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I’ve been offline for the most part this week. I’m heads down working to launch a new lifestyle brand and SO excited for. a one stop shop: presets, clothes, & more.

One thing that is key for me for productivity is getting ready for the day, even though I work from home. Every morning, I “get ready for work” and it’s done wonders on my day. I don’t know why but there is a correlation for me to get ready for the day and my productivity.

When things are so busy, the LAST thing I want to think about in the morning is what to wear.

When I am stressed, something as simple as deciding what to wear can really take me much longer than it needs to & that indecision I find sticks with me through the day.

Also, when it comes to shopping {especially since I am currently on a shopping ban}, I want to do things with more intention. Intention has been my buzzword for 2019 and six months in, I feel like I am truly getting more and more intentional with work and life.

I’ve been dabbling with the idea of a capsule wardrobe for months now. Recently, I mentioned it on instagram stories & I got a DM from another local SF blogger: Kate, saying let’s do it together & hold each other accountable

SO- here we are with a capsule wardrobe!

First off, it’s been so FUN! Kate & I planned this via DM, e-mails, & just FUN back and forth. It was like digital bonding lol but it was really fun to get this all going.

Second, we made a spreadsheet!

You can check out the spreadsheet here but it shows all of our items, as well as very specific info on the items: when we bought it, was it new or second hand, how much was it, etc.

What I love about the spreadsheet is that it’s SO interactive! If it’s something you want to do, you can use our spreadsheet. In fact, it would be fun to add more to the list as this goes on! You can even make comments if you want.

Right now, our list is set until the end of June but this is going on in July too! Basically, the items here will be the base to my July capsule with a few more items & will get rid of things I am not wearing.

A few notes: I do barre 1-3x a week so mine includes those workout clothes. I figure 3 sets will suffice for the month with weekly laundry.

We are also keeping track on how much we paid for items too. This goes back to intention {any said TBD is old so I have to find old receipts!}.

I also made a “home” category: think things to wear at home after you change for the day. I always make a point to “change clothes” & it helps shift the mentality from the workday to a casual, relaxing home vibe. I also like to spend our nights offline – the only person who should be getting my energy is Erik and I am VERY protective over our time together. I don’t ever want to take living with each other for granted – maybe I can do a post on this?

one thing I’m really excited is to see how we style our limited wardrobes. Sure, there are usual suspects like a white tee & jeans but it will be fun to jazz things up or try new looks with items.

It will also be fun to see what I find I am turning to more and how I feel. I think it’s another step towards clarity which is something I am working really, really hard on both personally & professionally.

ALSO- I think it’s a fun way to kind of hone in on your personal brand, you know? It kind of all becomes a “uniform”

Here are all the items in it – I’ll also be posting them daily here.

essellesse june capsule wardrobe


Brandy Melville Frankie Pants { seen here }

Express {seen here & here}

Reformation Jeans {seen here}

express shimmer pants {in black pictured above – neutral seen here & here}


brandy melville Jamie Tee {but in white}

black tee {this one to be exact – wearing it here in mint}

dior button down {vintage – seen in the main photo but in lavender}

louis vuitton button down {vintage}

essellesse pastel heart

everlane oxfords {seen here}

90s gucci loafers {pictured – seen here}

reflexology sandals {my “at home” shoe – seen here & can’t live without}

adidas sandals {literally to wear from here to barre}


these yoga pants/leggings {x 3}

these workout tops {x3}

essellesse pastel heart

Calvin Klein denim jacket {vintage – seen here }


modal drawstring pants {sooooo cozy}

ferrari sweater {seen here}

express laceup leggings {seen here}


satin pj pants

satin robe

lazy luxury

Have you done a capsule wardrobe before? Any tips? Would love to hear them!

Erik just got back from a golfing trip in Bandon with his friend. It was fun having the place to myself & Lucy for the week. I tested a new recipe {spicy pork & glass noodles} which was NEXT LEVEL GOOD so I’ll get it on here ASAP. Then just binged on Gossip Girl for the 40th time… the usual 😉

Happy Friday!


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