in my closet.

One of our favourite stops of this trip was Pismo Beach.

Located in California’s Central Coast, it’s a fun little beach town with pretty strong vibes. We stayed there for a few nights after wine tasting in SLO and really fell in love with it.

As we were walking along the boardwalk, I told Erik, I HAD to leave with a Pismo Beach sweatshirt. We found a surf shop, & Erik grabbed the most perfect grey half zip with Pismo Beach embroidered. Instant purchase & I LOVE that he chose it… that you are seeing now!

For the look I was going for, I sized up to a XL {as I do}!

and if we are being honest?

Half zips with skinny jeans {Reformation High & Skinny are the BEST skinnies} is probably my favourite “casual” look for fall right this second. And now it’s even more special since it reflects travel Erik & I did together vs a random Ralph Lauren one I found on depop.

On Depop, I’m constantly looking for vintage embroidered souvenir sweatshirts where I had the idea: why don’t I just start my own from our own travels!

At this point, I have quite a few… but they are permanents in my closet & my favourite items. Not only will they be my own personal vintage collection over the next decades but a tangible souvenir of our travels. In fact, whenever I wear them, they always make Erik & I just happy. and fwiw, he does the same with hats.

Oversized sweatshirts will never go out of style, and the options to wear are endless {I even used this as a beach cover up}! Personally, when I look for souvenir apparel, my go to is embroidered & something with either the location or year.

Next time you are on a special vacation, look for something special for your wardrobe at a local fem, at the hotel you are staying at, any restaurants you love, or random c-stores!! & tag me on instagram, because I’d love to see it!

Do you have any special “personal” items in your wardrobe?

{ wearing Pismo Beach half zip // lipstick from this post // Reformation High & Skinny Jeans }

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  1. 2.6.20
    SundayDahlias said:

    Such a good idea to pick up clothing as souvenirs from the places you’ve been. The half zip you’ve picked up is super cute! Love the retro vibes it has

    • 2.6.20

      Thank you so much! It’s been fun to add a personal touch to the closet. I thought the same thing and I love that Erik picked it out 🙂

  2. 2.6.20

    You bring up such interesting topics! I’m so glad I came to your blog today)