Christmas Eve Gratitude

& how to create an exciting life

Merry Christmas Eve!!

Personally, I’m a Christmas Eve person vs Christmas Day. I like the chilly dark nights that turn into a late night celebration.

This Christmas Eve, Erik & I are headed to one of his favourite steakhouses! In fact, we went to another one on his list, Osso, last Saturday & WOW!!! I was completely blown away by how good it was. If you need some swanky date night plans, go to Osso & insist on sharing the bone in osso filet – I promise, you will rock your date’s world with it since it was THE best steak I’ve had in San Francisco yet!

Since I am in the Christmas spirit, I wanted to share a quote & newsletter that really rang home to me, especially as we close this decade & enter a new, very exciting one.

& if you’re interested in the Newsletter, it’s the Positive Tips Newsletter by Jon Gordon! I talked about his book here – but it is a must read and one Erik urged me to read for years. As soon as I finished, I signed up for the newsletter!

The power of positivity is REAL, & in the 6 months I’ve put a focus on my positivity, I can truly say it changed my life.

“When we get excited about life, we get a life that is exciting”

The key to an exciting life is being excited for life. The example in the newsletter was that when it cmes to life, be as excited as a child at Christmas morning: being thankful for the gifts you’ve received & optimistic on the gifts to come.

“It starts with being grateful. When you are grateful for the gifts in your life, big and small, you always seem to find more things to be grateful about. That’s why abundance will flow into our life when gratitude flows out of our heart.” – John Gordon

The thing with positivity is that it is contagious. I know that sounds cliched, but it is so, so, so true. Try it with a smile! If you’re smiling, I promise it will make someone else smile. In fact, whenever I’m laughing or smiling at something, Erik always cheekily tries to see what it is I’m doing.. & I do the same with him! We all just wanna join in on the fun, you know?

Positivity attracts positivity & truly becomes a magnet of it. Part of practicing positivity is also practicing gratitude. The two go hand in hand. However, it’s easy to feel “stagnant” with gratitude. Also in the newsletter:

“But what about my desire for a promotion, a better job, more money, more friends, better health, more success you might ask? Isn’t it important to strive for more? Doesn’t gratitude breed contentment and stagnation? How can I be thankful when I know my life can be so much better? That’s why it’s important to also be optimistic and excited about the new gifts that are coming your way. Sure you are thankful for what you have but you also look forward to more gifts in the future. You believe that your best days are ahead of you, not behind you. When people ask you how things are going you say, “Getting better every day.” This was something I learned a number of years ago. At the peak of my misery, struggles and failures I realized I had to stop being disappointed about where I was and needed to start looking forward to where I was going. Once I started being thankful for the simple gifts in my life and became excited about the road ahead I experienced a completely different journey. When you change your heart and mind you change the direction of your life. ” – Jon Gordon

Optimism for the future is the roots of manifestation. Manifestation is one of the most powerful things you can do – it’s the perfect collusion of positivity, gratitude, action, & execution. There is something so powerful about getting your ideas & optimism for the future. In fact, I think it’s the first step in the execution.

This Christmas Eve, think about what you are thankful for. You can talk this over dinner, you can journal it to yourself. It’s so, so easy to get caught up in the future, so really focus on the present. What are you thankful about in your life: go big & small! Macro & micro – I promise there is so much. Then think about what you are excited for in the future & put that trust in yourself to make it happen. Build up and manifest the excitement. Speak it all out loud over the table, or again, write it to yourself but get it out there!! It’s magnetic 🙂

After all, we’re about to enter a new decade! It doesn’t get much more exciting than that!!

PS – if you liked this post, then you will LOVE this newsletter too!

Merry Christmas Eve! & to all a good night <3 time to gorge on steak & scotch, list what we are thankful for & talk about what we are excited for!!


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