essellesse talks vintage shopping in Austin! • lifestyle blogger, shannon silver, shares her favourite vintage shopping in Austin, Texas!

A few months back, we went in Austin to celebrate my friend’s wedding.

We made a trip out of it since I used to live in Texas so decided to spend some extra time in the Lone Star State. We started in Dallas & then drove to Austin.

Of course, we stopped at Czech Stop {& I might have made Erik stop by the new to me Whole Foods in Dallas before we left for a cold brew with hemp milk – I WISH this was there when I lived back in Dallas but that’s beyond the point. Also, I LOVE THE COFFEE SHOP IN WHOLE FOODS it’s my fav} and checked into our hotel a few hours later in Downtown Austin.

& as luck would have it, I left my dress AND my shoes in California neatly folded on the bed instead of in my luggage. FML.

SO I had to get an outfit & stat. I am semi-familiar with Austin & figured Congress Street would be a step in the right direction.

Not only did I find probably my favourite vintage store of all time, but they gave me all their reccs SO I wanted to bring it here to the blog in case you find yourself in Austin, Texas!

The majority of Austin’s vintage stores actually has a sweet spot of 1960’s & older… even late 1800s! That said, y’all know my aesthetic: 80s, 90s & Y2K so all of my picks have those finds in.

Even if you aren’t in Austin, check out their website & Instagrams. Many will sell online or via DM!

Best Vintage Stores in Austin, Texas


1700 1/2 S. Congress, 78704

THIS STORE IS AMAZING. The dress I’m wearing in the picture is from here. I also picked up an amazing pair of 90s square toe {FAV!!!!} Coach loafers & a beautiful vintage belt with a gold fleur de lis. This store is organized by colour & style, so it makes the “search” process so much easier! It has a ton from all decades, but here is a good one to find 60’s – Y2K.


1700-B S. Congress

This is right by Prototype so be sure to stop in when next door! Beautiful collection & ranges from the 20s to 90s. They also sell jewelry from local & international contemporary designers

Room Service Vintage

117 E. North Loop, Ste A, 78751

More than just vintage clothes but you’ll find furniture, records, magazines, & more. Many of the items are from the 50s – 70s.

Charm School Vintage

1111 E. 11th Street, Suite 150, 78701

This has more than just clothes, but crystals, perfumes, herbal medicine & more. Big focus on the 60’s & 70s with some 80s thrown in. TIP: make your boyfriend wait in line at Franklin’s BBQ & you can shop while he waits since it’s right down the street.


1906 S. 1st St., 78704

Vintage goods from 30s-90s including accessories, lingerie, jewelry, & even ball gowns! Another thing to note is that they have an Etsy! Reasonable prices too.

Powder Vintage

1008 E. 6th Street, 78702

Awesome selection of clothing & accessories from the 10’s {!!} to the 90’s. This is in a really hip area so stop by here and explore the surroundings! May I suggest Fukumoto Sushi & Yakitori Izakaya?

Blue Velvet Vintage Clothing

217 W. North Loop Blvd., 78751

This has won SIX TIMES in the Austin Chronicle Reader’s Poll for the best vintage store! HUGE selection & lots of fun cheeky vintage tees & great prices.

Passport Vintage

2217 1st Street, Unit A, 78704

Awesome selection of vintage jeans – LOTS of Levi’s! They also sell a bunch of shirts from the 70s – 90s and a great shoe selection. Shop them on Etsy!

Blackfeather Vintage Works

979 Springdale Road, Suite 98, 78702

Located in East Austin & sells more than just clothing but furniture, household items, & jewelry! In their words: ‘Bohemian to Rockabilly, Kitschy to Beverly Hilly”. I’d DEF say my style is on the Beverly Hilly of vintage 😉

Garment Modern+Vintage

701-F South Lamar Blvd., 78704

This is a more luxury experience. Think vintage, classic designers like Chanel, Yohji Yamamoto, Vivienne Westwood, Alaia, John Galliano, & more. With splurge vintage pieces, I always recc a reputable seller and this is one. They also have a modern shop too.

& of course, for more vintage, I LOVE DEPOP!!

Seriously, it’s an addiction and I can’t get enough. I’ll eventually get my closet uploaded on it but be sure to follow me on there here!

I also have a vintage instagram that I’ll be selling clothes on as well: @esselllesse – be sure to follow it if you want to shop my closet 🙂

If you go to any of these, let me know!! Austin is SUCH an amazing city, I already can’t wait to get back. If you go, go to Second Bar + Kitchen and order the Buffalo Fried Pickles… it’s one of my fav Austin dishes!

Anything I left out? Let me know!

xo Shannon

PS – speaking of Austin, check out my favourite Whole Foods beauty find here – I got it while I was there & just obsessed!


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