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I am a strong believer that you can cacio e pepe anything.

You’ve seen it here on the blog with cacio pepe eggs & cacio e pepe spaghetti squash {THROWBACK!}

Cacio e pepe translates to cheese & pepper. Two simple ingredients that can literally amplify anything.

& if we are being honest, there’s another ingredient that can also make everything better: BUTTER!

Sooooo, why not combine the three of them for an out of this world condiment to truly rock worlds & tastebuds.

Basically, this is a compound butter: a butter mixed with herbs & spices. The options to use them are endless: melt them on top of steaks, mix in with veggies, stirred into a sauce,

& honestly, I don’t know why I don’t make more compound butters. Not only are they fun to make but SO easy. Literally, all you do is fold in the ingredients you’re using in a butter, refrigerate it for at least an hour & you got yourself something special.

We talk a lot about lazy luxury here on the blog and basically that means an attainable way to live a luxury lifestyle. The keyword isn’t luxury, it’s LAZY.

So I made this compound butter in a very lazy way because that’s what essellesse is all about!

You see so many recipes for compound butters that include mixing everything in a bowl, then rolling it in parchment paper & freezing it and cutting into rounds.

To me, that’s way too much dishes to do and too much work (esp if I’m out of parchment paper!}

SO I did everything in the container I’m using so the only dishes I need to do is when we finish the butter. 🙂

glasslock containers • essellesse, a san francisco lifestyle blog, shares a cacio e pepe butter recipe

Y’all know I am obsessed with my glasslock containers. I talk about them ALL the time {here, here, here}, and we use them constantly in our kitchen. In fact, we ask for these EVERY year for the holidays because we honestly can’t have enough. They have not only helped us use less plastic but they are amazing for food & pantry storage. They come with a small round one that’s PERFECT for homemade condiments! So that’s what I used here.

Basically, I let the butter soften in it & mixed everything with a fork until combined. Just one bowl!

The options for a compound butter are endless, but here are some of my favourite ways to use the cacio e pepe compound butter:

sliced on top of a grilled steak

spread on corn on the cob

mixed with zoodles, quinoa, or pasta with some shredded greens, red chile flakes, & lemon

sub butter with this to make some savory biscuits or breads

melted in popcorn

mixed with eggs

mixed with your fav macaroni & cheese recipe

tossed with grilled or roasted vegetables {esp asparagus!}

in potatoes! Would be divine with mashed potatoes or baked potatoes

…any other ideas?? LMK! You can find the EASY recipe below 🙂

Cacio e Pepe Butter


butter, softened & room temperature

parmesan cheese, grated

black pepper, cracked with a grinder


using the container you will be storing in, put the butter in it & let sit until room temperature & softened. Fold in the parmesan cheese & black pepper {I used a fork to mix} until combined. Smooth with a knife. Cover & let sit in fridge for at least an hour & serve however you want!


I did not list quanitites because honestly, use it to taste. For this recipe, I used 1/2 stick of butter with 1/2 cup of parmesan cheese and 1 tbsp of pepper. If we are being honest, I rarely measure stuff like this and eyeball it. Go according to your own taste!! We like things on the hella flavourful side here. A good ratio would be: 1 stick of butter, 1 cup of parmesan cheese, 2 tbsp of pepper and adjust from there.

cacio e pepe wine pairing!

I personally LOVE prosecco with anything cacio e pepe, the bubbles really seem to cut through the creamy, fattiness of the cheese! Not to mention, bubbles go with anything


Chardonnay {esp buttery chards!}

Pinot Grigio

Enjoy! In fact, last night I sautéed steak leftovers with this butter and it was deeeeevine!

What else should I cacio e pepe? Right now we don’t have regular butter, just this goodness so let me know! I’m thinking frying some rice with it?

See ya tomorrow!


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