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Happy Friday!!

If you follow me on Instagram, well you know we just LOVE our puzzles here at home.

I actually got really into them back in 2016. I got a job at a {at the time} start up, here in San Francisco. We had puzzles all over the office & I realized very quickly how therapeutic they were for getting away from the screen.

It’s a fun way to stay “sharp” but also get some rest from the blue light.

As the company grew into a full blown corporation, the start up vibes went away and so did the puzzles. I’ll admit, I missed having them around so it’s something Erik & I brought hgome

Since I work from home & especially since my screentime now is heavier than it ever was, the break is just so nice. It’s a fun way to challenge yourself and as we get more and more connected these days. Like my Japanese, it’s nice to have something to work on that has nothing to do with anything online.

I also love working on puzzles with Erik together. It’s a fun thing to do as a couple on a weekend night.

We like to light the fire, open a good bottle of wine, & puzzle away. #RAGERS lol times sure have changed if the late night fun {& by late these days, I mean 9p} I’m looking for is a good puzzle but I wouldn’t change it for the world!

In fact, we were puzzling & this song came on & Erik was like wow this is the most perfect song to puzzle to LOL

Now all that said, in my opinion, it’s hard to find a good puzzle online! SERIOUSLY. Whenever we need a new one, I feel like it takes us so long to find one so I wanted to compile a list. Not only will it save you a lot of time, but it’s something Erik & I can revisit when we need to order a new puzz.

One thing I would suggest if you love to puzzle as much as we do, is if you are somewhere fantastic… like the Gaudi museum in Barcelona or the Tokyo sky tree, NASA in Houston, a winery in Napa Valley, the Golden Gate Bridge here in good ole SF, or even at a place that means a lot to you like a special hotel: see if the gift shop has the puzzle! Not only is it so fun to bring home, but you can have a little piece of the place at home with you.

The puzzles online are cool, but not as cool as those and I love the personal connection. It’s something I wish we actually did with our travels. In fact, next time we are at the Ritz Carlton in Half Moon Bay, I’m def seeing if they have one – this hotel is VERY special to us.

& when you are done with the puzzle? Put it back in the box to do it again & again or you can take it to the next level and frame it!

Oh! Real quick- all of these with the exception of one are 1000 pieces. I find that’s our fave kind.

All right, let’s get into it – shall we? I have the image to the puzzle above so you can see it before the text. To shop, just click the image or the link šŸ™‚

To make it even better, a lot have free same or one day shipping too so you can get to puzzling ASAP!

The Best Puzzles To Buy on Amazon!

ONE } STARRY NIGHT: ok so this one was 2000 pieces and it was HARD. It’s slightly less hard though as there is a guide on the back. In fact, we actually have this one framed over our fireplace since we had so much fun doing it together šŸ™‚

TWO }: CINQUE TERREThis one was HARD! We recently finished this one but it took us a good while. I personally love landscape puzzles & found this one super soothing. I love that it was set in sunset too.

THREE }: WINE LABELS: this was a fun one! It was a challenging one but was fun to work on piece by piece. Fun to do with a glass of wine too šŸ˜‰

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FOUR }: THE EIGHTIES: my love for the 80s is STRONG so this one is definitely on my list!

FIVE }: THE HILLS BEYOND: i actually found this one because I was looking for a gradient puzzle {basically one that’s a solid color shifting to another}. Not only is this so aesthetically pleasing but looks so challenging in the right kind of way!

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SIX }: SKYSCRAPER SEA: i love that this is a sketch! This is one that also looks very challenging and good on the wall. I like the nostalgic NY feel to it.

SEVEN }: WELCOME TO TEXAS!: how fun is this?! I love that it’s 1000 pieces and in the shape of Texas. It would be so fun to put together the border to this, and of course, pay homage to where I’m from!

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EIGHT }: BEST OF TEXAS: this Texan is keeping things Texas over here! I love the homage to Texas but I think all the bbq, Shiner, Tex-Mex, and more will make me so homesick… I miss all of the above on the daily!

NINE }: NASA SPACE TRAVEL TO JUPITERthis puzzle just screams AESTHETIC to me. I have a major thing for “retro-futurism” & I am totally getting these vibes. Not to mention, it would look great in my office.

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TEN }: SUPER MARIO PUZZLE!!!: first things first, I REALLY WANT A VIDEO GAME SYSTEM OR TWO. Second, I love how nostalgic this is… but I’m sure it’s also so challenging too with all the blank spaces and repetitive bricks.

ELEVEN }: OLD CALIFORNIA: it’s no secret I love nostalgia and one thing I really have it for is retro California. My whole blog was designed with 1986 Beverly Hills in mind so I just love this vibe. I feel like this is such a ‘feel good’ puzzle if that makes sense… not to mention SUPER REASONABLE PRICE

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TWELVE }: ITALIAN VIEW: I don’t know why, but this puzzle reminds me of Ecco the Dolphin lol but I’m so here for it. I love a good landscape & anything with the ocean just makes me happy šŸ™‚

THIRTEEN }: RETRO DINOSAURS: Erik loves dinosaurs lol so I think he would really enjoy this puzzle. I like the museum vibe to it. Fun fact but the STYXOSAURUS is my fave dino, love a good sea monster!

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FOURTEEN }: 1940s MICKEY SOURCERER: this is a beautiful Disney themed poster commemorating Fantasia. For any Disney fan, it’s a collector’s piece but I also love the aesthetic to it.

FIFTEEN }: VINTAGE CALIFORNIA MAP: i paid my homage to Texas, now it’s time for California. I love that this has a retro feel & shows everything from Hollywood to the Golden Gate Bridge to all the wonderful wildlife. I feel like it would be so fun to work your way up or down the map too.

SIXTEEN }: HAPPY HOUR!: this one was one we had at the office back in the day & I really enjoyed this one… but maybe I’m biased because there’s a cutie black cat šŸ˜‰

SEVENTEEN }: TROPICAL PARADISE: this one just looks like visual xanax. I love the tropical vibe and the rainbow from the water. This one just looks so soothing to do!

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EIGHTEEN }: ALICE IN WONDERLAND STAINED GLASSwho doesn’t love Alice in Wonderland?! I actually found this because I was looking for a stained glass puzzle and this is even better!


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TWENTY }: SILVER PUZZLE: this looks SUPER challenging, but also super soothing at the same time. I love that it’s metallic silver, spirals, & each piece will physically “click” in. This looks the hardest of the bunch but also so fun!

All right! I know that was a lot but I wanted to make a full on master list of it here.

If there are any that I must try, let me know… always looking for a good puzzle.

& my fav playlists to puzzle to?: my SUNSET playlist {more here}, this tropical house one, & my chill playlist.

Have a great weekend!! Erik was in New York all week so I’m looking forward to having the weekend together. Tonight, we are grilling pizzas & watching Ted Bundy. Have you started the series?! It’s good but REALLY KCUFING SCARY. Like, I don’t get scared easily & it chilled me to my bones. So much so, I couldn’t watch it while Erik was gone!

Ok on that note, ttfn

Happy puzzling! x SLS

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