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essellesse talks cannabis for sex with oshihana

Happy Valentine’s Day!

This has been a blog post I’ve been wanting to do for the past year or so.

SEX… & Cannabis.

We are all adults reading this. I’m no stranger to cannabis & very open with my use, and a healthy sex life is something that we should talk about more. From pleasure, to staying healthy, to enhancing… to EMPOWERING.

But you wouldn’t just put anything down there, right? That’s where Oshihana comes in.

I love sensual cannabis products because, more times than not, they’re made with the woman in mind. Not to mention, it’s no surprise cannabis is so healing, that it can help improve health down there. In fact, if you are prone to UTI’s, cannabis salves can really help.

With this topic, I wanted to leave it to the experts so I partnered with Oshihana to give the low down all about sensual cannabis products.

essellesse talks cannabis for sex with oshihana
essellesse talks cannabis for sex with oshihana

Hi Lindsay! Introduce yourself & tell us about Oshihana.

Hi! My name is Lindsay Wynn (duh, haha) and I am one of the founders of Oshihana – We are a 100% natural, all organic sexual wellness company. We create topicals for pre, during and post play care. Our products are specifically crafted with CBD and THC to help the body relax and heal as well as enhance pleasure and inspire intimacy.

Let’s just get right into it! What’s the role cannabis plays in sex?

Cannabis has been used for sex and pleasure long before Oshihana has been around. Older narratives touted Cannabis as a drug that may inhibit arousal but as cannabis popularity is on the rise, medical benefits are being discovered and people are beginning to realize these benefits can translate into positive effects for sexual health and wellness. It is important to note that depending on how you consume cannabis, it will affect how you experience your high or lack thereof (especially in regards to sex). If you are smoking, eating or applying different types of CBD or THC you will absolutely feel different effects.

Our products are specifically topicals – so in that regard you are not going to feel the traditional “high” however many people often report feeling a localized high in areas where cannabis is applied. This partly is due to the fact that THC is a vasodilator. This means your capillaries (little blood vessels near the surface of the skin) are able to have increased blood flow and enhanced sensation for potentially more pleasure.

Are there any misconceptions about using cannabis for sex?

Hm, I don’t know about misconceptions, but definitely a few different schools of thought. People said for a long time that smoking pot would make you paranoid. Of course, that is still a reality for a lot of people. However now that we have a further knowledge into various compounds that can actually reverse the effects of paranoia or do not contain psychotropic effects, we are better able to “prescribe” what type of cannabis strains or products are best suited for what people. Hopefully, over time, this will give people a chance to experience all the wonderful, positive effects cannabis can have on your sex life.

Walk us through all your products – let’s get specific! I want to know what does what and why.

We currently have three products on the market – Our Salve, Sex Oil, and Bath Soak. All of our products are versatile in that they can be used alone or with a partner.

First off our Salve is a topical balm that is infused with CBD and THC as well as a very specific blend of other botanicals to heal and stimulate the skin. This can be used anywhere on the body for its pain relieving, antimicrobial and healing properties. This product *ahem* has also been know to increase wetness when applied to the vulva and clitoris. Our second product is our Sex Oil, this is basically what most people would refer to as lube but to be fair we wanted to communicate uses outside the traditional views of sex and penetration and inspire intimacy in other ways. This product also has THC/CBD as well as a proprietary terpene blend to help enhance its medicinal and pleasure enhancing benefits. Lastly, our Bath Soak, our product most geared towards rehabilitation (**though a precoital cannabis bath is also encouraged and amazing, haha). Our soak is again CBD/THC, a proprietary terpene blend and essential oils of cedar wood and orange. Amazing for pain relief, relaxation and to get that *buzzy* full body high.

essellesse talks cannabis for sex with oshihana

What’s your favourite product to use?

Honestly it would be so hard to chose, they all have such specific uses for me. Salve – before sex, masturbation, or topically for healing things like UTI’s and yeast infection. The Sex Oil for sex ALWAYS, it’s so fun, and doesn’t taste or smell like anything. The Bath Soak when I am looking to be decadent, with a partner or without, it’s kind of like a warm, stoned, hug.

Who is the oshihana customer?

Everyone! The exciting thing about our products is that we are really aiming to educate and enhance peoples lives with cannabis. These products are so versatile and can help people who suffer from vaginal dryness or atrophy. People who experience irritation or infection from sex, sex toys or lube. They even are great for people who are looking to enhance their sex lives. We aim to be a genderless, ageless brand that opens up the conversation to a myriad of sex and intimacy related issues and helps solve them.

What is the meaning of ‘oshihana?

Oshihana is actually a combination of the Japanese words Oishi (Tasty) and Hana (Flower). We took out an I and squished them together to make Oshihana. To be honest I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about it, and it just stuck. 🙂 It’s obviously meant to be fun, silly, and maybe even a little sexy.

How do you see the cannabis industry changing & evolving?

As most people can see, interest in cannabis is booming right now. We are one of many cannabis companies that are aiming to change the industry standard in a positive way. That means transparency of sourcing, high quality ingredients, sustainable supply chain and efficacy of products. That being said, with any influx of interest into a certain category – bad comes with the good. This could mean a lot of different things and could result in low quality products or “snake oil”, false claims or advertising and negative stigmas being perpetuated by uneducated businesses or people. { <<< Shannon here, and I want to chime in on this. BE VERY WARY on what you are buying and from who. If you are an influencer, ask companies for lab reports. If you see an influencer promoting a product that you may be interested in, ask them for a lab report. There is SO MUCH SNAKE OIL out there, esp w CBD. I cannot even begin to tell you how many cannabis companies reach out to me and then ghost me when I ask for lab reports. MAKE SURE YOU ARE GETTING WHAT YOUR MONEY IS BUYING }

What’s the best way to “dip your toes” into sensual cannabis products?

I think trying products alone is best for your very first time. People react to cannabis differently and certain products may elicit different reactions. While topicals are generally non-psychotropic it’s important to be conscious of your reactions the first few times. I would also reccommend starting with low dose THC/CBD products and work your way up.

What strains do you use? Indica, sativa, hybrid, etc?

Personally, I love a hybrid!

When should you take it for best effects? 10 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour?

20 minutes beforehand, especially if you are using the sex oil.

What are the ingredients and is everything organic?

We aim to have simple products with the most efficacious ingredients. Some of our favorite ingredients are shea butter, coconut oil, tea tree, goldenseal, cedarwood, orange oil, a proprietary blend of terpenes and of course CBD and THC. As always everything is 100% organic.

essellesse talks cannabis for sex with oshihana

Are there any other uses for sensual cannabis products that aren’t just sex?

Absolutely, I think these products are SO versatile! Massage, rest, and relaxation. It’s also important to note these products are incredibly healing. Our salve can be used to combat things like yeast infections and bacterial vaginosis.

How would you describe the feeling?

Like a warm, safe, hug!

Is it edible??

We do not suggest eating these products however our sex oil is specifically formulated to be scent and odorless as not not mix with pheromones. Sex Oil

Any experiences you would like to share?

I’ll keep it short and simple. The first time I applied the salve I had an orgasm in my sleep. There may have been other factors at play, who knows, but this had NEVER happened to me before. Truly shocking and very amazing!

& of course… favourite song?

Jay Wile – Numb

Sinead Harnett – Body

Dijon – Violence)

These songs are all kind of sexy, haha. Also I am a creature of habit with music and generally lean towards classic soul and funk vibes so I included new music instead. 🙂 {<<< I’d be soooo down for an oshihana sex playlist! 😉 }

essellesse talks cannabis for sex with oshihana

& that is my Valentine’s Day present for y’all!

Is cannabis for sex a new thing for you or have you heard of it before? LMK! There are also various strains if you prefer flower… maybe I’ll do a post?

Any fun Valentine’s plans?! I have a few things up my sleeve for Erik but he reads here so I can’t quite spill. I love Valentine’s Day though, it’s one of my fave holidays ANNNNDDD I’m finally kicking this sickness so I’m ready to party… whatever that means.

Happy Valentines,


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