{ SKINCARE EDITION }: Talking Brazilian Skincare vs Botox with Wilson Chueire

I love hearing everyone’s skincare secrets.

Seriously, I feel like throughout the years, I’ve come across some of the best skincare advice which really changed the way I do things over the past few years & my skin has never looked better.

Recently, I collaborated with BRZLNSKN & I was left completely in awe!

The BRATOXINISTA serum they sent me became an instant favourite & I loved the way it made my skin look & feel. Instantly firm & bouncy, I couldn’t get enough.

It left my skin more taut, plump, & hydrated. It was one of those products where it made me wonder how I spent so long without it, you know? It really is Botox in a bottle & instantly firms and fills skin… which is saying something because I have pretty strong views on Botox… Long story short, I’m not for it at all – should I do a post?!

Anyways, it’s a holy grail product that changed my skin the second I tried it so I had to have the mastermind behind BRZLNSKN on the blog to share the skinny on Brazilian skincare ingredients, anti aging tips, & his take on Botox.

& without further ado, may I introduce Wilson Chueire, founder of the totally rad skincare line:: Brazilian Skin



Introduce yourself & tell us about your skincare journey

My name is Wilson Chueire and I have been involved in the natural foods, supplements and skincare industries for more than 20 years, holding several executive roles in National Brands throughout many years. I have successfully launched, run and sold several businesses in this space, and I have a passion for creation, implementation and unique consumer brand concepts, which led me to found Brazilian Skin in 2016.

Inspired by Dr. Andrea Godoy’s literature and studies, so initially I wanted Brazilian Skin to develop naturally-derived, cost-effective anti-aging skincare alternatives that boast the similar results to Botulinum toxin (BTX).

I have a bachelor’s degree in international business from Manhattanville College, but extensive background in startups and strategic growth, marketing and business incubation in both the U.S. and Brazil.

Tell us about BRZLNSKIN

With the perfect blend of science and nature, Brazilian Skin is the anti-aging secret countless women have been looking for.

Brazilian Skin reaches deep into the rainforest to find wonders of the Amazon and create dermatologist-approved age reversal products that produce effects similar to Botulinum toxin (BTX). Its commitment to fusing scientifically-evidenced materials with nature is illustrated in the colors of its Ying yang logo—with green representing the Amazonian elements and yellow indicating ingredients backed by clinical studies and research.

Inspired by Brazil and made in the U.S., Brazilian Skin is free from harmful chemicals, uses naturally-derived ingredients and is for all skin types. After years of working with leading Brazilian supermodels and entertainers, Dr. Andrea Godoy, a leading dermatologist and author from Brazil, realized her patients enjoyed lengthier careers than most. They never seemed to age and maintained youthful, radiant skin well into their 40s

. While women around the world have unique beauty and skin-care regimens, Godoy was determined to tap into the Brazilian age-defying phenomenon and noticed the primary advantage was access to the healing plants in the Amazon rainforest.

What are your favorite products from BRZLNSKIN & why?

We have initially developed 3 products that we found to be the most power Anti Aging combination you could you use on a daily basis.  We call this system The Brazilian Facelift.

I love all 3 of them equally for their uniqueness and benefits. We Have Bratoxin and BratoxINSTA, which are two power skin tightening products working synergistically to help smooth wrinkles, firm skin and fill expression lines.

All of our products are clinically dosed, which means we actually use recommended dosages published in clinical studies to ensure the effectiveness of our products.  Then, we have an overnight Açai Triple Stem Cell Sleep Mask treatment.

Unlike most masks which are either a sheet or a peel off, our mask is transparent and can be worn overnight and was crafted with an innovative, breathable, and nourishing film ingredient that functions as a transdermal penetration medium to facilitate the complete absorption of the “Grams Triple Stem Cell Complex”.  So that you get a constant infusion of nutrients as your skin heals at night. Truly a remarkable product!

What are the foundations of Brazillian Beauty?

We stand behind the commitment to bring the unknown secrets of Brazilian Skincare and the wonders of the Amazon to the world with ethical practices, naturally derived products, clinically dosed formulations for maximum effectiveness while contributing back into the community.  We are joining the efforts to help maintain the Amazon a sustainable natural resource for the world.

We will continue to create products and solutions with that in mind to help men and women across the world feel confident and comfortable about growing old. Anti aging is not only about looks, it is about how you feel, your true age is how you perceive yourself, and your attitude has a lot to do with it.

Ingredient-wise: what ingredients are in Brazillian skincare & what do they do

With the world dying to stay young, skin care is paramount. And studies have shown that the key to healthy skin lies in the life-giving plants, fruits and herbs of the Amazon. From acai stem cells to camu camu berries, our unique blend of ingredients supported by formulated patents has the following clinically-proven effects:

–      Acmella Oleracea or “Jambu” (pronounced Jamboo) is a plant extract found to have very similar, short-lived effects to Botulinum toxin (BTX). Within 24 hours it reduces muscle contractions under the skin and can significantly improve elasticity when used regularly. Jambu firms and smooths the skin as well, enhancing density and rapidly reducing wrinkles.

–      Açai Stem Cells provide antioxidants and defend against extrinsicstress to slow the skin’s aging process, breaking down elements that can cause wrinkles, fine lines and reduce elasticity.

–      With more Vitamin C than oranges, Camu Camu Berries act as a superfood for your skin. They are loaded with ellagic acid, an antioxidant that helps guard against free radicals.

–      Acacia Gum (derived from the acacia tree) lifts, firms and tightens the skin, enhancing texture while smoothing wrinkles.

–      Snail Mucin (SCA)contains growth factors (chemical messengers) proven to significantly correct coarse periocular and fine facial rhytides. Daily application drastically diminishes fine lines.

–      snap-8 Peptide lessens the depth of wrinkles caused by muscle contractions from facial expressions. As a great alternative to Botulinum toxin (BTX), it also removes deep lines on the forehead and around the eyes.

–      ‘Grams Triple Stem Cell Complex’ is derived from acai palm tree, Chinese basil plant (rich in rosmarinic acid) and white oak tree. Together they work to plump the skin, defend against oxidative stress and disarm radicals.

Most anti-aging products use very small amounts of the most beneficial, or active, ingredients—which in turn dilutes the formula and fails the consumer. However, Brazilian Skin uses uniquely-effective, clinically-recommended dosages for real results. The quantities are ascertained through extensive clinical studies focused on providing the most effective products with safer, more natural results.

OKAY Let’s talk Botox I have pretttttty strong views on it – what are your views on it?

I feel this could be quite a controversial topic.  I believe many pharmaceutical products can help, and botox has a lot of other applications beyond skin tightening and wrinkle smoothing {<<< to make things crystal clear, I’m all for it if you need it medically. I’m talking 100% cosmetic that I’m not for – SLS}. It has a lot of risks too, and unfortunately many people abuse its use, and end up getting an unnatural look as a result, that in my opinion, looks worse in appearance than a naturally aged skin. Everything in balance.

Our Medical Advisor, Dr Andrea Godoy, a leading Dermatologist from Brazil who has several celebrity clients will tell you, botox has become a standard treatment, but not everyone can afford the treatment every 3 months, and she has achieved more natural results with her younger patients using strictly Bratoxin and Bratoxinsta as a preventive measure.  Her old patients have started to slowly shift from frequent Botox treatments to fewer with the constant use of Bratoxin and Bratoxinsta, to achieve a more Natural looks. Dr Godoy has been noticing that the use of these products between treatments have provided a longer lasting effect of Botox. She still prefers that her clients avoid or delay the use of Botox as much as possible, and instead, recommend that they use Bratoxin and Bratoxinsta instead.

#1 skincare tip?

Wear Sunscreen and avoid direct sunlight.  Nothing can be a beat this DIY anti aging solution!! { & don’t forget to drink a TON of water! post here & here}

Unfortunately people realize that later in life and take that advice for granted in their early years.

What is your favorite skincare ingredient & why?

I have several.  There are so many amazing ingredients out there, but to keep it context, I am truly amazed with Acmella Oleracea and how effective and promising that ingredient is. The common name in Brazil is “Jambu”, and they found its myorelaxant properties by accident as they were researching dental anesthetics.  It can reduce your facial muscle contractions from 100 to 0 per minute in a span of 2 hours granted you are using clinically dosed formulas like Bratoxin!

What makes the BRATOXINSTA unique compared to other serums?

Bratoxinsta is the most remarkable instantaneous solution in anti aging skincare today.  You will achieve results within 5 minutes after applying. {<<< seriously! you do! that firming feeling is additcting!}

We have documented several videos that show how this product contours the face and eliminates wrinkles and expression lines instantaneously, as well as gets rid of pronounced eye bags! Check out the videos here.

What skincare products / ingredients should everyone have in their repertoire?

A cleanser, a facial moisturizer with SPF for the day and a skin repairing Mask to use at night.  This should be routine should be regardless of any age!

What are some of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to Botox

Botox doesn’t stop the aging process, it only stops muscle contractions which in turn temporarily improves the aspect of wrinkles and expression lines.

You need to nourish your skin from inside out and outside in with nutrients and ingredients that truly help your body regenerate new cells, and improve its bio-mechanisms which naturally decreases with aging.

How about skincare: what are some of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to skincare?

In my opinion, thanks to Amazon (the market place) and how accessible online purchases has become, the consumer is now overwhelmed with product offers. It is really hard to distinguish products, and unfortunately, we see the broad consumer class be driven by price. It is really hard for the consumer to tell the concentration of each claimed ingredient and if they are truly being met at the formulation level.

We stand by clinically dosage ingredients, that’s the only way to have products that work. That said, the misconception exists in thinking that all skincare products are the same, and none of them work. We guarantee our results and we try as much as possible document that in our materials to build confidence in our customers.

What are some skincare secrets of Brazillian models?

Wow…there are so many secrets that Dr Andrea Godoy has actually published a 78 page e-book that strictly talks about that, and it’s called Ageless Brazilian Beauty.

It’s available for purchase on Amazon here, or your readers can go to our website and download it for free! 😉

What ingredients should we really pay attention to & which ones should we avoid


Paraben, siloxane, sulphates – they can interfere in hormones

Aluminium, triclosano – can cause bacterial resistance and cancer

Petrolatum , Polythylene – they absorb toxins, and are poluents to the oceans and can cause cancer.

Pay attention to naturally Derived Ingredients used by reputable skincare manufacturers, research them in reliable databases online such as UL Prospector and the Pubmed. We tend to look at the Amazon from Natural Solutions. There are 10 million different species of animals and botanicals there, and we have yet to scratch the surface of all possible answers that lie deep in that forest, and we are working hard to find them and bring them to you!

Thank you so much, Wilson! Seriously, so informative. I can’t get enough of this serum! I use it both in the morning & evening before I put on my moisturizers & masks!

Happy Monday – hope this is the beginning of a productive week!! We had a great weekend – tried our hand at grilling pizzas and I think we are addicted? Check it out in my instastories!

Anyways, this skincare line is the real deal & I’m obsessed. I love hearing about different skincare ingredients, techniques, & products! You’ll feel the difference immediately. Promise. PS you can also get it on Amazon! Check the BRATOXINSTA here & BRATOXIN here

Talk soon,


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