BLUE LIGHT GLASSES! Why I’m a major fan.

San Francisco based lifestyle blogger, Shannon Silver of Champagne at Shannon's, shares why she's obsessed with her blue light glasses!

I mentioned a few times in previous posts that I’ve been feeling straight up EXHAUSTED.

I’d have a ton of work I’d need to do on the computer but no energy to do it. In fact, last Saturday, I took a break from the screens entirely.

Other than going to see Baby Driver in the theatres, I stayed off my phone & computer. No blog work, no instagram – nada.

I’ve also been sleeping poorly. Think going to bed around 10:00 or so pm & waking up at 2:00a struggling to get back to bed.

To be completely honest, I’ve felt a bit beat down…. and within 24 hours I fixed it almost immediately.

Basically, I’ve been getting way too much blue light & it has been killing my vibe.

SO- I turned to Amazon & found one of the coolest finds ever:

San Francisco based lifestyle blogger, Shannon Silver of Champagne at Shannon's, shares why she's obsessed with her blue light glasses! Here is where you can buy them on Amazon.

San Francisco based lifestyle blogger, Shannon Silver of Champagne at Shannon's, shares why she's obsessed with her blue light glasses!

Enter Blue Light Glasses

Basically, they look exactly like regular glasses {w/ an iridsescent blue sheen} & filter out all the blue light. They’re also only $20 – check them out here.

You can see normally out of them {it does make things look slightly warmer & slightly less bright but that’s it} as you use your computer & phone, watch tv, or play video/computer games.

I work & blog full-time. Well, that means I am on the computer double the time. I probably get roughly 17 hours of screen time a day with a good 5 full hours of it being after dark.

Well why am I being so weird about blue light?

Have you ever seen that Black Mirror episode, Fifteen Million Merits, where they lived in a world surrounded by screens with that American Idol vibe?? Just thinking of that episode makes my head hurt.

Basically, artificial light is still new to us humans. Throughout history, we relied on the sun & moon for our circadian rhythm. Well, we now experience light 24/7 thanks to technology!

The blue light that artificial light emits only occurs naturally during the brightest part of the day. Basically right now as I type this at 9:00p, my body is a little confused thinking it’s 1:00p or so making my body suppress melatonin secretion {aka the hormone that encourages sleep}… if I wasn’t wearing my blue light glasses, of course – HA!

But seriously though.

It made all the sense in the world that this was a cause of my insomnia – I’m basically a cyber zombie. It doesn’t help that my mind is on all the time {thanks CBD for helping put that to bay}.

Have you ever pulled an all nighter or powered through a day of VERY little sleep? I have many a-times, especially when I was studying for my Certified Sommelier test & my senior year of college. You feel just… off. It feels like an awful case of jet lag. Your body & mind feels disconnected which can lead to higher mood swing and increase depression & anxiety throughout the day. Literally the last thing I need.

Blue light exposure after dark has also been linked to diabetes, obesity, heart disease, & even some cancers – specifically breast & prostate.  { source }

Here is a great article that really gets into the depths of the blue light effect – very interesting.

San Francisco based lifestyle blogger, Shannon Silver of Champagne at Shannon's, shares why she's obsessed with her blue light glasses!

Anyways, so I bought my blue light glasses & they came in on Friday. For starters, I love how they look! Mine have a retro gold frame – they’re easy to wear with really anything.

When I put them on & used my phone as normal {which is excessive}, I noticed immediately that day I felt less tired & my eyes felt a bit more “soothed”, if you will.

These glasses block over 90% of blue light!! By doing that, it helps alleviate eye strain & promotes a good night’s sleep. Sign me UP.

In fact, Erik tried them on when we were grabbing a bite on Saturday while he used his phone. When he returned them to me, he immidiately logged on to Amazon to order a pair for himself.

On both Friday & Saturday, after wearing these glasses all day, I’ve slept better than I have in weeks. My eyes feel less strained & I don’t deal with as many headaches as I was all last week.

I cannot recommend blue light glasses enough! They are essential – especially if you are a night owl like me & get most of your work done in the evening.

Other ways to reduce blue light exposure after dark?

Invest in a salt lamp! I love mine & the pink salt will make the light shine orange/red which has little power to supress melatonin secretion & mess with your circadian rhythym. I talked a bit about my salt lamo here. This is the one I have & I love the glow it provides.

Keep your iphone in night shift! You can set your phone to take on orange tint which means less blue light for certain hours! Mine is set every day to go to night mode from 8:00p – 6:00a. To activate on an iPhone, go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Nightshift ON & set to your preferred settings. I keep mine on the warmest possible.

Keep screentime to a minimum at night… if you can. If you find you’re mindlessly scrolling rather than working at night – swap in the phone for a book or magazine.

Get outside during the day – whether it’s a walk or a coffee break! Exposure to the sun helps keep your circadian rhythm on track & will help you sleep better.

All right, are you on the Blue Light bus?! I know I said I’d report back after trying these but I didn’t expect it to be so soon! After 2 full days with them, I can’t vouch for them enough – in fact, I’m about to order a pair to keep at Erik’s & one for the office! I really want these frames too.

There are also some blue light glasses that have orange lens like these – they are also very effective! These are great for reading on tablets before bed or typing emails at night – anything where you don’t really need colour.

Well on that note, I’m off to set this Monday on the right foot. I’m talking reading some magazines {it’s one of my favourite sources of inspiration!}, sipping a sage mint tea that I can’t get enough of, & a good hour sans screens before bed.

Signing off, x Shannon

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