The Champagne Edit :: A lil FYI and a lot Tokyo

{ a bts erik took of me from a dope shoot in the middle of Shibuya crossing – can’t wait to share these pics! }


{ the most wonderful place in the world – I miss this view fiercely }


{ hanami at nakameguro with my favourite beer, Asahi }

Hey guys!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful week! This week has been an interesting one for me FOR SURE. Basically, Erik & I have been calling March my “garden leave” & my time off between jobs. .

I will say, the time off was totally necessary and was a huge refresh. The biggest refresh being my time spent in Tokyo.

{ shimokitazawa – such dope vintage stores there! }


{ 711 pit stop in my new favourite sweatshirt c/o harajuku }

Tokyo is my favourite place in the world. I’d love to move there at some point – but it was rejuvenating for me.

I came back to SF with a major Tokyo hangover. I love it here in San but it was REALLY hard to come back here after spending time at my all time favourite place in the world.

BUT IT LEFT ME INSPIRED IN A MAJOR WAY. It’s obvious that Japan & Tokyo have a very special place in my heart & to be honest, it’s something I don’t talk about enough on here…. until now.

{ harajuku fun after shopping at Bubbles Tokyo – my favourite store }

So I want to talk about some changes & what you can expect.

Every week, I will be on the following schedule:

Monday :: Beauty
Tuesday :: Fashion
Wednesday :: Recipe
Thursday :: Free Day
Friday :: The Weekly Edit

That way, you know when to check my blog for what.

On Wednesday, if I have a #WCW queued {I’ll let you know at the end of Tuesday’s post if so}, then the recipe will be moved to Thursday.

{ holding a hedgehog at Harajuku’s Harry Hedgehog Cafe! When they get comfortable in your palms, they take a nap! They are like little cats & have SO MUCH PERSONALITY! }

Now let’s talk Thursday – the free day. Basically, this is a day I can talk about whatever it is I want. I find it a fun way to keep things fresh!

I have a mini series coming up called BLOGGING & TELLING. Basically any question you may have about blogging, let me know and I will answer as honest as I can. anything from content planning, day to day, blogging full time, how to blog, what filters I use… you name it. Just leave it in my comments, e-mail me, or DM me on Instagram – I already have a few questions queued up already.

Then the Friday edit will be my usual edit. Think of just some realtime snaps & random ramblins & updates with my picks at the end.

{ sakura! cherry blossoms in tokyo }

Okay so now I want to talk Beauty a bit. #INSTASTORYFAM knows but I haven’t mentioned it here quite yet. A major part of beauty will be Japanese beauty products & skincare. I am currently completely overhauling my ENTIRE routine and replacing ALL my products with all Japanese products.

In the past two weeks, I have legit transformed my skin & it’s getting even better with each passing day. The products there are second to none. I’m not even exaggerating – my skin has NEVER looked better and the proof is in the products. If there is anything you ever want to know, let me know. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll have a few non-Japanese products but it will be about 70% Japanese & 30% non-Japanese. I am REALLY excited to introduce you to this beauty world. It is absolutely phenomenal and some of the products are just SO next level.

SO- that’s about it!

{ a must do when in Tokyo! }

Another really, really exciting announcement but starting this summer, I am going back to school! Erik & I just enrolled in Japanese lessons & I can’t wait. This is something I’ve talked about doing since 2015 and now it’s happening. It’s a language I’ve been dying to learn so I’m really looking forward to this. As I get more involved with Japanese brands & products, this will be super helpful…. not to mention, I’ll take any excuse to go to Tokyo to work on it 🙂

If you have ANY tips, please let me know! I’m stoked Erik is doing it with me too.

{ Lucy? One of the bars in Golden Gai }

Finally, I just want to thank YOU for your support. The online world is so rad & I love having a platform to really just be… me! I also am so excited to really add a Tokyo / Japan aspect to things here

Okay! That’s all I got!  No big plans this weekend – just staying cozy throughout all the rain. What are you doing this weekend?

xx Shannon

{ Tokyo by night }

what I’m digging

Frying Pan Soup Dumplings by Tasty :: Have you ever had Soup Dumplings {aka Xiao Long Bao aka XLB’s}?!? They are some of my favourite things in THE WORLD. I can eat like 56 in one sitting and I’m not even joking. This recipe looks INCREDIBLE & one I can’t wait to try!


Kombucha Sangria by A Beautiful Mess :: this is one of those recipes I can’t believe I never thought of! KOMBUCHA SANGRIA! Like, all my favourite things in one. Kombucha is one of my favourite mixers for alcohol ever so adding fresh fruit & herbs to it and serving it large format? Yes, plz! Def making this for a fun brunch!


Chill Your Cold Brew the F Out with CBD (w/ Guest Shannon Silver) by The Cold Brew Chick :: I was recently interviewed on one of my favourite blogger, The Cold Brew Chick, & we are talking all things CBD and cold brew. It’s one magical combination FOR SURE. Check it out!


Reformation Stone Pant :: Reformation just opened their newest location on Fillmore Street in San Francisco and I was so lucky to be invited! I bought these pants while I was there. They are SO flattering on – super slimming and elongating. Like my 5’4″ self looks 5’10 in them. They are high-waisted, pull on, ribbed {love a good ribbed material – enter all the sex jokes now lol but it’s one of my fave fabrics for basics}. Basically, your chic af pants that feel like leggings. Can’t recc these enough. I’ll get them on here soon 🙂


Shakedown – At Night :: I don’t know why, but I’ve had this early 2000’s song on repeat. Actually, I know why, it’s because it’s dope as hell. It’s a house music banger with all the right disco you need. It basically sounds like something that would be on one of the Grand Theft Auto stations…. which is one of the highest complements I can give. GTA is a HUGE source of influence of mine and I am subscribed to a few of the radio stations on Spotify! It also reminds me a lot of Tokyo.





  • sriracha bloody and a crab sandwich on grilled sourdough please 🦀🌊 #slsootd #pacifica
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  • got these jeans in Harajuku & I always feel on top of the world when I wear them... Tokyo sure does that to a girl!⚡️ #slsootd #wego
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