{ #JAM }: Cinnamon Chasers – Luv Deluxe [Jody Wisternoff & James Grant remix]

Hello from London!

We are taking the train into Paris this morning & ahhhhh it’s so, so, SO exciting! This is my first time ever, and words can’t begin to contain my excitement. Though I’m not in the slightest bit fluent, I minored in French in college. As mentioned here, but I did so because I thought it would help my wine studies.

There certainly will be a lot to take in, but very little time as I only have 48 hours in the city of love! Any omgdontmiss reccs? PLEASE let me know!!

Now, I am stoked for this song, which is actually being released TODAY {you might have caught it on Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy 215 last Friday on Soundcloud – listen here}!

Cinnamon Chasers is one of my favourite electronica artists ever & one who revolutionized music for ME.

Back in the fall of 2012, I was at my then-favourite bar in Dallas called Tate’s with my girl friend, Linda. It was midday {so sue us} and we were the only ones there so we were chatting with the bartender who was playing his personal playlist.

Well, this absolutely phenomenal song came on and I am like “hold up hold up hold up WHAT is this song?!” & he explained simply, “Luv Deluxe by Cinnamon Chasers”. {listen to the original here}

Sitting at the bar, I immediately purchased it on iTunes & could not wait to get home so I can spend all evening exploring his music…. & that I did. I hit a music goldmine. If I had to choose one song to sum up 2012 in Dallas, it would be “Luv Deluxe”. I became absolutely obsessed. That synth tho…

Russ Davies, behind Cinnamon Chasers (also goes by Abakus), also released nu-disco mixes. To be completely honest, this was my introduction to the Nu-Disco genre as a whole in August/September 2012.

His mixes (though I can’t seem to find them anymore online & I am kicking myself for losing them) were pure gold. Specifically, his September 2011 Nu-Disco mix was, honestly, revolutionary to me. Unbeknownst to me at the time, it was & later became my favourite genre of music.

Since then, I’ve followed Cinnamon Chasers / Russ Davies / Abakus religiously.

I also highly recommend Laserbass {man, this music seriously takes me back to Dallas in a major way}.

Anyways… are you familiar with Anjunadeep?

It’s Above & Beyond’s deep house label based here in London… kind of appropriate to feature today ;). Speaking of deep house, Lane 8 frequents it. Jody Wisternoff {legendary electronica producer / Way Out West.} & James Grant {manages Above & Beyond / Anjunadeep} curate a compilation of the hottest deep house tracks, throwing in remixes of their own

Well, in their latest compilation, they remixed this classic 8 years later since it’s release in 2009. And damn, they killed it. Though, if we are being fair, Anjunadeep 08 is a SOLID mix well worth the wait.

Back to Luv Deluxe, the first 15 seconds alone sent me chills and I knew immediately, that it would send me back to space. A very modern track, that hits with a wave of nostalgia.

Give it a listen below & if you love, be sure to check out the original here. Really, it’s one of my all time favourite songs and probably one of the most special songs in my repertoire.

Now… any Paris reccs?? Lay em on me! PS – changing up the image a bit – you like? lmk 😉

bisou bisou,

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