you'll never reheat it any other way after this

Happy Friday! Any fun plans?? I can’t believe last Friday we were on a plane back to San Francisco after a quick rendezvous in New York!

This may be the most random blog post ever but I feel like knowing THE best way to reheat pizza is very valuable info, especially on the weekend.

Pizza has been a weekly staple here chez nous. We LOOOOOVE love LOVE Whole Foods pizza! Have you tried?

One of our fave Friday traditions is calling in a Whole Foods pizza. It’s cost effective & HUGEEE. Like, one slice is equal to 2 regular slices. Soooo safe to say this pizza goes a LONG way in our house.

Soooo we are reheating pizza constantly and THIS is our go to way. It may look a little controversial, but TRUST ME it’s GOOD.

The secret?

cheese side down!

reheat pizza cheese side down for the best way to reheat pizza! • essellesse, a lazy lifestyle blog

all you do is heat a nonstick pan on medium heat. Put the slice of pizza in the pan, CHEESE SIDE DOWN. Push it down to make sure the cheese is touching the pan it’s sizzling slightly {especially if the slices are as huge as the Whole Foods ones}. Once the cheese is hot, flip & cook until bottom is crispy. This takes like 5ish mins all in… Then top & serve!

This works because the oil from cooking the cheese will also be what cooks the crust! It’s SUUUUPER flavourful & it crisps both the crust & heats the cheese perfectly – not to mention can brown it a bit which gives that soooo satisfying bite!

It’s so much better than baking because it takes only a few minutes & crisps the crust up nicely. As far as microwave, it’s never the texture I want it after using it – wayyyy too soft.

reheat pizza cheese side down for the best way to reheat pizza! • essellesse, a lazy lifestyle blog

As far as pizza toppings, my fav are: chile flakes, shredded greens {kale & spinach and I tear with my hands}, a drizzle of olive oil, & lemon juice! I top carryout pizzas with this ALL THE TIME !! Lemon on pizza may sound strange but TRUST ME, it’s sooooo good, especially w pepperoni!

TGIFF! Any fun plans?? Insidelands over here {aka not going o OSL – have fun if you are!!!}. I’m working on a queso recipe so I’ll be testing it out this weekend & this Texan is super excited 😉 I want to start getting some more Texas recipes on here!!

What’s your fav pizza topping?? tell, tell & if you cook it this way, let me know!!

Have a wonderful weekend <3


PS – looking for pizza in San Francisco? Pizzeria Avellino in the Presidio is my all time FAV. I always get it with pepperoni or sausage & shishito peppers!! see below!

reheat pizza cheese side down for the best way to reheat leftover pizza! • essellesse, a lazy lifestyle blog

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